Plumber Invoice Template

Plumber Invoice Template – You provide a valuable service by enabling plumbing for people to wash, rinse, shower and bathe – so don’t waste your time and energy on administrative tasks such as invoicing. Get paid well and fast for your hard work and expertise by using one of our easy, fully customizable invoice templates in Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs and Google Sheets. Use the time you save to help the water flow for your customers, and your revenue stream for your plumbing business!

You are a pro when it comes to pipes and drains. Why also spend time to become an invoicing expert? Download, customize, and send this invoice to all your clients, no matter how big or small the plumbing job is.

Plumber Invoice Template

Plumber Invoice Template

Do you offer other services besides plumbing, such as installation of tiles and other bathroom fixtures, or even complete renovations? Simply add or subtract lines on this customizable invoice template to clearly describe the services you provided.

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Do you offer other services besides plumbing, such as installation of tiles and other bathroom fixtures, or even complete renovations? Use this customizable handyman invoice and simply add or subtract lines to clearly describe the services you provided.

Plumber Invoice Template

When customers are in a crisis with a flooded basement or an overflowing toilet – you come to the rescue. You deserve to be paid quickly and accurately, so use this free invoice template for any time you respond to plumbing emergencies.

You help your business clients keep their businesses running smoothly with fast and efficient plumbing services. Keep your business running as smoothly as possible by downloading a free invoice template for contract or retainer services.

Plumber Invoice Template

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When cities and municipalities rely on you for plumbing services for their publicly owned buildings and facilities – you can rely on this invoice template to ensure you are properly billed for your hard work and expert service.

You make your life easier with a great invoice template. Find out now how much more Wave can do for you and your business by trying out our 100% free invoicing and accounting software.

Plumber Invoice Template

Make your plumbing business a success by finding out more about what Wave has to offer you. Save time and no work by trying our free automated invoicing and accounting.

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You’ve never met a drain you couldn’t unclog—and you know that no two plumbing contract jobs are the same. You need an invoice that is flexible enough to clearly detail your work, as well as any associated costs for the work.

Plumber Invoice Template

Plumbing is a specialized skill, so your customers may not realize all the knowledge and expertise you bring to their homes. This means that your invoice must also be easy to understand, so that your customers know exactly what they are paying for.

In addition to technical knowledge, you also provide excellent customer service, especially in stressful plumbing emergencies. Make sure your invoice is as polished and professional as the work you deliver, adding to your unique reputation.

Plumber Invoice Template

Free Plumbing Invoice Template. Customize And Send In 90 Seconds

Once you’ve downloaded your free invoice template, you’ll need to customize it to your specific business. Here are 10 important things to include on your invoice:

Whether it’s a long job, like installing a backwater valve, or quickly trimming a drain line, make sure your invoice adequately captures the skill and experience you put into each task in these billing steps.

Plumber Invoice Template

As a professional plumber, you do jobs big and small – so the right time to send an invoice depends on the size of the job and your relationship with the client.

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For small jobs, most plumbers bill upon completion, but if it’s a large job that requires specialized plumbing parts and materials, as well as a lot of labor time, there are many plumbers who ask for a percentage of the cost up front, with the rest when the work is done.

Plumber Invoice Template

If you​​​​​​are on retainer, or provide ongoing plumbing services to a business or municipal customer, bill at regular intervals to retain revenue.

You are an expert in your field, but your customers are not. Be sure to politely and patiently explain the work required and the cost involved. It’s important to be sympathetic, friendly and honest, especially if you want your customers to tell their neighbors and friends about your great work.

Plumber Invoice Template

Free Work Estimate Template To Speed Up Your Workflow

A fixed payment date will help you get paid immediately. It also reinforces your professionalism, as your customers will see that you have an established system in place.

Allow your customers to pay in the way that is most convenient for them – it will only help you get paid faster! Especially for large jobs, customers appreciate the convenience of using an e-transfer or direct bank deposit to pay your bill.

