Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

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Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template – Because I live rather far away from many of my family members, it’s difficult to create special events, especially ones I haven’t been able to create myself. After I opened my Etsy store, I started shipping ornaments across the country and realized I could do the same for my family. My cousin’s daughter is now 2 years old and she really loves Minnie Mouse, so the Minnie Mouse 2-D Cake Topper seemed like a great idea and it ships easily because it’s flat. The method is so easy that I have shared it step by step below.

First I had to find a good template, so I found a nice close-up of a Minnie Mouse that I used. It measures approximately 5.5 inches by 6 inches, but can be scaled down or enlarged to fit the cake size you are using. We recommend that you print two copies of the template, one for reference and the other to cut and use as a guide.

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

To start the top base of the Minnie Mouse cake, roll black fondant about 1/8 inch thick and place the die-cut template on top. Cut it using a sharp knife. Place on parchment or wax paper.

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Cake Pops

Cut out only the bow and face using the same template. Roll out the pink fondant again to about 1/8 inch thick and cut out the pink bow using the bow template. For the face, cut out the shape of the face by rolling out a layer of light beige fondant 1/8 inch thick.

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

Use some water to glue the face and bend it on the black background. Then, continue cutting out using the template for the face. This time cut out the nose, eyes and mouth. Cut out the eyes with a thin layer of white fondant, and cut out the nose and mouth with a layer of black fondant.

After attaching the eyes, nose and mouth to the face, cut out the pink tongue part of the mouth, spread more pink fondant and cut out the shape of the tongue. Using another copy of the printed template, use a fondant extruder to extrude thin black cords for accents around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Alternatively, a very thin rope can be wound by hand. Tie a rope to your face with a little water.

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

Minnie Mouse Cake Topper How To

To add dots to the bow, roll out a thin piece of white fondant and use a #12 pastry tip to cut out a circle. Glue it to the bow with a little water. I used edible markers to color in the eye circles, but if you don’t have edible markers you can cut out small, thin black ovals to make them.

Carefully remove the finished Minnie Mouse cake topper from the wax paper and let it dry for several days before placing it on the cake. I just finished a great weekend of working all week on Minnie Mouse cakes using a 1995 Wilton cake pan. Since we couldn’t decide on a design, it was up to me! Whatever design we came up with, we thought would make a great cake. I decided to make a complete mini using an old Mickey Mouse fan my mother had recently given me. She was cleaning all the pans and gave me a bunch of big pans. I hope to make some of them!

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

The birthday girl liked the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse version of Mickey, so she went for it. And, I love it!

Printable Mickey Mouse Cake Template

On Monday, which is usually my baking day, I baked my favorite King Arthur Yellow Butter Cake with chocolate chips. It took about 40 minutes. As soon as it came out of the oven, I patted it with a clean towel and put the dome on it.

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

After it cooled down a bit I used a leveler (background) to divide it in half. I used King Arthur soft flour so it had to be very soft.

The next thing to do was to make a bow. After washing the pan, I used it as a size guide.

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

Mickey Mouse Cake Topper

I made two bows. A Minnie Mouse-style bow (above) and a more realistic bow. After sending both to my friend, she opted for a mini style bow.

I ended up making realistic little bows for her shoes. In the meantime I made a birthday message.

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

One thing I realized when making Sesame Place Cakes is that pink frosting fades in the sun. My Abby Cadabby and Zoe faded badly and so did the pink fondant that covered the second cake. So I put it in the closet to keep the color from fading.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Cake Topper Mouse Cake Decoration With Red Bows White Gloves Girls Minnie Cake Topper

Next, I decided to make her face out of fondant. I made a paper template with the photo it came up with. I then used the right side to cut out her face. I then used a small cutter and a freehand X-Acto cut to create her features. Once everything was ready, I used petal powder to give her cheeks a bit of definition and blush. The result was so good I wanted to quickly show my friends what it looked like!

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

I started the cake on a Thursday night with a filling and crumb coating. I put it on the table first.

Then, using the #21 tip, I coated the cake with vanilla frosting to make a dam. I topped the cake with almost a whole pile of my favorite half Hersheys and half Dutch processed cocoa buttercream.

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

Minnie Mouse Fondant Face Face Imágenes Por Gabrila_19

I then used the same piping bag and tip I used for the dam to fill in the white background space. I then smoothed it down with angled shoulder blades.

After what felt like forever, I brushed the sides with pink buttercream and made them as smooth as possible. All I don’t like about this fan is its irregular curves. They are definitely a challenge!

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

Then I laid my hand on them. I removed her right hand because I have to put it on top of her dress later.

Minnie Mouse Face With Pink Bow Digital Download Printable

Then I made the back of her shoe and put black on it to make it look like it was behind her foot. Then I cut off the top of her dress and wrapped it around her bodice.

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

It took her a few tries to get her dress right. I ended up rolling a horizontal slab of fondant. Instead, I made a skirt, took the vertical straps of fondant, stretched her dress, and cut it to size. I reached out to her and held out her right hand.

Then I cut off her white collar, added small buttons, and added a deep pink sash. After that, I made the rest of her shoe and added a little bow. Then it was all about adding dots to the dress and sides, Crisco cream to the edging (tip #16) and adding a birthday message. Then she got into the box and went back to the fridge to get it!

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Topper Template Printable Diy

Her birthday girl came to buy it and she loved it! I also lent her her Minnie Mouse dress I had made for her daughter a few years earlier for her party that evening. She tried it and it fit! We were so happy. 🙂 Totally surprised because I forgot to mention in part!

Here she is at her party with her cake! In the top right photo you can see how amazing the cake looks with filling. I would recommend anyone who makes Wilton cake pans to try tear-and-fill. It’s taller and I recommend stuffing the inside, especially if you plan to use a lot of fondant.

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

And they had the cake, but my friend saved a few slices to enjoy with coffee later. Well! I like to eat cake the morning after the holidays. Not good for dieting, but soothing to the soul!

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We now have about 4 weeks left until our next cake order. I will start cooking in about 3 weeks. In the meantime, I will sew, rest and play with my children. The first thing to start your research is to look at your needs. There are too many resources with Minnie Mouse templates. Some of them can be obtained for free and there are also online marketplaces where you can get Minnie Mouse stencils. The first port of call to get all this, of course, is the Internet. If you choose to download the template, you will need paper and a printer. However, if you prefer to purchase a template

Minnie Mouse Face Cake Template

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