Wedding Entourage List Template

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Wedding Entourage List Template – In addition to being a request to participate, an invitation also serves as a formal announcement and confirmation of an upcoming event. The invitation defines the purpose and theme of the wedding, how extravagant it will be, and the type of people likely to attend. Ideally, the invitation should be at least a month and a half in advance of the distribution event date to give attendees enough time to attend.

These days, couples about to get married are more savvy and adventurous. Wedding planning is governed by few rules, so the concepts are out of the box.

Wedding Entourage List Template

Wedding Entourage List Template

Some interesting examples of wedding invitations include pop-up layouts and movie passport/airline ticket layouts. Some people use comic or storybook formats. Many have implemented interactive projects, requiring invitees to solve a puzzle to make a card or create artwork from the invitation. But no matter how innovative the wedding invitation is, the content remains meaningful. Details are often divided into three categories:

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The first part is the main invitation, the second contains the ambiance of the wedding, and the third contains other important information that guests will need.

Wedding Entourage List Template

In addition to the design, the tone of the invitation is reflected in the capitalization of the words and the use of shortcuts and abbreviations. Placing names before names gives a formal effect when using nicknames, implying a casual mood.

The basic invitation includes the names of the host, grooms, invitation line, ceremony location, reception venue, date, time, and dress code.

Wedding Entourage List Template

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HOST – The host is usually defined as the one who pays the costs of the event. It is thought that the names of the bridal party should be on the left or top row. In the Philippines, even though the couple pays for the wedding, parental names are often seen as a way to honor their roles.

If one of the parents is deceased, you can add or reduce the ambiguity of the name by adding a cross next to the name.

Wedding Entourage List Template

If both of the groom’s or bride’s parents are deceased, you can add “representative” below the parent’s name and name the representative below. It is imperative that the representative put the relationship between the bride and groom.

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If both the groom’s and bride’s parents are already deceased, you can write it like this:

Wedding Entourage List Template

Bride’s and Groom’s Names: These can precede or follow the parents’ names, usually using the largest font.

QUESTION LINE – A formal request line often used on wedding invitations is “the honor of your presence” and “the pleasure of your company.” The word “respect” is spelled “hormat” in English. While both are true, “hormat” conveys a more traditional feel. The first word is usually used if it is held in a church to honor God. The second word can be used in weddings performed outside a religious house, such as “inviting you to join”, “inviting you to testify”, or “inviting you to share “.

Wedding Entourage List Template

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

ADDRESS – If the venue is a church, it is usually not necessary to print the full address. Often just the road and the city are enough. However, a more popular location will require more information.

Clarify if the place of the reception is similar or different from the venue. If guests have to travel elsewhere, print the exact address.

Wedding Entourage List Template

DRESS – The dress code is often included in the main invitation, details of which are explained in the third section.

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The second part of the invitation is the bridal party, which includes the officiant, primary sponsors, second sponsors, best man, bridesmaid, bridesmaids and groomsmen, coin bearer, ring, the Bible bearer and the bridesmaids.

Wedding Entourage List Template

Wedding Officiant – At the top of the second part of the invitation. A traditional wedding officiant is a priest, judge, or mayor. Make sure you entered the officer’s name correctly. The correct spelling of the name is also important.

Marriage Environment – In the spirit of fairness, it is best to list names alphabetically. The gentlemen’s row is usually to the left or top. If your main sponsors are a couple, you can nominate them with their godparents.

Wedding Entourage List Template

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Map and location details: It’s best to provide the most convenient route and easiest route details to make sure your guests don’t get lost.

Garment Details: Please detail your garment details here. You can add images to give guests a better idea of ​​what to wear.

Wedding Entourage List Template

Couple Request – You can say what you want here. Say it, but be subtle. You don’t want to sound conceited or demanding. If you are on the bride list, you can submit details here.

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Accommodation Details – Shows the available accommodations. Whether you’re treating your guests or just helping with the order, communicate correctly.

Wedding Entourage List Template

RSVP – Don’t forget to include the RSVP section. This will prompt the visitor to respond by confirming their participation or sending their condolences. This can be included in the last part of the invitation. But it is ideal to put it on a separate card to attract more attention.

An invitation is a way of telling your guests that you want to share your big day with them, so make sure the invitation sends the right message and encourages them to attend your wedding.

Wedding Entourage List Template

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References include an interview with Ms. Ella R. Espino, owner of Paperbug & Co. They create and supply invitations and souvenirs for various events here and abroad.

Wedding Entourage List Template

For over 30 years we have been blessed to attend thousands of weddings, debuts, baby showers, corporate events and private events. In all these events, we make sure that we are not only your caterer, but more importantly, your partner every step of the way, from conceptualisation, budgeting and final execution.

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We’ve made choosing the right restaurant simple and easy. Attend our food tasting event to experience our services first, then decide for yourself if we are the right caterer for your event. One of the most important events in a person’s life is marriage. Especially from the bride’s side, this could be more important than any other personal event she has planned.

Wedding Entourage List Template

Wedding preparations are a very serious matter and require a lot of attention, money, time and knowledge of the flow, so it will be relaxed. Then there will be nights and nights of thorough planning.

One of the hardest parts of any wedding planning is setting the wedding ambiance. There are many members, but the newlyweds may find it difficult to choose who will play these roles.

Wedding Entourage List Template

Every Wedding Party Role You Need To Know

Based on an article on Hizon’s dining room, here is a complete list of regular members of the wedding scene.

Usually, the maid of honor is the bride’s best friend or closest family member. Someone to help the bride get ready and on the big day.

Wedding Entourage List Template

A ring mate of honor, the best man, is usually assisted by the groom’s best friend or the groom’s closest male family member.

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Brides and groomsmen are often close friends and close family members of the couple. They are often made up of high school and college friends of the spouses.

Wedding Entourage List Template

Flower girls are usually nieces or friends of the bride and groom. These beautiful girls have the task of washing the flower petals before the bride’s procession.

These are three (3) symbolic roles. It is usually given to the grandchildren of the spouses or to the children of close relatives of the couple.

Wedding Entourage List Template

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Bride and groom. Based on the article, it is often the parents’ friends who can be an inspiration to the couple and guide them in their family life.

Secondary sponsors include candle sponsors, wire sponsors, and curtain sponsors. Usually, the bride and groom are family members. By clicking the “Accept All Cookies” button, you agree to the placing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage and assist our marketing efforts.

Wedding Entourage List Template

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Wedding Entourage List Template

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