Steering Committee Agenda Template

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Steering Committee Agenda Template – This is a title slide with image slides perfect for including a short title, subtitle, and an image with presenter information. To customize this slide with your own image: Right-click in the slide area and choose Format Background from the pop-up menu. Click Image and Texture Fill from the Fill menu Insert From: Click File Find your new image and click Insert Presenter Name Presenter Title Organization, Department, or Business Unit Month 00, 2014 Note: The speaker notes for this slide include detailed instructions About how to customize this title slide with your own images. Noticeable! Remember to remove this text box

Project Summary Project Dashboard at this stage Project Schedule Project Issues and Risks Financial Review Change Orders Next Phase Steering Committee Management Actions Management Decisions or Actions Required This presentation can be used or prepared to cover a formal steering committee meeting for a larger project. Principal Project Sponsor Review You’ll notice several options for the slides included in this template (note in the slide title). Choose the one who best fits your situation

Steering Committee Agenda Template

Steering Committee Agenda Template

Attend Steering Committee meetings regularly Identify project resources and resolve project conflicts to populate the project Final authorize on scope changes and process definitions Receive monthly status updates Formal acceptance of project deliverables or milestones Use this slide for the first meeting only. However, if the steering committee has items from a previous meeting, you can reuse those slides for this purpose.

Ecpgr: Minutes Of The Fourteenth Meeting Of The Ecpgr Executive Committee

Project Description – Project Scope – <Cut and paste data from the Project Management Framework / Scope Management Plan. .

Steering Committee Agenda Template

Parameters Current status Last month Comment range No concerns at this time Resource lag Required Oracle finances for timeline Add additional hours Two-week period inserted to compensate for quality risks and issues between operational sessions Reduce end-of-phase documentation time Note these are high-level topics Public status :

Key Achievement Status – (Yellow) Initial Setup – Completed CRP 1 (Vanilla System) – Completed Boss Stand. Gap Analysis Completed CRP 2 (with initial customization) Completed Primavera interface Completed design and build Scope of progress No change to schedule No change in progress Cost Total unchanged project $4 Open, clear data/conversion and target training Principal Project Material Development Percentage of Completion On Status Comment Project Management. Plan 100 Bus Schedules Set Up Reqs Application DU CRP Team Training 1 – Complete Vanilla CRP Checkout 2 – Custom Design & Build xx/xx/xx 50% Y Technical Issue Handling: 4 SR Open – 75% Targeted Primavera Interface 100% Data Transformation 10 % Reduction in progress – 50% target CRP 3 trainers 15% training materials – 35% target user test bus received. Acceptance of the conversion of the Trans PROD project into XX / XX / XX

Steering Committee Agenda Template

Steering Committee Meeting

Status Color Status Month YYYY Unit Good July 2012 August 2012 September 2012 PMT BAT Change Financial Technical Risk/Issues Budget Good Good Delay Good Month-Year Key Achievements New Client Structure / Combined Project Team Project Charter and Management Process Financial Direction Training / Hardware Request Workshop Good Good Good Good Good Start (month-year) Key Objectives Exadata Deployment Plan Technology Strategy/Transformation Design Migration Plan Solution Financial Concept Design Finance Time Cost Staff Fixed Cost Time and Mtl. Good good good good

Item Current Status Previous Comments Overall Project Status Yellow Contract Green Red Signature of Contract Schedule Scope Challenge Financial Resources Project Risk/Problem Resource Production, Availability These items are for the high-level status that Executives will be most interested in reviewing.

Steering Committee Agenda Template

Start of Expansion Create Transfer Start of Production: End: Milestones: Provide a summary of key project activities by phase. Be sure to list upcoming activities, especially milestones, push milestones, and lifetimes. If there are any related issues, problems or risks, list them and discuss them later in the stakeholder meeting. If you have multiple workflows, list each one separately and use additional slides as needed. Project event Decision key Project event Project event! DAY Jan 12 – Feb 12 – Mar 12 – Apr 12 – May 12 – Jun 12 – Jul 12 – Aug 12 – Sep 12 – Oct 12 – Nov 12 – Dec 12 – Dec 12

How To Create A New Meeting From A Meeting Template?

