Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

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Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten – When I was young, I didn’t understand what Groundhog Day was. I celebrated it, and all I know is that people raved about the long winters in Michigan. With these crafts and activities, kids will begin to understand what the holiday is and what it means when a groundhog sees his shadow or doesn’t.

Groundhog Day is February 2nd. People come to Pennsylvania every year to see if the groundhog can see his shadow. It’s a sunny day and if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, it’s six more weeks of winter. If it’s a cloudy day and you can’t see his shadow, it means warm temperatures in early spring. Studies show that its shade doesn’t really have anything to do with the weather, but it’s still a fun tradition to look forward to.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Make groundhog faces with hearts from Lucky Me. I love them! Create different sized faces to create a groundhog family or turn smaller faces into ornaments. Tell a story about your groundhog family.

Groundhog Day Treats Kids Will Love

Make a paper bag groundhog toy with our kids’ supplies. My favorite thing about paper bag toys is that you can make them talk with your hands. So it’s a great way to tell a story about a groundhog or let the kids talk to each other with two toys.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Usually a simple groundhog day shadow puppet. Move the popsicle stick up and down to see how the groundhog gets out of its hole.

Groundhog Day Paper Plate Craft from Crafty Morning. Use paper plate crafts to illustrate what happens on Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kids (whether He Sees His Shadow Or Not!) • The Simple Parent

Make your own groundhog finger puppets from Housing a Forest. Aren’t they adorable? Made from construction paper or craft foam, kids get creative with these puppets.

Match the different shapes with KidsSparkz’s Groundhogs or jog your memory with these cards. I love that these look so realistic and I’m sure they will spark questions about groundhogs like what they eat or sleep.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Groundhog Day Magnet or Dot Markers Page from Make Learning Fun Great for motor skills. Use circle magnets, dot markers, buttons, or stickers to fill in the circles.

Peek A Boo Groundhog Day Craft For Kids

Lesson 4 A science experiment with shadows as done by young children. Children will see how shadows are formed, similar to the groundhog’s shadow. It will explore different ways of experimenting with shadow by moving light and creating shadows with hands and fingers.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Groundhog Day Prediction Crown from Preschool Mom. Here are two printable crowns – one for early spring and one for late winter. These are great and great opportunities for kids to make predictions, draw graphs and analyze results.

Pencil control and concentration are required to trace shadows on white paper from How We Learn. It’s great to see the shadow outline when you’re done. When you are done you can paint it. Don’t stop with the groundhog shadow. Experiment with what other shades you can create and find.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

It’s Almost Groundhog Day! Book & Craft Ideas!

The printable, Groundhog Day Mini Book is a great way for young readers to read and learn about the tradition.

The shadow matching game from In My World is a fun way to practice visual discrimination. She also has other free printables. Use these cards as a sorting activity as well. Sort them by what a groundhog looks like when it comes out of its hole.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

From crafts and toys to matching and experiments, there’s something for every child. We hope you enjoy these fun activities as much as we do. Experiencing these crafts and activities and reading fun books will deepen children’s understanding of Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day Freebie Round Up

Great post! I fitted this groundhog to do with the little guy yesterday- it’s cute. Thanks for the poem. Have fun with your kids tomorrow. Will Phil see his shadow? Have fun with these adorable Groundhog Day crafts and activities for kids in kindergarten and preschool and kids!

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Groundhog Day is great fun for kids. Add one of these great creative Groundhog Day crafts – perfect for the family or as a must-have school activity!

These Groundhog Day craft ideas are perfect for kids. They will love coloring, cutting and pasting or drawing “Bill” while waiting to see his prediction on February 2nd!

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Groundhog Templates Crafts

Punxsutawney Phil is the most popular Groundhog Day celebration in the United States and Canada, and Phil has been making predictions since 1887.

Punxsutawney Phil could be all about seeing his shadow all the time and the fact that it’s only six more weeks of winter!

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Complete with a free template to make this cute and easy Groundhog Day craft! Save those toilet paper or paper towel rolls for this craft.

Free Groundhog Day Color By Sight Word Activities

Children choose a color and find areas that contain words that go with that word – coloring those spaces with that color.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Grab a bag of brown paper bags to make this adorable Groundhog Day craft. Kids can use Google Eyes, white and black construction paper, and crayons/markers to complete these little guys.

Get the free groundhog printable to make this adorable headband that the whole class can wear! Each child can customize their headband and create something festive and unique.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Groundhog Day Craft And Writing Activities

A fun craft for older elementary kids, this craft is a great way to make something colorful and educational for Groundhog Day.

This version of the Groundhog puppet is made in brown. Use pipe cleaners, white felt, and Google Ice to complete this fun craft.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Kids will love this easy mask to wear for Groundhog Day! For younger children, you can pre-cut the pieces and glue them together.

Groundhog Day Craft For Graphing And Analyzing Data

Create a fun activity with the kids when you have these free groundhog finger puppet printables. Older kids can cut and assemble their groundhogs and for younger kids, you can pre-cut all the pieces and put the pieces together.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

A fun way to get kids involved with crafts and Groundhog Day. Let kids guess if a groundhog sees his shadow with this easy Groundhog Day craft.

Let the kids get messy with this hand and footprint activity for toddlers and preschoolers. There is also a Groundhog Day poem that you can incorporate and make a souvenir for the kids to take home.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Groundhog Day Ideas For Preschoolers And Toddlers

Hi, I’m Susan! Thanks for stopping by Oh My! Creative I like to have fun, do fun things…you know, make things! I love DIY, decorating and design and any girl… shopping and lunch! Celebrating Groundhog Day with your preschool, kindergarten, or first graders? These fun groundhog crafts, activities, and facts will keep your students busy all week!

By Pamela Curtis Nickle. Although written as told by a groundhog, it is full of interesting facts about groundhogs. I created a set for PK-2nd grade teachers that you can find in my TPT store.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

My students love group research. (Yes! They can do research together in a group…even in Kindergarten!) To give you an idea- I have 6 groups of 2-3 students. My younger group was reading wordless pictures of groundhogs. Then they were asked to draw a picture about what they had learned. My largest group read short passages about groundhogs and squirrels and completed a Venn diagram comparing the 2 animals. I know kindergarteners love it, but they can do it. I did this for observation in my class today and it went great! If you want to take the non-fiction research section – you can get it here.

Groundhog Day Preschool Centers

I like the idea of ​​having each group’s materials ready in a plastic bag so I can quickly pull them out and give the students a chance to work. It worked flawlessly. The resource comes with a group planning guide and cards, which was really helpful and kept me organized. Sorry I don’t have many pictures from this activity, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much time to take pictures! 🙂 The kids really impressed me with how hard they worked and how much they learned. We completed the KWL chart together and their responses were fantastic. Did you know that groundhogs are expert swimmers and help them avoid predators? They are called whistling pigs because they whistle to warn other groundhogs of danger. They literally sleep, which means their heart rate slows down, they sleep for months at a time, and they don’t even breathe. I could go on and on, and so could my kindergarteners! They are all groundhog experts now!

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

We have already completed many crafts. The kids loved the peek-a-boo groundhog in a cup. I thought he turned out really cute and helped the students remember the legend.

We tried putting groundhogs in some coffee filters. These were colored with markers.

Groundhog Day Crafts For Kindergarten

Groundhog Finger Puppet Craft

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