Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

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Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet – By common definition, inventory is owned by a business. According to lean principles, products belong to one of the seven wastes and must be disposed of. Contradictory? Well, Taiichi Ohno, the father of lean manufacturing, put it best when he said:

It means that the only goods of value are the goods that are needed to satisfy the demand, and the rest must be reduced to manage the remaining goods as assets. Therefore, whatever the inventory is called, one thing is clear: inventory must be managed well. Sound inventory management helps reduce overproduction and inventory-related headaches and ensures the financial and operational stability of your business.

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

What is “inventory management”? Simply put, it means keeping track of your store inventory, listing all of your products and product-related information, and logging every time something is added or removed. In other words, inventory management is the science of getting the stock you need in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. Easy to do, right?

Restaurant Inventory Best Practices That Will Help You Run A Successful Operation

Updating your details every time a new product is added or an order is placed and recording every transaction and shipment is a chore, let’s face it.

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

Well, we can’t make it fun for you (although there are some beauties hidden in those tables and figures), but we can certainly make your life easier by providing some ready-to-use product templates. This will eliminate the need for Google to create your own.

But, so we are on the same page, first let’s define what the structure of the product is, the data it should contain and why Google Sheets can be the right tool for the task.

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

Moving Inventory List

An inventory form is a sheet that contains a detailed list of all the products your business has in stock and is used to record inventory levels and track inventory turnover.

Products, in this case, can be anything: raw materials, work in progress, equipment or finished goods. Not only can it be something the company sells, but it can also be something the company uses, such as laptops, software, or even work clothes.

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

Inventory management aims to maintain a balance between keeping the right amount of inventory to satisfy your customer and reducing costs. These two sides often come into conflict. To satisfy your customers and ensure prompt delivery, you may need to carry additional products. No business wants to miss out on a sale because of low inventory. But logistics is an investment that requires a significant financial contribution and makes cost reduction impossible. In addition, you not only have to pay for products, parts and components, but store and manage all those things.

Restaurant Inventory Challenges That Are Costing You Money (keep An Eye On #4)

Therefore, it is very important to organize and track all your products. Accurate, real-time stock information helps you find your stocks clearly and make the right high-level trading decisions. This is where an inventory structure can be useful, because a detailed inventory of all your inventory will ensure a bulletproof check of inventory levels and prices.

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

This list may vary depending on the needs of your business. Some addresses may be removed, some may be added. For example, you may also want to track expiration dates, add custom text, images, videos, links, etc.

If you want, you can add formulas and calculations to your worksheet, or create a workbook with worksheets or tabs, each showing different calculations. You may want to know:

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Most e-commerce operators and retailers use dedicated inventory management software to plan, coordinate and control all aspects of their inventory. But, for a small business, it’s actually an unnecessary luxury, and Google Sheets is a great starting point to start tracking your products, profits, and needs at little or no cost.

Google Sheets is a customizable cloud-based tool that can be easily used by multiple team members. Of course, it also has limitations. For example, you need to do manual entry and cannot scan QR codes and barcodes, unlike modern inventory management software. But with some useful tools, such as, even this limitation can be solved. We’ll expand on that a bit later.

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

If you’re in retail, whether it’s offline or online, inventory management is critical to your business in one way or another. Without it, you won’t be able to deliver an adequate customer experience, improve cash flow, and grow your business. Here’s a simple Google inventory template with pre-populated information and some basic formulas to demonstrate the ability to track inventory. It is done in the form of a workbook with three tabs.

Free Inventory Spreadsheet Templates (word

. You can also add comments when they help you remember product details or conclude certain offers. The first tab serves as a repository for all available resources.

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

The second tab should be used to track your daily sales. To make manual entry easier, we’ve included a drop-down menu for all products.

If you run your small business on Shopify, it’s definitely not the best solution to manually add or export your data from Shopify to Google Sheets. The best way is to automate it. This can be done with the help of Shopify Import, provided by, a solution for importing data from different sources such as Pipedrive, Jira, Xero and many more.

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

Inventory Management & Tracking Software

Shopify Importer is a ready-to-use integration to automate the export of your Shopify store to Google Sheets. To do this, you will need to follow two basic steps:

You can find a detailed explanation of the process with screenshots in the Shopify to Google Sheets article. This is what your Shopify data will look like when imported into Google Sheets:

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

If you want to import other data, you’ll need a JSON import client. With it, you can access data via REST API from different applications and you can access data about customer orders, list of locations, list of customers, list of all payments, etc.

Easily Track Your Inventory. See How Much You Could Save.

We need to export our Shopify store inventory to Google Sheets. Data should be automatically transferred hourly to monitor resources and share reports with stakeholders. The integration we built with allows you to schedule data imports from Shopify to Google Sheets. So why do you need to do it manually? However, it is up to you.

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

Check out Google Sheets for BigQuery integration if you’re thinking of a more efficient place to store your product data. Google Sheets Format for Code Products

For some companies, the ability to scan your code is a real help. Google Sheets has no architecture, but some solutions can help you turn your Google Sheets into an inventory management application. For example, AppSheet will allow you to capture and scan your barcode to record your inventory both internally and externally. You can also calculate your current inventory and even display all items that need to be restored in a separate view. Another cool feature of the app is sending you email notifications, like when an item is expiring or needs to be re-ordered soon.

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

Free Google Sheets Inventory Templates

There you have it: beautiful in-app visuals and real-time data integration with the backend. It remains only to configure the settings and check to get the most out of the application. In order to add new products to your inventory, you will need to use your mobile device’s camera to capture the barcode. You can find a detailed description of this feature and its configuration in this article.

Raw materials inventory is the total value of all components that a company has in stock but are not yet used in production. The two types of raw materials are usually defined as

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

The raw material model of our product is designed for small producers and can be used for both types of raw materials. You can use this inventory chart to automatically tell you whether you need to order more items now or not.

Notion Template: Inventory Management System — Red Gregory

You can use the product template to automatically tell you if you need to order more items now and if you don’t need help with the formula:

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

In most of our structures, we use the so-called “zebra line”. They help increase the readability of the paper and give it a professional look. Read our post on conditional formatting in Google Sheets to learn how to display other cells.

When people open restaurants, they want to cook good food for adults and make a lot of money from it. They certainly don’t want to be sitting on their laptops using different spreadsheets every hour. But no restaurant can do without a restaurant menu. While this is far from the most glamorous part of restaurant management, restaurant managers must ensure that they have the right ingredients for each dish on the menu, that those ingredients are fresh, and that no food is wasted. This will allow you to satisfy your customers and a well-managed budget.

Free Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet

The Best Way To Set Up A Par Inventory Sheet

We recommend that you enter the product ID, even though it may seem unnecessary at first glance. But, in the future, it is

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