Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

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Christmas is a time to get together. What better way to bring friends and family together than with a free Christmas invitation. Choose online from professionally designed templates and host names, Christmas event types, names, benefits, dates, times, locations, response prompts, editable, customizable and printable images and backgrounds.See more

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

The Christmas season is finally here and with it, a time of festivities and joyous gatherings! You have the perfect tool to bring friends and loved ones together with our free printable and digital Christmas invitations. Choose yours from dozens of templates that include customizable vectors, images, backgrounds and editable original content. Easily make your invitation for a Christmas Party, Holiday Wedding, Winter Wedding, Christmas Dinner, Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Friends Party or Grinch Christmas Party. Download your personalized invitation in PNG or PDF format for free and print or share on Whatsapp.

Elf Christmas Party Invitation Template Stock Photo

Customize your Christmas invitation online by choosing templates with blank, elegant, modern or fun designs with wording that you can edit or customize with our graphic editor tool. Add your own unique designs including images, illustrations, designs and beautiful red, green, white or gold background colors. Design your invitation cards in a theme of your choice, from winter cards to A Nightmare Before Christmas party invitations. Also use for cookie exchange parties, save the date Christmas parties or office Christmas parties. Download your free card in PNG or PDF format to print or share online. Welcome to my dancing and singing Santa invitations. You have to put your ear close to them to hear the singing, but trust me, it’s happening.

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

I thought this watercolor art was so lovely that I couldn’t resist making things out of it. There is another version of this design with the same Christmas theme, except Santa descends on a rope with his bag of toys, watched by three elves. You can click the link above or scroll down to see what it looks like. There’s also a free Santa Buck certificate, which is a great stocking stuffer for kids. It features a different Santa, but is painted by the same talented artist Mashamatsu.

If you need some tips on how to make them after you download them from the link below, please visit my Holiday Chalkboard page. In addition to providing instructions for this size template, it also provides you with an alternate design if you want to go a little smaller. And it is suitable for Christmas or New Year parties.

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

Free Christmas Party Invitations That You Can Print

Here’s another version of this design featuring Santa and some of his elves, which you can find on my sister blog, Printable Party Invitations:

Credits: Thanks to Mashamatsu of Creative Fabrica for the images used in these holiday invitations. Creative Fabrica also has a great free art section. See the disclosure below about these links.

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

Terms: This art is for personal use only. If you wish to link to this page please see our easy to follow terms. You can use the images in this post to link to us.

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Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

Please support all my free art! Click below to follow me on social media to see when new art is posted. It is actually as simple as choosing the wording of the Christmas invitation templates; You know who will receive the invitation. By doing so, there are 4 benefits of writing an invitation template; For informal, formal, corporate and festive occasions. For general writing, you can send it to your friends and family. There is a difference between the words informal and festive. In festive words, you add some humor to the letter. And also official and corporate terms. In formal writing, it is used for a formal party when they incorporate a piece of writing, such as an office Christmas celebration.

The recipients of the Christmas invitation templates are the people to whom you send the letters. Obviously, don’t send the template. Instead, you’ve made or at least written templates before. You can send an invitation individually or as a group. If it’s for a few people, the people who will receive the invitation are your friends, siblings, parents and neighbors. For club members, you can send an invitation to the entire membership, such as a parent group, community service people, etc.

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

Party Planning: Printable Holiday Invitation

You can actually make a template online. There are many websites where you can customize a template for invitation letters or you can make the templates yourself. Some websites let you create them on your phone, so you can design templates on the go. You can also make Christmas invitation templates on your laptop or computer with hassle-free design and text options. In this case, you can make a template at home or at the library.

Absolutely! You can save your money on Christmas party invitations, so you can buy another essential for a merry holiday. The first thing you should consider is your own. When you make the invitation yourself, it not only cuts down on some costs, but also adds a more personal touch. You can also ask your artistic friend for help, they design the main theme and you carry on with the rest or they do all the work. You can choose supplies for the invitation by shopping at local markets.

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

Looking for a game the whole family can play to pass the time on a cold winter night? Only a participant pair is required. Team members must join with the right hand of the same person. Teams attempt to wrap the prize using only their free hands.

Free Christmas Party Invitation Template!

Give a gift as a model that everyone tries to emulate; The harder it is to do, the more fun it is. After setting a time limit of 1-3 minutes the judge will select the most accurate prize. Your Christmas night will be full of joy if you play this gift wrapping game!

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

Children must be among the most avid viewers to listen to this. One member should start the Christmas story with just one sentence and everyone else should stand in a circle. After them, each participant must repeat what the player(s) before them said and add a new statement.

Anyone who memorizes the whole story misses a crucial point. The story progresses to the point where the person who can remember all the details wins the game.

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

Christmas Party Invitation Template Instant Download Holiday

Everyone always thinks that an invitation is something printed on a piece of paper. However, due to the development of technology and time, invitations can now be received and sent through mobile phones.

The format is in the form of a soft file and there is also a separate website that contains the sender’s invitation, so the recipient only has to visit it to see it.

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

Therefore, if you want to save paper and money while sending invitations to your guests, you can use these templates that do not cost more than the cost of paper invitations.

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates In Word!

Since it’s the holiday season, you should send out your invitations at least three to four weeks in advance if your guests want to fit your Christmas party into their busy December calendars. So, if you want your guest to attend, you should never be late with your Christmas invitation.

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

Printable 10 Generation Family Tree Template10 Printable Teacher Phone Log Template10 Printable Pumpkin Leaf Template10 Printable Large Letter Templates10 Printable Food Journal Template Weight Loss10 Printable Medical Progress Note Template Use these invitation templates for free to print for your guests this year for a Christmas party. So simple and super cute. You can edit this invitation and send it digitally as well.

For best results, download the image to your computer before printing. I find it easier to just drag and drop the image onto my desktop and then print from there.

Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

Christmas Party Invitations

I am often asked what paper I recommend. I love this card stock on Amazon. It’s much cheaper than what I’ve found in stores and is a good thickness for these projects without being so thick that it jams the printer.

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Free Printable Christmas Invitation Templates

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