Horse Head Cake Template

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Horse Head Cake Template – Starting with two 8 inch square cakes, it is also recommended to download and print the horse template in the link above. Using the template you can cut cookies and a cake board to the correct size that is cut to the right of the template. The cake is also cut horizontally and a luxurious ganache is filled in the center, then covers the whole cake and then puts it in the fridge to harden the ganache (which is easier to work with).

After you refrigerate the cake, you can make a nice ganache on top using a palette knife and some hot water. Follow this with a pastry brush and hot water and then refrigerate once more.

Horse Head Cake Template

Horse Head Cake Template

Bear brown sugar is used for the icing, not a very traditional color so check out Paul’s trick here. To start, trim off the bottom of the horseshoe, if you have trouble breaking the heat and sugar paste (like Paul) you can do smaller pieces as shown.

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The first features to work on are the nose and mouth, the nose is made as a simple tear drop shape which is then folded and blended and attached to the horse’s nose. For the tooth, cut a smile from a layer of confectioners’ sugar (if you’re not sure what it will look like, trace it from paper first) and match the shape you cut out, then cut it out using white. Details and patterns are added to the tooth using a selection of sugar PME tools.

Horse Head Cake Template

Cake Features Here, horseradish is added first. Sprinkle a sausage shape of dark brown sugar along the back of the horse cake. Cut out V shapes from the mane piece and smooth it by hand, follow this by adding hair details using the PME tools. To attach the money first put some edible glue on the cake and then place a cut piece of spaghetti on the bottom to add strength, then place a stick on top as shown. Triangle sections layered with brown sugar are added to the top of the head to create horsehair.

The eyes are made in a 2D cartoon style so that both are visible on the head, this is achieved by using a small piece of white sugar for the eyes and black sugar for the doll. Ears are made using brown sugar beers with a small amount of pink sugar (for the front ears), use spaghetti to hold the ears in place and add detail using the PME tool.

Horse Head Cake Template

Horse Cake Topper Video Tutorial With Templates

Two circles are cut from the flower paste (3 cm outside and less than 2 cm inside) these can be dried for later use. The horse head hats will be made using brown sugar, enough to go over the nose and the top right of the head. Three 1.5 cm strips are cut with brown, two 1.5 cm purple strips and one 1.5 cm pink strip, these are finished with a sewing tool for a realistic ray effect. Follow Paul’s instructions to place the icing on the cake and attach the pre-made flower pastry rings.

Dusting the cake with a two-tone effect adds depth, adds darker tones to the details of the cake, and adding them around the browbones, mouth and nose also looks great!

Horse Head Cake Template

Before we make the rosettes it’s time to transfer the cake to a frosted cake pan, it’s recommended that you get an assistant for this part, so we’ll have our cameraman David to help you.

Horse Head Cake

The rosette is made using sugar paste, starting with colored chips which will then be rolled and a scalloped edge added for effect. Separate the pieces by hand and roll into a circle, repeat this process with a short length of icing sugar to form the middle layer of the rosette and top it with a round piece and a few strips of confectioners’ sugar.

Horse Head Cake Template

The last hurdle is upon us, hope you still made it (sorry, talking to each other!) Add a number to the badge (you can add ‘1st’ or even a name or initials to personalize the cake) and before it Dust Attached More dust is applied, this time on the rosette with a coat of clear cooking spray that makes the cake look delicious!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have made your own horse cake following these instructions, share it with us on our Facebook page.

Horse Head Cake Template

Horse Head Cookie Cutter

Paul includes other ideas and tips used to make this cake, you can take a closer look at the finished horse cake.

Horse lovers will love this super fun and cartoony horse cake tutorial. For cake decorating beginners to intermediates, the Horse Cake course is perfect for learning some new skills and takes a little time to make.

Horse Head Cake Template

Paul Bradford Paul Bradford’s mission is to ’empower people to achieve their cake decorating dreams’ through their website, which currently teaches 195,000+ students with a range of cake decorating courses and online tutorials. I’m not crazy about the baking part, too fussy, too worried about the taste/taste/texture of the cake/icing – too stressful. But if a person becomes a cake maker, it is a necessary evil. Although taping reduces pain.

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Decorating and making insects looks good. Fondant Play-doh is for adults. Ice cream… well, ice cream – great at any age.

Horse Head Cake Template

My friend Kylie asked me if I could do something like this for her daughter’s 10th b-day. Her daughter is taking riding lessons on a horse named Monkey 🙂

Until then, the most complicated thing I’ve made from fondant is a bow. So I thought, hemmed and hawed, insisted about it and then said yes.

Horse Head Cake Template

Wilton Champion Racehorse Cake Pan Insert 1975 9 Inch Horse

It took a lot of planning, and a lot of “pre-doing”, but it turned out better than I expected I couldn’t do it without seeing all of Deborah Hwang’s photos!

I started with a rough outline for Kylie so she could see what I had in mind. From there we were able to change some details to match her vision for the cake. I’m surprised he believed me when he saw my drawing of this “almost-horse-but-not-really-horse” creature. However, he and I reached him!

Horse Head Cake Template

I found a recipe on that was supposed to be good for icing. I made the layers, wrapped them in plastic, and froze them 5 days before the cake was due It was a great time-saver. A frozen cake tastes even better.

Lee’s Horse Cake

2. I pre-made chocolate marshmallow fondant * and used black gel paint for the “monkey” body and hair. I tripled this recipe. The night before I needed my fondant, I put it in the oven so it would come to room temperature in the morning. Btw, this hobby is delicious! Like a wave!

Horse Head Cake Template

*My fondant was a little dry and started tearing when I rolled it, so I had to cut the horse into 2 smaller pieces. Maybe it has something to do with tripling the recipe or my liberal use of powdered sugar when rolling it. Since I’m a novice fondant worker, I just covered a lot of frosting with other fondant decorations.

3. I used this recipe for marshmallow frosting to make the extra color needed for the bow and ribbon. I did some decorating ahead of time- brick knots and numbered the top of the strip (I trimmed the bottom of the strip so the fondant would make the shape of the horse’s neck).

Horse Head Cake Template

Horse Lovers Birthday Cake

4. To write and decorate the flowers, I used Wilton’s meringue powder and their directions for royal icing. I sectioned it off and used gel dye to get the desired color.

5. Fill and cover the cake with this whipped chocolate frosting. I made the recipe 1.5 times… and after I filled the cake and realized I didn’t have enough to make the cake. The whipped cream made the ice cream a little fluffier and airier.

Horse Head Cake Template

I put 2 cake layers side by side (long sides meeting), and then put 2 more layers on top of them.

Horse Logo Designs Simple Modern Pictograph Vector Image

I glued 4 sheets of paper together to draw my horse. I cut the paper to 19″x14″ which is the size of a Wilton cake pan I bought at Wal-Mart.

Horse Head Cake Template

I used pieces of “corn” to fill in the top of the nose and the top of the head. I then placed these layers on a cake board and “glued” the bottom layers to the board using icing. I lined the cake board in the shape of the cake, leaving a 1cm border for the fondant (not shown in the photo).

Looking for inspiration cake instructions online, I tried to copy it

Horse Head Cake Template

Free Horse Head Outline, Download Free Horse Head Outline Png Images, Free Cliparts On Clipart Library

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