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Friday, October 20th 2023. | Excel Templates
Free Printable Purchase Order Template Business PSD, Excel, Word, PDF
Free Printable Purchase Order Template Business PSD, Excel, Word, PDF from acmeofskill.com


An Excel template for purchase order is a pre-designed spreadsheet that allows businesses to create and track purchase orders in a structured and organized manner. It provides a professional and standardized format for recording essential information related to purchases, such as the items or services ordered, quantities, prices, vendor details, and delivery dates.

Benefits of Using an Excel Template for Purchase Order

Using an Excel template for purchase orders offers several advantages:

1. Increased Efficiency

With a ready-to-use template, you can quickly generate purchase orders without the need to create them from scratch. This saves time and effort, enabling you to focus on other important tasks.

2. Accuracy

The template ensures that all necessary information is included in the purchase order, reducing the chances of errors or omissions. This helps to maintain accuracy in the purchasing process and avoids any misunderstandings or disputes with suppliers.

3. Organization

By using a standardized template, you can keep all your purchase orders in one place, making it easier to locate and track them when needed. This promotes better organization and streamlines the procurement process.

4. Professional Appearance

Excel templates for purchase orders are designed to look professional and presentable. This enhances your company’s image and creates a positive impression with suppliers and stakeholders.

5. Customization

Most Excel templates for purchase orders are customizable, allowing you to adapt them to your specific business needs. You can add or remove fields, modify layouts, and incorporate your company logo or branding elements.

Maximizing the Use of an Excel Template for Purchase Order

To make the most out of an Excel template for purchase order, consider the following tips:

1. Fill in All Required Fields

Make sure to complete all the necessary fields in the template, such as the vendor name, item description, quantity, and price. This ensures that the purchase order contains all the essential information for accurate processing.

2. Use Proper Naming Conventions

Assign a unique identification number or code to each purchase order. This makes it easier to track and reference them in the future. Additionally, adopt a consistent naming convention for your files to facilitate easy retrieval.

3. Keep a Record of Changes

If any changes or modifications are made to a purchase order, document them clearly and maintain a record of the revised version. This helps to track and communicate any updates to the concerned parties.

4. Regularly Update and Review

Periodically review and update the purchase orders in your Excel template to ensure accuracy and relevancy. Remove any outdated or unnecessary information to keep the template organized and up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Excel Template for Purchase Order

1. Can I customize the Excel template for purchase order to match my company’s branding?

Yes, most Excel templates allow customization, including adding your company logo and modifying the layout and color scheme to align with your branding guidelines.

2. Can I use the Excel template for purchase order for multiple vendors?

Absolutely! The Excel template can be used for any number of vendors. Simply create a new sheet or tab for each vendor and enter the relevant details accordingly.

3. Can I track the status of my purchase orders using the Excel template?

The Excel template can be modified to include a column or field for tracking the status of each purchase order. This allows you to monitor and update the progress of orders, such as pending, processing, or completed.

4. Is it possible to generate reports or summaries based on the data in the Excel template?

Yes, Excel offers powerful data analysis and reporting capabilities. You can use functions, formulas, and pivot tables to extract valuable insights and generate reports based on the information recorded in the purchase order template.

5. Can I share the Excel template with other team members or collaborators?

Yes, you can share the Excel template with others by saving it on a shared drive or using cloud-based collaboration tools such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. This allows multiple users to access and update the template simultaneously.


An Excel template for purchase order is a valuable tool for businesses to streamline their procurement process, increase efficiency, and maintain accurate records. By using a pre-designed template, you can save time, enhance organization, and present a professional image to suppliers and stakeholders.


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