Mechanic Invoice Template Free

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Mechanic Invoice Template Free – A bodywork (mechanic) invoice is a document filled out by any mechanic who has been authorized by his customer to perform bodywork services and detailing the services provided. The document will provide information about the location and contact details of the mechanic, contact details and the same for the customer. The document must also provide a detailed list of services performed for the customer’s review and payment (including taxes and any other charges. The document will include a sheet designed to collect customer payment information, terms and conditions).

Vehicle Repair Receipt: After the account is finalized and the invoice is paid, a receipt is issued to the vehicle owner to indicate that payment has been made.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

To keep things level, mechanics should always provide customers with clear and specific quotes before starting work. Ideally, the estimate is a written plan of action for the repair and a full estimate of all parts and labor costs.

Free Construction Invoice Template

A quote doesn’t have to be written in stone. It represents the mechanic’s “best guess” for the scope of the repair work, but may include an item for review once the work begins.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

Mechanics should not assume that the customer’s prior authorization represents a blank check to solve new problems that may be discovered during the course of the job. While it’s always a good idea to provide updates when work is in progress, even if there are no changes to report, new fixes should also be cleared with the customer.

Like a written estimate, an invoice should be a specific accounting of all work performed. Labor and parts costs for each component of the work must be itemized.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

Invoice Numbers Templates

Repair shops have different payment policies. In some cases, the customer is required to pay part or all of it before picking up the vehicle. If the shop does not require full payment upon completion of the work, the vehicle body invoice must state the terms of payment, including the due date and late payment penalty.

Delinquent customers can contact the mechanics. If the car is in the area and the right policy is in place, the mechanic can hold the car until the balance is satisfied (usually with a mechanic’s lien). But if the customer has already taken possession of the car and hasn’t paid by the due date, it may be necessary to initiate collections or file a case in small claims court.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

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Invoice Templates For Auto Garages

An auto body invoice template is a document that contains fields to list the material and labor costs incurred to repair a car or motorcycle. The form can be used for any type of service provided by body shops, including (but not limited to) repainting, bag removal, panel replacement, frame repair and interior component work. Similar to invoices, invoices are issued to customers after services are completed.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

Auto body shops focus on more than just damaged cars. High-end cars looking for customizations, paint jobs, and aftermarket parts usually go to body shops to get the work done. Also, some body shops specialize in only one (1) or two (2) types of vehicles, such as diesel trucks, high-end sports cars, motorcycles, etc. Common services offered by branded stores include:

At the top of the page, enter the name of the auto body repair company and the full address of the shop. Then, on the right hand side, enter the time and date the vehicle entered and left the shop, followed by the invoice number. The invoice number can be anything, although sorting can improve the organization of the business.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

Contractor Invoice Excel Template

List the services provided to the client. The description should be brief, but with enough information for the customer to understand what has been done. Then enter the number of hours spent on each service, followed by the hourly rate ($/hr) charged for each service. Enter the total cost of each service by multiplying the hours by the hourly rate. Calculate the Total labor field by adding all the service parts of the Total.

Similar to the maintenance table, enter the number of parts and/or materials needed for the job. A short description and product code must be entered in the “Description” field. Enter the number of parts (#) required for each part type, followed by the cost of one (1) part. Add the number of parts per value and enter the result in the “Total” field. Then add the Total column to calculate the Total Parts field.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

Add the Total Labor and Total Parts fields and enter the result in the Subtotal field. If the customer is to receive a discount, enter the discount with a minus sign (“-“). Calculate any tax and enter it in the Taxes field. Finally, add the Subtotal and Tax fields, minus the Discount field (if applicable). Enter the obtained value in the “TOTAL” field.

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In the “Customer Notes/Requests” field, enter the customer’s special instructions or any notes about the job that the customer needs to know. Payment information can also be entered in the field. A full invoice must be sent to the client after the work is completed. Download this if you’ve already installed the Microsoft Store version of Invoice Manager for Excel and are looking for more customizable templates.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

Download this if you want this layout to be set as your default template.

Auto Repair Invoice Template is a free blank auto repair invoice template that allows you to create auto repair invoices quickly and easily. The auto repair invoice form includes fields for vehicle information.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

Equipment Repair Invoice Template Word

Jul 12, 2016. Visit the revised version of this auto service invoice template at Auto Repair Service Invoice With Car Lift Background Image.

This template is region-neutral, so you can easily adopt it to create automated garage invoices, regardless of where your business is located, such as the US or Australia. Be sure to install Invoice Manager for Excel to enhance the template with advanced item search features.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

The auto repair invoice template in Microsoft Excel format has a 5-column main invoice section in printable invoice form that includes #, description, quantity, price, and line total. The free auto repair invoice template does not include shipping fields, just like other service invoice templates available online here at The unique features that are only available in this auto repair invoice sample are fields for insurance information such as company and claim number and fields for vehicle information, such as Year, Make, Model and Color. This makes the auto repair invoice template an ideal tool for creating your invoices. This invoice template is also one of the good examples of customizing an invoice template. There is also a Time of Entry field at the top of the invoice form below the Date of Entry field (usually labeled “Invoice Date” on most invoice templates here at . We have maintained the Shipping Cost field within the printable auto repair invoice form.

Auto Repair Invoice Template

Auto Repair Invoice Template was originally published on with detailed instructions for customization in Auto Repair Invoice Template (C5-019) and Invoice Template for Auto Repair Business d automobiles This sample auto repair invoice is also featured on our company website,, Auto Repair Invoice Template. A car repair receipt is written proof of service performed on the car by a mechanic or auto repair shop. The receipt must detail each repair and service performed on the vehicle and the cost of each service. A complete list of all repairs will allow the owner to ensure that they are not paying unnecessary fees.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

If the car owner has insurance, this information should also be included on the receipt. Once the repair is complete and the owner receives the receipt, they can file a claim with their insurance company and hopefully recoup some of the cost.

Car repair invoice – claim for payment before or after the car is repaired.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

Free Auto Repair Invoice Template Sample #11 Download

The receipt needed to document the vehicle repair transaction can be downloaded using one of the links above (after the word “Download”) or by selecting the appropriate button next to the image on this page.

The first part of this header will require the exact “Date” created in response to the Customer’s payment on this receipt. The first blank line at the top right of this page (labeled “Date”). The reference number used as a means of identifying this document in the mechanic’s (and customer’s) files should be entered on the blank line labeled “From” number.

Mechanic Invoice Template Free

After accessing this document, turn your attention to the top left of this page. Here we have to identify ourselves

Free Auto Repair Invoice Template

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