Please note that some of the above do not use OUM phase names or activity names (for example, OUM does not have anything called Business Acceptance Testing) however, this may be a valid example if the organization is implementing the System Under Discussion (SuD). An existing standard for Business Acceptance Testing beyond what OUM describes for User Acceptance Testing The design and build of a module (compound name) can refer to the AN and DS functions required to perform the analysis and design of any custom components. There is no such thing as module design and build in OUM CRP = conference room experience, you will not find the word CRP in any OUM task name, instead OUM task uses prototype workshop to configure use MC.080. The Configuration Prototyping Workshop can be used for any off-the-shelf commercial software configuration that needs to happen.

Steering Committee Agenda Template

20xx Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 JAN FEBRUARY MAR APR MAY JUN AUG AUG SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER STARTING PROJECT – Gather Requirements A high-level activity you want to present to the Steering Committee. Expansion Plan Construction transition Transition to project production control Completion of communication, documentation and training 12 months.

#Description Owner Impact Decision/Prioritization of Risk 1 NRS IT/ORC Stressful NRS Relationship 2 Fill planned IT positions and assess skill levels using ORC Help Peter 4/20/14 Cost and High Schedule 2 Security Performance and Scalability Oracle DBA Extended Jerry | 5/5/14 Cost Moderate 3 CRP Delays Rescheduled to Design Solution 5/19/14 Schedule 4 Delays SME Assignment to Business Fully Integrated Chris 4/14/14

Steering Committee Agenda Template

Steering Committee Powerpoint Presentation

Expenditure / PA# Approved Budget ATD ETC Status EAC in dollars Total planned spending for the next month in dollars

Project Deployment Services Time and Materials: Total Invoices to Date in Dollars: Total Invoices Due in Dollars: Total Invoices Scheduled in Dollars: There are no open change orders at this time.

Steering Committee Agenda Template

Start Activities Activities Stop Extend Activities Bring the team to start custom development activities Bring the team to complete software configuration using CRP Xx.

Steering Committee Agenda

1 2 3 Announcing the project 4 5 6 7 All team members on site 8 9 10 All team meetings start 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 BI 22 22 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 If you repeat this slide. Want to appear several months These slides are at a high level The management committee will find interesting Application configuration prototype #1 (CRP 1)

Steering Committee Agenda Template

See slide for Steering Committee Responsibilities.

To operate this site we record user data and share it with processors To use this site you must agree to our privacy policy including our cookie policy What is the meeting agenda? Many of us may feel concerned about the need for a meeting agenda. It is important to understand the meaning of an agenda which is an essential part of successfully running a meeting. The agenda contains in an organized manner a list of meeting activities that take place during the meeting and the agenda concludes with the call for follow-up and adjournment The agenda must consist of more than one specific business that needs to be discussed

Steering Committee Agenda Template

Executive Steering Committee Presentation

The agenda indicates the activities and topics to be covered in the meeting The invitee is informed through the meeting notice The agenda contains a list of topics to be discussed in a particular meeting So, before you start a business meeting, make sure you set the agenda!

In the deliberative context of business meetings, the items on the agenda are known as the order of the day. The agenda is distributed to all the meeting participants ahead of time and this gives the participants an opportunity to understand the topics to be discussed and to prepare for the meeting accordingly. An agenda is defined as a framework that helps a meeting to run efficiently and in an organized manner. It comes with a step-by-step outline of the topics to discuss at the meeting, as it is possible to improve teamwork through effective agendas.

Steering Committee Agenda Template

You can certainly download meeting agenda template and get an idea of ​​how to prepare the agenda for your business meeting. Why is the meeting agenda important? Do you understand the importance of the agenda? The importance begins even before the meeting begins. Once the meeting is scheduled, the agenda should be distributed to all invitees. This will help achieve a few goals:

Steering Committee: Make The Right Decisions To Achieve Project Objectives

The purpose of the agenda The main purpose of any meeting is to inform their staff about the topics that will be discussed during the session. It could be the agenda

Steering Committee Agenda Template

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