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Employment Contract Template Doc – Your employment contract is the most important document of your company. How your employees work, behave, deal with workplace conflicts, etc. It serves as a plan for Download this law-abiding employment contract template that’s easy to customize for your company.

The employment contract form is used to draw up your own employment contract with the employer or employee. Below you will find everything you need to know about the employment contract and you will have a clearer idea of ​​when you will need an employment contract for your business and how to create one.

Employment Contract Template Doc

Employment Contract Template Doc

An Employment Contract, also known as an Employment Contract, Employment Contract, Employment Contract or Employment Contract, is a legally enforceable document created between an employer and an individual employee that defines all the terms and conditions of the employment relationship.

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It is signed when a new employee arrives at the workplace provided by the employer. Unlike the usual worker forms, the employment contract details the obligations, duties and responsibilities of the worker towards the employer and vice versa. Meanwhile, it can serve as legal protection for the interests and rights of both parties.

Employment Contract Template Doc

The employment contract signed by both parties will remain in effect for the term of office of the employee who signed it, unless otherwise agreed.

With this professional employment contract template, you’ll have the resources you need to make a solid contract with your employees. Start preparing for the best working year ever by downloading this employment contract template today!

Employment Contract Template Doc

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An employment contract can be legally beneficial to an employer in scenarios including but not limited to:

Its legal necessity is also based on the fact that such an employment contract can help set the employment relationship on the right track by setting labor standards, expectations and employment payouts, and leaves no room for ambiguity, ambiguity and misunderstanding.

Employment Contract Template Doc

There are 5 main types of employment contracts, depending on the employer, the role of the job and the job demand.

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Full-time employment contracts are the most commonly used by employers. Such documents detail the working hours of the employees and how they will be paid (salary or hourly). In addition, other important issues such as the position of the employee in the company and the right to leave are also included.

Employment Contract Template Doc

The complexity of the full-time employment contract is often related to the seniority of the employed party. Some companies may add non-compete clauses and confidentiality clauses to employment contracts for older employees to protect the company’s interests.

Similar to a full-time employment contract in many ways, a part-time employment contract generally requires fewer agreed working hours, but still, a part-time employee may retain the option to work overtime if desired.

Employment Contract Template Doc

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Vacation entitlements and other benefits are often overlooked with a part-time employment contract. However, these conditions must be clearly stated in the part-time employment contract and legal requirements must be met.

A zero hour contract is a contract in which the employer is not obliged to provide regular work to the employee, but the employee is on duty if work is needed.

Employment Contract Template Doc

It replaces traditional employment contracts by removing the employer’s obligation to provide employment.

Sample Employment Contract

Great care is required to create and execute a zero hour contract. Advance agreements should be made with the employee so that the employee fully understands what he or she is dealing with.

Employment Contract Template Doc

According to the temporary worker contract, the employer is not obliged to give a job to an individual worker, and the worker is not obliged to accept the job when offered.

A temporary worker is not strictly committed to all jobs assigned by the employer. They may receive a higher salary and terminate employment without notice unless necessary, but still receive less benefits from the employer compared to full-time employees.

Employment Contract Template Doc

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In general, a temporary worker contract is created for workers looking for temporary work, permanent employment is not sought.

According to the annual working time contract, the working time of the worker is expressed as the total number of hours to be worked during the year. With an annual hourly contract, employers can assign jobs according to demand, in this case they do not have to pay overtime or hire temporary staff.

Employment Contract Template Doc

This type of employment contract benefits employees by allowing them to pursue personal interests and hobbies, offering some flexibility with non-work periods for them.

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All full-time employee benefits also apply to employees working on an annual contract.

Employment Contract Template Doc

The employment contract defines the obligations of the employer as well as the worker. In general, it includes the following components:

The employment contract usually specifies the salary, wage or commission of the worker agreed in advance between the worker and the employer.

Employment Contract Template Doc

Employment Contract Template Download Printable Pdf

The employment contract stipulates the length of time the employee is expected to work for the company, as agreed in advance by both parties.

In general, the contract is continuous, so no specific period is specified. However, for fixed-term contracts, the employment period must be added.

Employment Contract Template Doc

The employment contract specifies in detail the obligations expected of the employee during his employment with the company.

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All employee benefits signed by the employer, such as insurance and annual leave, will be listed in the employment contract. In addition, it will be ensured that the benefits specified in the contract comply with the minimum requirements specified in the laws and regulations of the region in which the company operates.

Employment Contract Template Doc

It can be added to the employment contract that the property of the work produced by the worker for the company during the term of the employment contract will belong to the company. This includes content creation, art, etc. It is very important for businesses working in the field.

Depending on the type of job and the employer’s requirements, there may be many more clauses added to the contract agreement.

Employment Contract Template Doc

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A suitable employment contract is necessary to provide legal evidence to protect the rights and interests of both parties.

The employment contract provides employment guarantee for the employee and confidential information security for the employer by presenting the responsibilities, expectations and promised benefits of both parties in writing.

Employment Contract Template Doc

The employment contract also works for the benefit of the employee by providing necessary information regarding job description, duties, salary and benefits.

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By the way, such a contract also benefits the employer if the employee does not fulfill his obligations, in which case the employer is allowed to dismiss the employee.

Employment Contract Template Doc

An employment contract also ensures that the business cannot exploit the company’s vulnerabilities by employing the employees of its competitors. This is achieved through non-compete and confidentiality clauses.

Each of the parties can use the employment contract as legal evidence in case the other party violates or violates the contract.

Employment Contract Template Doc

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BE IT KNOWN that this AGREEMENT was entered into on _______________________ between ______________, (hereinafter referred to as the “Employer”), located at _______________________, __________________________, ___________ ___________ __________________________________ hereinafter the workplace and __ _______________________, ___________________________________.

Employment Contract Template Doc

IN CONFIRMATION OF THESE MATTERS, the aforementioned parties wish to enter into this Agreement and express the need to define and set forth in this document the terms and conditions of employment of the aforementioned employee until ________________________.

Employment Contract Agreement Employment Service Contract

Therefore, taking into account the mutual agreements and agreed terms stated below, this document is expressly accepted and therefore legally binding between the employer and the employee as follows:

Employment Contract Template Doc

___________________________, Company _________________________, _________________________, _________________________, ____________________, ___________________________________________________________________________________________________, _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ shall be terminated pursuant to the following contract termination clause.

________________________ The Employee faithfully and effectively performs the specified duties as directed by the CEO or supervisor of the employer, throughout the entire period of employment, that he will devote his attention and time during working hours to the fulfillment of his duties and business affairs of the employer. It is not the employer’s intention to assign duties and responsibilities that are not normally within the scope and characteristics of this position or that are not required to be assigned to other employees of similar rank and position. However, the Employer reserves the right to increase and/or revise the roles and responsibilities of the Employee through re-positioning or promotion. Any change in an employee’s pay scale due to a change in responsibilities and/or promotion will be at the employer’s discretion.

Employment Contract Template Doc

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In accordance with the following terms and conditions of this Agreement and during the employee’s employment, the compensation for his services will be as follows:

_______________________ assessments and/or rate increases deemed appropriate, the amount in question will be determined by the employee’s supervisor.

Employment Contract Template Doc


Temporary Employment Contract Template

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