Animals Letter V

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Animals Letter V – Below is an alphabetical list of animals that start with v. These animals are found all over the world, which is one of the many things that make them all unique. Each animal has a fun fact that goes along with it.

These bats feed on the blood of other animals (mostly mammals). Three species of vampire bats are found in Central and South America. Unlike other bats, vampire bats have the ability to walk and jump.

Animals Letter V

Animals Letter V

These animals resemble squid, octopus and jellyfish. They are covered with photophores, which are light-emitting organs used to scare away predators.

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Only 90 to 130 are left in the wild. This species is found on Vancouver Island and is an endangered mammal in Canada.

Animals Letter V

This bird is found in Madagascar and other neighboring islands. They have bills that they use to catch reptiles, insects and frogs.

A porpoise found in the Gulf of California. This species is endangered due to the use of fishing nets.

Animals Letter V

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It is found in many Central American countries. They spend most of their lives in trees and are known to store food.

This bird is found only in Madagascar. Males are black and green, while females are green.

Animals Letter V

Again, this lemur is found in Madagascar, which means nowhere else in the world! When it falls, it moves by jumping. But these animals spend most of their lives in trees.

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These creatures are the most common type of African monkey. They live in a variety of habitats such as humid tropical forests, deserts, and even swamps. They spend several hours each day removing parasites or dirt from their fur.

Animals Letter V

This animal is the national mammal of Peru. They are found in South America and their fur is very valuable.

There are more than 200 species of these poisonous snakes. They can open their mouths almost 180 degrees to strike their prey.

Animals Letter V

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They are one of the most aggressive animals in the deep sea. They have large foamy mouths and teeth.

They got their name from the wart-like growth of the nose. This wild boar is found in the Philippines.

Animals Letter V

They are known to eat more than 70 types of plants. They are very small creatures, weighing about one kilogram.

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These birds have strong stomach acid that allows them to break down the bones of the carcasses they eat.

Animals Letter V

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