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Genie Guessing – A friend turned me on to Akinator the Web Genius and I’ve been playing with it on and off for a few years. It is an online program that plays twenty questions, although it is not stupid, it is very good for imagination and well-being.

6.) Is your character from a video game? No. There were nine princes in the computer game Amber, but we all like to pretend they never existed.

Genie Guessing

Genie Guessing

8.) Does your character live in America? No This is a judgment call, as Corwin as Carl Corey lived in America, but I thought that the Yes answer here would be misleading, and the program is only as good as its data.

I Dont Even…. This Thing Is Way Too Good At Guessing…

13.) Is your character human? I answered “No” the first time I tried this exercise, since people generally don’t live for hundreds of years without being able to lift a Mercedes, regenerate eyes, or walk between dimensions, but Akinator didn’t guess 43 years later. question, so I went with “Yes” this time.

Genie Guessing

14.) Does your character fight with a sword? Yes As the hero stepped forward, his crimson gaze swept over my person and stopped when it hit Grayswandir. Regardless of the nature of the crazy light on my back, it once again betrayed the hidden image of my blade of life, so a part of the form it held floated and illuminated its length. The rider was very close by then, but he pulled back and his eyes lifted, meeting mine.

15.) Is your character over 40 years old? Yes. “I was older than I looked. (Thirty, I looked in the mirror – but now I realize that’s because my shadow is flat.”)

Genie Guessing

Trying To Stump ‘akinator’: Will The Robot Guess Drew Brees?

Hello, enter the web! I also love the imagery, from the Landscape Guide to Amber Castle. Genie thought of Roger Zelazny after 25 questions, but did not find Dwork. I think the problem with the latter is one of the questions that was “does your character have a last name?”. And I answered “Yes” because Corwin named Dworkin Bariman as 9PiA. “Bariman” is obviously a portmanteau of “In Amber”, (see also “Rebma”), but I always assumed it was actually Dworkin’s surname and that there were Barimanways in Chaos Courts.

It’s a fun way to pass the time. Try other Zelazny characters and let me know the results! I was really testing how much she knew, so I followed the red haired girl to some boxes.

Genie Guessing

I forgot who she thought of first, on the second and third new attempts she guessed Hatsune Miku and Princess Peach before she got it.

A Short Comic About Self Confidence (oc)

She was asking me “is your character a romantic guy” even though I probably repeated it lol

Genie Guessing

I did Akinator one more time before I quit… it took a lot of questions again… but I finally got it… it’s… ?@!$

I’m just going to spend the day trying to make this geni play all of the Cave Story characters

Genie Guessing

For Parts* Disney Guess Who Box/cards/trays/face Frames Board Game *replacement

3) Also is it based on region or something since the second question is always “Are you a character from Serbia?”

Hello! I’m tough. Times are scary, but remember, even some cyberpunk stories have happy endings! Do your best to move forward, in style, with a good spirit, helping where you can ~!★

Genie Guessing

It’s a company, but it’s also its name. You can imagine mine. I’m not sure why she insists on being professional, but I guess none of us expected to be reassigned. Comments are working fine, FYI.

Shimmer And Shine Guess Who? Game

It’s been a while, but some flames haven’t been completely extinguished. Make this country and yourself the best you can be.

Genie Guessing

Amazing, that’s not what I realized when I couldn’t imagine thinking about that 16-year-old The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, and The Animatrix.

Then I tried Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya…it didn’t work. They thought it was Miyamoto, but it wasn’t. In the end it turns out that he is an “unwritten person”.

Genie Guessing

How To Guess Pitch

I found the best way to beat this game is to follow the manga/real obscure stuff… Megaman Masters/Mavrick are actually good to try. I successfully beat him with Overdrive Ostrich in mind. He went through Boomerang Kuwanger, Spark Mandrill and Storm Eagle. (Storm brings down my favorite Maverick.)

MagicDoors said: Spoiler first try to win this round Click to expand… I laughed more than I should have.

Genie Guessing

“You know there’s a problem when you look at your mod characters and automatically start thinking of ways to kill them” -MagicDoors, CSTSF Quote Origin

Guess Who ? Disney Edition Face Guessing Game Milton Bradley 2005 Complete

“Pray to be led. Go get your head dirty” – the crazy old man speaking only in short language, the lady of the house! origin of the quota

Genie Guessing

Go to my profile at random (I’ll try to update it at random times, so check back often).

My Steam Profile. Although I’m not ready for that because my laptop fossil slows games to nothing more than a crawling crawl. Akinator is an online quiz program that asks you 20 questions and guess what character you have in mind.

Genie Guessing

Taboo Guessing Game Parker Brothers 2009 Euc 100% Complete Fun Buzzer Works

In case you haven’t heard, Akinator, the Web Genie, is the name of an online game that has been trending on social media for the past few days.

Just go to, enter your nickname, your age and gender, and think of a celebrity, celebrity or even a fictional character, Akinator will ask you up to 20 questions, followed by “he” and he will find it. to guess the exact person you have in mind.

Genie Guessing

And it seems to be incredibly accurate, as everyone from Julian Casablancas (lead singer of The Strokes) to Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin’s character in Home Alone) thought it was the first time we tried it earlier. today. And his record shows that he guessed that everyone from Jesus Christ to Dora the Explorer is right in the last days.

Akinator The Genie Correctly Guesses The Wizard Of Loneliness

It’s a fantastic online time killer, but the first question people ask when they first come across Akinator is how does it work? How is it possible that a program can guess anyone so accurately by simply asking about 20 basic questions (and often less)?

Genie Guessing

How the program works, according to the site’s FAQ section, “Akinator uses the Limule program published by The algorithm we use is our own creation. How we created it is our little secret.”

There doesn’t seem to be much information available about how the program uses Limule to make the program work effectively.

Genie Guessing

Akinator Guesses Pokemon

But there are other instructions on how Akinator works. In the rare event that the program doesn’t know who you’re thinking of after a long series of follow-up questions, it asks you to enter your photo and name to add to its vast database. This gives you more information about how Akinator works, suggesting that it compiled a large number of characters that people wanted to guess, along with the answers they used to describe the characters before they guessed. import.

That way, the next time someone thinks of the French director of the 1970s that you used to play, they will probably be able to find the right answer. In this sense, Akinator is a new way of using Artificial Intelligence and secret programming along with many surprises to create a fun and accurate horror game. For a more in-depth explanation of how the game might work, check out this complicated article from Wired magazine, in which the author shares his thoughts on the program that runs Akinator.

Genie Guessing

The website – and later, the mobile phone app – was registered by French developers, according to the Internet domain registration site Whois. Google Trends showed that the European version of the website first appeared in late 2007, although it took several years to spread to other markets, including the United States. Although it’s been years, it seems to have seen a surge in popularity in recent days, with Twitter and Facebook users sharing it thousands of times as a new group of players learned about its “magic powers”.

The Guessing Game

For example, Twitter user @michaelmarshjr said, “One more thing distracting me from the finale, Akinator the genie. Sorry I’m late on this, but I’m surprised Sean McGrew got it!”

Genie Guessing

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And a mobile app featuring a cartoon genie who asks a series of questions before trying to guess the fictional or real character the player is thinking of. Inspired by the game “20 Questions”,

Genie Guessing

If It Guessed This Lol Character, Akinator Has To Be The Most Evil, Best 20 Questions Bot Ever.

At the Akinator, the genie will ask you about 20 yes or no questions before guessing the character he’s thinking. If Akinator guesses wrong, it will proceed to ask a few more questions before you guess again. If it cannot be guessed correctly three times, it will prompt the player to enter the current character’s name. yes

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