Paper Advent Wreath

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Paper Advent Wreath – Have you ever wanted an Advent wreath for your kids but worried about a fire? Here’s a simple and fun Advent wreath to help illustrate the waiting period leading up to Christmas.

Before you begin, take a moment to explain to your child what an Advent wreath is. We find the following explanations from very helpful.

Paper Advent Wreath

Paper Advent Wreath

Candle – (purple) prophetic candle or candle of hope – so that we can have hope because God is faithful and keeps his promises. Our hope comes from God. (Romans 15:12-13)

How To Create A Festive Advent Candle Display

Candle – (purple) Bethlehem Candle or Candle of Preparation – God kept his promise of savoir to be born in Bethlehem. Preparation means “to be ready”. God, help us to be ready to welcome You! (Luke 3:4-6)

Paper Advent Wreath

Candle – (pink) shepherd’s candle or candle of joy – angels sing a message of joy! (Luke 2:7-15)

Candle – (purple) Angel candle or Candle of love – Angels announce the Good News about the Savior. God sent his only begotten Son to earth to save us because he loves us! (John 3:16-17)”

Paper Advent Wreath

Christmas Advent Wreath Candle Holder, 12

Candle – (White) Christ’s candle – The white candle reminds us that we are the spotless lamb of God sent to wash away our sins! His birth is his death, his death is our birth! (John 1:29)

First, cut a piece of cardboard into a small circle. Make sure all the candles fit. Have your child color it green. While it is drying, trace their hand on sheets of construction paper and cut out their handprints and let them stick their handprints in a circular motion.

Paper Advent Wreath

Then cut 1/3 of the paper towel roll and paint your child white with paint and brushes/sponge.

Advent Wreath With Two Burning Candles Stock Illustration

Then paint 3 rolls of toilet paper purple and one of them pink. Once they are dry, put stickers on the candles to show what they represent.

Paper Advent Wreath

Now it’s time to add “flame” to your candles. Take your orange and yellow tissue paper and cut it into 8×6 rectangles.

Stack different colors and rotate each leaf at different angles to give every other leaf a beautiful “flame” effect.

Paper Advent Wreath

Recycling Advent Wreath

Place the tissue paper over the candles with the edges facing up and fold them so that they do not come off the top of the candle. Pop a tissue from the top of a candle to “light up” each week’s Advent ceremony. Each week, light the candles in the following order:

Each week you should pray or read relevant scriptures with your children to celebrate Jesus’ return. Advent is a time to prepare our hearts, minds and souls for and for Christ, who comes as a child at Christmas time. The second coming at the end of time. Advent is therefore a great time of joy and repentance, which is represented in the Advent wreath. (Purple candles represent repentance and pink joy.)

Paper Advent Wreath

I believe that involving your children in details such as making your Advent wreath together will help them remember, learn and delight in drawing closer to God as a family.

An Advent Wreath With Crepe Paper Flowers

So here’s a fun Advent wreath I made that you can all make and use together (since it has retractable flames!). Then, below I’ve listed a great resource of daily devotions and prayers to go with your Advent wreath!

Paper Advent Wreath

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1. Fold green construction paper in half lengthwise. Cut in a straight line along the crease. You only need 1 of these pieces.

Paper Advent Wreath

An Advent Wreath From Woven Design Paper Stars

2. Take that green construction paper and fold it in half again. Cut in a straight line along the crease. You should now have two long, thin pieces of green construction paper.

3. Take two pieces of paper and glue or join the ends so that you have a very long, thin piece of green construction paper. It is the basis of the flower. Leave aside to dry.

Paper Advent Wreath

4. Take the green tissue paper and fold it twice in half so that it is close to a square. Cut along all the folds. You should have 4 squares. Cut each square into thirds. Then cut each third into thirds. (I put 4 large squares on top of each other and then cut them all together – this saves a lot of time!) Repeat for the other piece of tissue paper. You need to give 36 squares per sheet of tissue paper so that there are 72 squares in total. (Don’t worry about the cuts being straight or even – they don’t have to be perfect!)

Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry: Advent Wreath Craft

5. Gently fold all the squares of tissue paper. It worked well for us by pinching the middle and folding the edges (so it looks like a flower of sorts). But you really can’t go wrong!

Paper Advent Wreath

6. Lay down a long piece of green construction paper. Starting half an inch from one end, draw a vertical line of glue and place 3 squares of crumpled tissue paper on it. Continue doing this on the green construction paper until you are about half an inch from the other end, placing the crumpled paper squares tightly together. Save 3 crumpled squares of tissue paper.

7. Join or glue the ends of the construction paper together to form a circle. Once dry, draw a line of glue across the seam and use your 3 saved corrugated construction papers to cover it. Let the wreath dry.

Paper Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath Advent Candles 9pc Christmas Yard Art Yard

3. Using the wire end of a pipe cleaner, punch two holes very close to the center of the adhesive tape on the toilet paper rolls. Stick one end of each pipe cleaner into each hole. Gently move the pipe cleaner up and down the strip until it moves very easily. (It should look like the picture below – except I twisted the pipe cleaner in afterwards!) Set aside.

4. Fold sheets of pink and purple construction paper in half. Cut in a straight line along the crease. (See the piece of pink construction paper in the image above for approximate size.) You only need 1 pink rectangle and 3 purple ones.

Paper Advent Wreath

5. Wrap one section around the toilet paper roll so that the bottom of the construction paper is flush with the bottom of the toilet paper roll (curled end of the pipe cleaner tip). Construction paper is much longer than a roll of toilet paper. That’s what you need – then you won’t see the cardboard!

Advent Wreath With One Burning Candle Stock Illustration

6. However, the construction paper was a little too vertical so I cut mine. (Feel free to leave more if you’d like.) Then run a line of glue along the long, cut edge of the construction paper and shape a cylindrical candle around the toilet paper roll. (You don’t actually have to stick it on the toilet paper roll.) Hold until dry. Repeat for each candle.

Paper Advent Wreath

7. Push each yellow pipe cleaner down into the candle so you can’t see it (but you can easily reach it!).

Now you are ready! Place the candles loosely and evenly, along the inside edge of the wreath, in a prominent place in your home, such as a dining room table. Light the candle every week by pulling on the yellow pipe cleaner.

Paper Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath Drawing

Candles are lit in this order: violet, violet, rose, violet (November 29, December 6, 13 and 20).

We are so excited to celebrate this Advent by staying close to Jesus through prayer, fasting and good works together as a family!

Paper Advent Wreath

Sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date with the blog and receive free printables and coupons from my store! At our CCD Family Advent Night this year, we decided to focus on the meaning of the Advent wreath and entrust it to the children. Yours to take home. I will post pictures of us doing this for the group, but I definitely want to share the printable before the first week of Advent. Here’s how I put them all together:

Paper Plate Advent Wreath

1. Print three printable pages. I like to have the kids color before cutting so they don’t have to worry too much about getting into the lines or tearing the edges while coloring. I colored in the flames and holly with a marker to make them more vibrant and colored in the actual candle with crayons to make the words stand out more.

Paper Advent Wreath

Side note: Do you know the Christian meaning of Holi? The thorny leaves remind us of Christ’s crown of thorns, and the red berries represent His shed blood.


Paper Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath—germany’s Candlelit Countdown

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