Plumber Invoice Template

If it’s a big job, like replacing pipes, let your customers know how much it will cost, and all the work you’ll need to do, by sending them a proforma invoice before you start work. This will help avoid misunderstandings that could lead to delays in your payment. Do you specialize in plumbing, toilets and dishwashers? As a plumber, you are an expert in many services, but are you an expert in managing your business finances? With invoice templates, you can not only ensure that your invoices are legally compliant, you can also sell your business and get paid faster.

Invoice Books For Plumbers

This article examines the different types of plumbing invoices and what details should be included in plumbing invoice templates. It also explains how invoicing software can help you save time and money and receive payments from your customers quickly. Free Word and Excel invoice templates for plumbing are also available for download.

Plumber Invoice Template

Plumbers take on a variety of different jobs that may require different pricing methods. It is up to each individual business to determine the pricing and billing method that works best for them. Some of the common types of plumbing service invoices are described below.

A standard invoice is the most common type of invoice. It gives exactly what the customer owes you for the goods or services provided. This can include any material purchased, for example toilets, sinks or baths, as well as installation or maintenance costs.

Plumber Invoice Template

How To Write An Invoice & What To Include

A standard invoice can be a non-VAT invoice or a VAT invoice. Details about VAT rules are described in the next section.

A recurring invoice is used for ongoing services. The invoice is sent to the same customer at regular intervals, and each invoice will contain the same goods or services. Setting up recurring invoices with invoicing software can save you time by automatically creating and sending an invoice to your customer.

Plumber Invoice Template

Instead of charging a fixed fee for a specific job, time-based invoices pay for your services by the hour. Typically, the price is charged per hour you worked on plumbing customers, but you can also charge a daily or weekly rate.

Invoices Design Inspiration

A prepayment invoice is used when you need a deposit or down payment from the customer before the work begins. Down payments are common for large plumbing jobs or jobs that require you to purchase additional tools or materials that you don’t normally use.

Plumber Invoice Template

You can find more information about invoicing with a deposit in our article: “Managing deposits with invoicing software”.

Invoices are a formal request for payment. Therefore they require that certain information is valid under UK law. There are two forms of invoices, non-VAT invoices and VAT invoices. What each needs is described below.

Plumber Invoice Template

New Invoice Template: The Plumber’s Wrench

An invoice without VAT is issued by companies that are not VAT registered to their customers. They require the name and address of both the seller and the buyer, an invoice number and date of issue, a breakdown of the goods or services sold, and the total amount owed. Payment terms and conditions are also recommended.

A complete list of required fields on your plumbing invoice template can be found in our article: “What information should be on an invoice?”.

Plumber Invoice Template

VAT invoices are issued by VAT registered companies to their customers. If your plumbing business is VAT registered in the UK, you must apply value added tax to your sales. VAT invoices contain all the same information found on a non-VAT sanitary invoice, but also additional VAT details such as your VAT registration number (VRN).

Contractor Invoice Template

You can find a list of VAT invoice requirements in our article: “What are VAT invoices and who must issue them?”.

Plumber Invoice Template

As with many other industries, it is common to provide a quote for your plumbing services before the client accepts. Quotations are part of the sales process and help the customer decide if they want to work with you.

Therefore, when you provide a plumbing quotation, make sure it is as detailed as possible. Like a plumbing invoice, a plumbing quote should include the names and contact details of both parties, a breakdown of the services provided, a ‘valid until’ date and the total amount due.

Plumber Invoice Template

Plumbing Contractor Form: Fill Out & Sign Online

Below you will find an example of sanitary invoices made with invoices. Invoices ensure that you enter all the necessary legal information before sending it to your customer. The invoice below is an example of a standard VAT invoice.

If Word or Excel is your software of choice for creating invoices, you can download our free and professional invoice templates below. You can customize yours

Plumber Invoice Template

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