Learning Needs Analysis Template

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Learning Needs Analysis Template – The ability to conduct a training needs survey is a key tool for all L&D professionals. In this article, we explain what a training needs analysis is, provide a template for conducting this analysis, and provide examples of training needs analysis. This guide is suitable for L&D professionals, trainers and consultants.

A training needs analysis (or TNA) always happens for a reason. Whether you are a learning and development (L&D) professional, trainer or consultant, TNA always has a specific purpose.

Learning Needs Analysis Template

Learning Needs Analysis Template

Such analysis is often necessary because of organizational problems. It could be a lower-than-expected quarter for the sales team, a technology change that threatens the continuity of the train operator, or poor customer satisfaction numbers that force the product team to work on ‘the softer and more customer-focused approach.

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In all cases, the problem can be solved through training. This is where a training needs analysis comes into play. A learning needs analysis is a process to identify gaps between actual and desired knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) in the workplace.

Learning Needs Analysis Template

This is not to say that all problems can be solved through a training needs analysis – quite the opposite! Most problems stem from other organizational issues. When there is a problem due to a lack of knowledge, skills and attitudes, the need for education and the need for training can only be an effective solution.

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Learning Needs Analysis Template

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This may mean that rather than a lack of knowledge, skills or attitude, it may indicate that sales are low due to a mismatch between work and rewards. Or low customer satisfaction because the top-down product strategy doesn’t match what customers want. This problem cannot be solved through training (alone) but it requires organizational responsibility.

Another example I’ve seen is a reliable study where a large hospital wants to buy from a reputable vendor. The problem is the increase in cases of harassment and the increase in medical errors because the nurses did not speak up. The organization tried to educate these nurses about integrity.

Learning Needs Analysis Template

During the hiring process, the trainer learned that the organizational culture is very hierarchical and it is not uncommon for people who speak up to be fired or punished. The trainer declined to participate, explaining that the hospital first needed to work on a culture where it was safe to speak before training its staff. Failure to do so may result in adverse outcomes for the nurse.

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Before we present you with a training needs analysis template, we will first look at the three best practices that have influenced the presentation of a training needs analysis template.

Learning Needs Analysis Template

In this example, we assume that there is an organizational need that can be met with a training solution.

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Learning Needs Analysis Template

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When conducting a training needs analysis, it is good practice to follow a standard model. The template we use is shown below. In this section, we’ll walk through each step using an example, explain the different components to calculate, and define what’s needed to move to the next step.

Before explaining this template for each learning problem, we will first look at this template based on organizational problems, because the two approaches are different.

Learning Needs Analysis Template

As mentioned above, the analysis required for learning begins with symptoms or pain. Philip Moriau calls this “social stress” in the context of future skills in the first five minutes of the video below.

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The reality is that management (top) often comes to the L&D team with one of these symptoms and asks them how they can help solve it. This problem can come from a company that has lost its innovation leadership, a sales department that is struggling to increase the market in a rapidly growing sector, or because the board has developed organizational skills that are needed everyone in the organization.

Learning Needs Analysis Template

All of these issues are related to the goals of the organization. Otherwise, problems don’t need to be fixed as often and managers may not turn to L&D for training solutions. If the organization’s goals are not clear to you at first, take the time to review them, as this will help you identify problems and training needs.

When we talk about organizational goals or results, we refer to metrics such as financial performance, revenue, profit, return on capital, return on capital employed, growth income and share price, as well as soft outcomes such as customer satisfaction, customer loyalty. and organizational culture. Organizational goals and outcomes are difficult to influence because the entire organization is involved and influences the behavior of external employees. This means that it is difficult to improve them through training.

Learning Needs Analysis Template

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The best way is to break down the organization’s goals into specific departments or goals (we will do so in this article) or focus on core competencies.

Core competencies are skills required by everyone in the organization. Most organizations have defined these and determined how effective these skills are. Everyone in the organization should have a basic level of these skills. Because there is already a consensus about these basic skills, it is easy for them to identify the behaviors that are appropriate for the work for them (step 2).

Learning Needs Analysis Template

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However, before proceeding to the next step, it is up to the L&D professional to consider whether this goal is only achieved through appropriate work behavior (step 2). the organization or influence of non-behavioral influences. If there is an impact on the behavior that affects these goals, it should be considered together with the training solution.

Learning Needs Analysis Template

Let’s say we are L&D professionals working for a large consulting firm. Today, a small group of partners sell large projects to customers. However, in the future all consultants will be required to sell their services to (potential) clients. In other words, it will be a new core competency that everyone in the organization must develop to some extent.

The next step is to identify appropriate work behaviors that build these skills. These are the elements of work behavior that will help to achieve the goals set by the organization.

Learning Needs Analysis Template

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In order for consultants to be able to sell their services, they must be able to build relationships, identify and search for opportunities, propose solutions and ultimately close business deals. If we define these actions, they appear as follows.

Able to build and maintain relationships with a wide range of potential clients; remember

Learning Needs Analysis Template

The next step is to break down these high-level behaviors into the skills and knowledge needed to perform those behaviors.

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Before proceeding with the training program, the relationship building and business behavior we described earlier need to be explained. The more we define these behaviors, the easier it will be to create training programs that address these dimensions of behavior.

Learning Needs Analysis Template

S7. Use information related to the customer’s decision-making process, the organizational structure and the information of all the people involved in the purchasing decision.

K1. Closing techniques (e.g. predicting, approaching small points, removing objections as barriers to sales, offering incentives to close, using last chances, asking directly)

Learning Needs Analysis Template

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As you can see, we have grouped these three behaviors into two behavioral groups and defined the skills and knowledge required for each of them. In this case, we used the Canadian Professional Selling Association’s competency framework for skills and knowledge elements and adapted them to consultative selling.

To complete this system, it is necessary to obtain information from people in the organization who already have these skills and return to the work group. The first can be used to see if these attitudes, skills and knowledge help to achieve the organization’s goals, and the second can show how well they match the skills of the organization. organization of knowledge and skills.

Learning Needs Analysis Template

The final step is to assess the skills available in the organization. Not everyone needs the same training. For example, partners in consulting firms already have sales experience – they do not benefit from training. Senior employees require different training than colleagues or juniors. All these nuances should be decided before proceeding to the next step.

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Different methods can be used to adjust existing skills. There are standard organizational surveys and interviews or more advanced analytical methods

Learning Needs Analysis Template

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