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A beginner-friendly guide to learn how to draw a cute smiling anime boy with easy, step-by-step drawing tutorials and video tutorials. Great for beginner artists!

Draw Anime Mouth

Draw Anime Mouth

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the mouth is its door (in fact, the words “mouth” and “door” are related in Japanese).

Different Types Of Eyes And Mouths Makitaki

This easy, step-by-step mouth drawing tutorial can help you add anime mouth expressions and draw lips to your favorite manga characters.

Draw Anime Mouth

1. Start by drawing a guide grid. Draw a vertical line and a horizontal line that intersect at right angles. This grid helps you place all the other elements of the drawing.

Next, draw circles around the top half of the grid. This will become the top of the boy’s head. The horizontal line should go through the bottom of the circle, cut about 1/8 of it.

Draw Anime Mouth

Premium Vector L Set Expression Mouth Vector Anime Manga Cute 12666384 Vector Art At Vecteezy

By the way, we will teach you more about how to draw faces step by step in this tutorial.

2. Draw the rest of the face under the circle. Extend a long curved line just above the horizontal grid. Loop it below the circle, meeting the vertical line at the bottom. Reconnect it above the horizontal grid line on the opposite side.

Draw Anime Mouth

Use curved lines to cover the ears and detail inside them. The ear should be centered on the horizontal grid line.

Anime Mouth Pencil Drawing

3. Next, draw the eyes. The bottom line of each eye should be on the horizontal grid line. Place these lines between the vertical line and the edge of the circle.

Draw Anime Mouth

Attach a circle above each row, with a small shaded circle inside. Use these curves to shade the top and sides of the rectangular eye.

Use a curved line to indicate the bridge of the nose just above the intersection of the grid lines. Then draw a sharp lash line above each eye. Note that one is slightly taller than the other.

Draw Anime Mouth

Hand Drawn Doodle Cartoon Smile Collection Icon Vector Image

4. Draw a small curved triangle to indicate the nose. It should cross the bottom of the circle to the side of the vertical line.

Then use curved lines to outline the smile and open mouth. Center the mouth on the vertical line halfway between the bottom of the circle and the chin. Don’t forget your teeth and tongue.

Draw Anime Mouth

5. Delete all remaining instructions. Use curved lines to outline rectangular hair, loose curls, shoulders, shirt collars and necklines.

Set Of Cartoon Anime Style Expressions. Different Eyes, Mouth, Eyebrows Stock Vector

6. You can stop there, but why not give the boy wild anime hair? Use curves that meet at jagged points.

Draw Anime Mouth

7. Color your smiling animated boy. We gave ourselves a fiery hair color. Also notice how the shadow adds extra dimension to the face.

When you look at the animated mouth illustrations below, what do you see? These simple lines can tell you a lot about a character’s feelings.

Draw Anime Mouth

Anime Happy Mouth

In the first column, you will see a mouth rest. The mouth is horizontal. The character is not too happy, sad or angry. It was just an ordinary day.

Below the normal mouth you will find a mouth with downward facing corners. Does it make you feel a little sad? This anime character is not happy.

Draw Anime Mouth

The lower mouth has a strange shape – round, but not oval or round. The teeth can be seen above and there are many lines around the skin stretching below. This character is confused or confused. Can you imagine him saying “huh?”

How To Draw Anime Eyes

See next column. The first mouth appeared at the corner of the mouth, can be recognized as smiling and happy.

Draw Anime Mouth

The final drawing of the mouth expression is enlarged and forms a peanut shape. Short lines indicate the tension around it. This character is screaming, angry, scared, fighting or desperate.

However, these are straight line drawings. As we learn about lips in anime we will explain them and add more details.

Draw Anime Mouth

For Some Folks, ‘side Mouth’ Ruins Anime Faces

The first set of lips is similar to the simple mouth strokes discussed in the previous section. Note the small “M” shaped border in the center of the smiling mouth. This gently suggests the lower part of Cupid’s bow, the curve of the upper lip.

