Curious George Cake Template

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Curious George Cake Template – Is there any monkey more popular than Curious George? This curious creature and his companion, the man in the yellow hat, offer a wonderful birthday theme with a variety of absurdly cute ideas to choose from! There’s no better time than now to throw a monkey party.

Organizing a Curious George birthday party can seem like a daunting task, so we’ve put together a list of cute Curious George birthday parties to help you out.

Curious George Cake Template

Curious George Cake Template

In addition to delicious food, your party will also need some fun decorations! You can find a variety of cute Curious George party decorations at stores like Party City or on Amazon. But why buy decorations when you can make them yourself? Try these easy DIY decorations to add a personal touch to your celebration:

Creating A Party Theme

Use the pages of the book to make a cute Curious George birthday banner to decorate the tables or backdrop for your party.

Curious George Cake Template

Turn tissue paper into simple paper flowers to make cute, red and yellow Curious Georges your holiday centerpiece.

Making your own sweet party food is a great way to pass the time when planning your child’s birthday party. However, it can take a long time to come up with your own cooking ideas!

Curious George Cake Template

Curious George Party Edible Cake Topper Image

These Curious George party food ideas are a great place to start when creating a menu for your child’s birthday party.

Appetizers are always a good choice for a birthday party table. Fill small snack containers with a themed snack mix so party guests can snack on the go.

Curious George Cake Template

Sweet treats are another great option for a child’s birthday. Easy-to-grab treats such as cereal bars or individual jars of banana pudding are great for toddlers.

Curious George Themed 1st Birthday Party

Drinks are the next item on our list! Yellow colored drinks can be the cutest and easiest way to keep your guests hydrated while the party continues. Mango juice, lemonade and pineapple juice are just some of the drinks available. You can add labels that say “Monkey Juice” or Mr. George stickers to make it more interesting.

Curious George Cake Template

Invitations are often overlooked, despite the fact that they play an important role in the overall theme. It wouldn’t be a Curious George themed birthday party without George himself and bananas on the invitation card.

Note that all the files/materials are included in this package, so once it’s done you can customize it right away.

Curious George Cake Template

Kirsten Turns 3

Cake is also a must for any birthday party. Bakeries often stock Curious George pastries and birthday cakes. Curious George’s birthday cake would not only be fun to look at, but would also entertain children while eating it. You can also enjoy a cupcake treat.

An appetite is always welcome before the cake ceremony and lunch, so instead of the usual cupcakes, you’ve included some banana cupcakes with a fancy theme. These small details go a long way in improving the healthiness of your party. If the cost of fancy and customized cupcakes is beyond your budget, opt for plain yellow cupcakes.

Curious George Cake Template

If you want to go with something other than a cupcake, remember to keep it yellow because George and his fans love bananas.

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Curious George Cake Template

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Curious George Cake Template

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Free Printable Curious George Personalized Invitations Template

If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your settings. This means that you have to enable or disable cookies again every time you visit this website. Calling all curious George fans. If you love the adorable monkey, or maybe your kids do, make this amazing Curious George cake for their next birthday or just because!

Curious George Cake Template

After seeing my lego man cake, my friend asked me if I could make a Curious George cake for her son who is turning 2 in a few days. He was obsessed with Curious George. I thought why wouldn’t it be fun to make him a cute Curious George cake.

The process is pretty simple and you use the same techniques I show in the lego man cake and the spiderman cake. You also don’t need a lot of fondant experience. A beginner fondant worker should be able to do this. If I can do it, you can do it. We bake and decorate!

Curious George Cake Template Curious George Cake Topper Edible Image Personalized Cupcakes Frosting Sugar Sheet (8

To make a homemade Curious George cake, you’ll need several ingredients and supplies, all of which are fairly easy to find:

Start by wrapping a cookie sheet in foil or parchment paper if you prefer. Or you can use a cake board as usual or skip the board and just use a cake stand.

Curious George Cake Template

Bake cake in a 10-inch round cake pan according to box directions for cake mix or any number of homemade cookies. Allow the cake to cool completely and then smooth it out. If you wrap a wet strip of cake around the cake pan, it will not get as big of a dome during baking.

Coolest Diy Birthday Cakes

While the cake is cooling, go online and find a picture of your favorite Curious George face. Take the image and paste it into a Word document and scale it to fit the image. I use landscape mode for paper. You can find one that is already the perfect size and you can just print it out.

Curious George Cake Template

Cut the stencil out of the paper with scissors. Place the Curious George face stencil on the cake and then trim it with a knife.

You may end up with one of the ears instead of the cake. If so, you can make one with the excess cake topper and stick it with the frosting on the side of the cake. Take care of the leftover cakes, you can just eat them or make cakes or pies with them.

Curious George Cake Template

Make A Curious George Cake

You will be left with a rough shape on his head. Now cover the cake with frosting. You can use store bought or homemade frosting. This will add flavor to the cake and also act as a fondant glue.

Time to move on to fondant decorating. This part will take up most of your time, but it won’t take too long.

Curious George Cake Template

Take a large portion of white fondant and knead it in your hands until soft. Then add a few drops of brown icing color and dip it into the fondant, which will change the color to a nice brown color that will be the outer part of Curious George’s face.

Curious George Face Coloring Pages

Now use a rolling pin to roll the fondant into a large circle and then place it on the cake. Smooth it out so that it forms around the entire cake. You can use your hands or a handy fondant rolling tool.

Curious George Cake Template

Then use a pizza roll, a fondant cutter or a knife to cut off the excess fondant from the cake. Just shake off the leftover fondant scraps.

Take another smaller portion of the fondant and add just a drop or two of frosting, which will color it a much lighter brown or tan color. Knead the paint again. Roll this part out as well, it should be about 1/8 inch thick.

Curious George Cake Template

Bake A Forgotten 19th Century Presidential ‘pie’

Cut out the face part from the stencil and place it on the rolled out tan fondant. Cut around the stencil, leaving you with a face shape. Place it on top of the cake as desired.

These are the two main base colors for the head and face of the Curious George cake. All you need to do are the details to make the rest of his face.

Curious George Cake Template

Cut out the ears from the stencil and place them on top of the brown fondant. Cut them out with a knife and then place the ears on the cake.

How To Make A Curious George Birthday Cake: And More Party Ideas

Now cut out the eyes from the face mold. Place the stencil on the cake so you know where the eyes should go.

Curious George Cake Template

Roll out white fondant and then place the eye stencils on it and trim it. Or if you have a small round cake pan or a round tablespoon or something that works too.

Place the white eyes on the cake. If they have trouble sticking, use a little water. The water will act as glue, so the fondant

Curious George Cake Template

Curious George Navy Tshirt

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