Superman Pumpkin Carvings

Superman Pumpkin Carvings – I know it’s a little late, but I don’t always focus on things as much as I’d like.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love crisp air, crunchy leaves and funky clothes. I love pretending to be completely different or dressing up beautifully and glitzy. Even though I have children now, I feel like a child. Mini Snickers bars don’t hurt either.

Superman Pumpkin Carvings

Superman Pumpkin Carvings

To celebrate the joys of autumn, some pumpkins have kindly offered themselves to be carved into some non-traditional jack-o-lanterns. We had 1 pumpkin from our own garden and the rest we got for free from various great Halloween community events in our small town.

Superman Logo Pumpkin By Mikedaws On Deviantart

To complete the whole experience, our church always hosts a Halloween party. We all dress up, eat chili and go trick or treating in the parking lot. Every year is a thrilling competition (my DH won!) but this year, there was also a bad desert competition. My entry wasn’t bad, but definitely gross. Kitty Litter Cake is here! It smells like spice cake, but definitely looks like the real thing. League Light Up the Way! Fend off the armies of darkness this Halloween with these easy and fun hero-style pumpkin stencils!

Superman Pumpkin Carvings

Everyone seems to be getting into the holiday spirit so why not give your super-powered alter ego your best pumpkin Halloween decor with these free printable pumpkin stencils! Of course some jokers are happy to carve a wide-eyed grin on the soft orange front side. Look everyone!

The perfect highlight for a “Hall of Justice”-inspired Halloween event, these cute style pieces will undoubtedly turn heads decorating your front hall, and you can download them for free here courtesy of Costume Supercenter — all you have to do is print out the stencil, tape it to the pumpkin, and carve it securely. Finish it off with the perfect lighting from within with a traditional candle or battery-powered light to spread truth and justice throughout the Halloween season! Suitable for outdoor or indoor decoration.

Superman Pumpkin Carvings

Pumpkin Carving History: A Spooky Tale Behind Your Favorite Tradition

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