The next illustration shows slightly sexier lips – anime girl lips. The center of the mouth remains the same, but the two upper curves highlight Cupid’s top. The bottom line is long, highlighting the fullness of the lower lip.

Draw Anime Mouth

In the third picture, you can see how the shade adds femininity to the lips. Upper and lower lips are slightly different shades. A lighter shade is used to brighten or highlight the lower lips.

Anime Clipart Mouth

What effect do all these facial expressions and lip styles have on your character? Try drawing a picture of a smiling animated boy and explore the character’s emotions.

Draw Anime Mouth

Is the smiling boy in your painting happy? If so, you have succeeded. But can you draw him with mouth shapes that express different emotions?

If possible, try to draw a fuller facial expression with eyebrows, eyes and mouth. Check out this page to learn how to draw angry, happy, scared, confused or shocked faces.

Draw Anime Mouth

Manga Mouths By Densetsunoluka On Deviantart

Beginners are encouraged to draw the same character over and over with different expressions each time. Can you change his manga mouth to make him sad, angry or scared?

For more practice, check out these tutorials: Crying Anime Boy, Crazy Anime Girl, and Confused Anime Face. You can even draw a vampire mouth.

Draw Anime Mouth

Looking to perfect your animation drawing skills? Our free tutorial series will teach you everything you need to know about how to draw anime and manga characters, from faces and bodies to facial expressions and emotions, hair, clothes, and anime characters and full manga. See all easy anime drawing tutorials.

Mouth Clown Icon, Outline Style Stock Vector Image & Art

It’s a circular arrow-shaped icon at the top of the browser window, usually found in the upper left (you can use keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+R on PC and Command+R on Mac). Welcome! My name is Liz Staley and I’m a long time user of Clip Studio Paint (I started using this program when it was also called Manga Studio 4!). I am a beta tester of Manga Studio 5 and Clip Studio Paint programs, and I have written three books and several video courses about the program. Actually, many of you may know my name from those books. I write weekly posts on Graphixly.com and CSP, so be sure to come back weekly to learn more Clip Studio and Tricks from me!

Draw Anime Mouth

A year ago I wrote an article covering very basic publishing and tips called The Beginner’s Guide to Publishing (https:///en-us/articles/4362) https:///en-us/articles/4362. Draw them. As I said in that article, I feel that most of the human facial expressions come from the eyebrows. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any mouthfuls! In this article I wanted to take a closer look at mouth drawings, especially those that can be used in a more anime or “cartoon” style, and how they affect the character’s expressions.

“Cartoon” and “anime” are very broad categories and everyone’s style is different, so I will speak in general terms in this section. I have seen cartoons and cartoons with a more realistic style and exaggerated style ones and everything in between! So, if your style is more low-key, you can take whatever advice you like from this tutorial and discard the rest—and be sure to check out plenty of real-life reference photos and study their anatomy. )

Draw Anime Mouth

How To Draw Anime Heads

In general, the stereotypical anime mouth is a straight line when closed, often with a small break in the middle. Most anime characters don’t have lips drawn except under certain circumstances (ie a character wearing heavy makeup with lipstick).

Why is there a gap in the anime’s mouth? I have seen several possible answers to this question and I think they are probably all correct.

Draw Anime Mouth

First, this gap can be represented by the cleft (the part of the upper lip that slightly overlaps the lower lip in humans) where the lower lip overlaps, creating a cleft in the ball where the two lips meet.

How To Sketch An Anime Face, Step By Step, Drawing Guide, By Catlucker

It can depict an accent, be it because the character’s lips are wet or because the light tends to hit the human face in reality, the corners of the mouth are often dark and the center is often pale.

Draw Anime Mouth

In some expressions it can be used to indicate that the character has pursed their lips like a smile, of course this answer doesn’t work with all expressions!

But, of course, not all anime styles have mouth breaks, and even styles don’t always have to have those breaks. Some manifestations may have a completely intact line at the top of the mouth. I also saw some anime publications with

Draw Anime Mouth

Anime Mouth With Fangs

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