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Bio Sheet Template – Y our characters are the life and soul of your story. If they don’t agree, your audience will quickly lose interest. One way to make sure you’re writing a character with depth is to create a character profile.

A character profile is a breakdown of each central character that you can refer back to when writing your screenplay. Although creating a profile is not necessary, you may find that by taking the time to research each character, you will be able to write about them better.

Bio Sheet Template

Bio Sheet Template

Authors and writers can use character profiles (aka character biographies). It shows the details of your character’s life, appearance and personality. In doing so, you can use this profile as a reference during the writing process.

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Plus, it helps you keep your fonts consistent. For example, if your main character speaks in one voice, their dialogue should not suddenly change in the middle of the story.

Bio Sheet Template

Writing a multi-dimensional, relatable character with a fascinating and complex arc. Finding a person’s personality can be challenging. And this is especially true when you have a story with many different characters, like a TV series. So, while profiles may not be a good starting point for any writer, they can be useful.

The details you include in the character profile template can be as straightforward or as in-depth as you like. Often, they include personal information about a person’s appearance and personality. From there you can develop your character by taking notes on strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. Depending on the story, you can add a full back story.

Bio Sheet Template

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Also, as a writer, if you are creating your script, there is less chance that the producer/director will make drastic changes to the story. The next section lists everything you can add to your profile.

As mentioned, you can decide for yourself how you want your character profile to look like. You don’t need to write a profile for every character, just the main ones. Screenwriters create profiles during script development, but you can create profiles at any time before production.

Bio Sheet Template

The components of the character profile are listed below. However, you can add your own section if necessary. For example, in fantasy, there may be a place for magical abilities.

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Basic Description – This is a general guide with character details: name, age, gender, sexual orientation, place of birth, and country. Additional information may include: their marital status, current residence, occupation, income level, education level, family, and skills.

Bio Sheet Template

Physical Appearance – What is your personality type: including race, height, weight, hair color, and eye color. Other explanations could be: if they wear glasses, have tattoos, smoke, are fit, or have a disability. You can also go into details about how they dress and if they carry anything (for example, Sherlock Holmes carries a pipe).

Character / Communication – This section is about how your character comes across to others in their relationships. The way they treat others, are they welcoming or cautious, shy or bold. Other notes can be made on: their speech / tone of voice, are they polite or rude, heroes or villains.

Bio Sheet Template

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Inner Psyche – Your character’s outer appearance doesn’t always reflect their inner psyche. This section goes into deep detail about them: consciousness, emotions, desires, hopes, and dreams. Additional descriptive information may include: their goals in life, they are religious/spiritual, what influence your character brings.

High Definition – Depending on your story/style, you can go into great detail about your characters and the world they live in. This may also mean giving them a complete family history, breakdown of their workplace, or their culture.

Bio Sheet Template

As a screenwriter, you can use your profile to help you remember a person’s personality and characteristics during the writing process. Authors keep them so they can refer to them when needed. Although the profile is used by the authors, other crew members can also contribute to this.

Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly

For some genres, such as fantasy and animation, profile templates are useful in development. The director can take advantage of the profile details to keep all sections on the same page. For example, how they dress and what accessories they carry.

Bio Sheet Template

In addition, the producer can provide a profile for the casting directors to help them in the research. The casting director will also write profiles for each lead and supporting role. If you are an independent filmmaker, it may be easier to use the same profile during development and pre-production.

Actors and agents sometimes ask about character breakdowns. This is especially helpful when convincing an actor that a project is worth their time. You can also get a good actor in a role if their work has depth, history, and detail.

Bio Sheet Template

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We hope this article helped you understand how to use the character profile template. This is a step that many writers skip because there is no need to write an essay. However, profiles can help writers see character development. So, the next time you’re struggling to remember what your protagonist’s eye color looks like, consider writing a character profile.

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Bio Sheet Template

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Bio Sheet Template

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Bio Sheet Template

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Bio Sheet Template

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Bio Sheet Template

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Bio Sheet Template

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Bio Sheet Template

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Bio Sheet Template

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Bio Sheet Template

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If you are assigned to write a biography for your class or you want to write a biography about someone, you can use the eight biographies we have provided.

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