Teen Titans Mask

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Teen Titans Mask – “Masks” is the ninth episode of season one and the ninth episode overall of the Teen Titans franchise.

Slade is back again and he has his sights set on getting microchipped for his latest plan. Robin also sets out to catch him and find out what he’s up to, but this causes him to isolate himself from the team. However, the Titans quickly run into more trouble when a new villain named Red X appears and he appears to be working for Slade. Will the Titans figure out the identity of the mysterious Red X or is there a bigger surprise in store for them.

Teen Titans Mask

Teen Titans Mask

One night, a thief wearing a uniform whose markings and style match Slade’s approaches a pedestal containing a computer microchip, only to find the Teen Titans waiting for him. But the culprit has brought backup, and in the ensuing struggle, the thieves manage to get away with the microchip, despite Titan’s best efforts. When they split up during the escape, one of them is captured by Robin and Starfire; but when Robin continues to interrogate him, he must find out that this Slade lackey is really a robot. Once again, Slade taunts Robin through his robot command, raising his anger even more, asking him to be patient as they will soon come face to face.

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Back in Titans Tower, the Titans have a discussion about what just happened. Starfire invites Robin to join, but he declines, saying he’s too busy finding information about Slade. Starfire keeps inviting him, but Robin keeps brooding. A few nights later, the Titans hide on the roof of the company building. Robin calls Cyborg, claiming to be on the other side and gaining a lead, and asks the others to handle the security task without him. Shortly after, a supervillain in black and a red X appears, grabs the computer chip, and then disappears from the vault. The Titans confront him, but the mysterious villain, calling himself “Red X”, takes out the Titans with incredible ease and an accurate knowledge of their weaknesses, then teleports into the night.

Teen Titans Mask

When the Titans return to the tower, they encounter Robin, who says that his lead on Slade was a dead end and goes back to his room himself. Starfire tries to approach him, but is rebuffed again. Soon after, Red X calls Slade and offers the stolen chip in exchange for a partnership, but Slade orders him to retrieve two more computer chips first before further negotiations can take place.

The Teen Titans are about to sleep when Robin contacts them and informs them that he saw Red X stealing a computer chip downtown. The Titans rush to the scene, where they see Robin chasing and being netted by Red X. The Titans chase Red X to a subway station, where the villain engages them in battle. Interestingly, during the fight, Beast Boy falls onto the subway and is about to be run over by an oncoming train when Red X inexplicably saves his life before they leave, leaving the Titans thoroughly stunned.

Teen Titans Mask

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When the Titans return to the tower, Starfire goes to Robin’s room and asks them to talk. No one answers, so she goes inside. When she accidentally hits a small metal sphere lying on a table, it falls to the ground and projects a holographic image of Robin caught under Red X’s net; this is when Starfire realizes what had happened to him lately. Meanwhile, Red X contacts Slade again, who expresses his satisfaction and agrees to a meeting to discuss Red X’s future. When the broadcast is finished, Red X takes off his mask and reveals himself as Robin.

Red X sets out once more to steal the last chip, but after taking it, Slade appears and reveals that he always knew Red X was really Robin. Immediately after this revelation, Slade grabs the chips and the other Titans crash in, going first for Red X. Robin reveals himself, shocking his teammates, and chases after Slade as a large platoon of robot commandos appear and surround the Titans. Robin chases Slade across the rooftops and engages him in battle, with Slade continually taunting Robin about his obsessive drive to capture him and now break his friends’ trust. Robin finds himself outclassed, but Slade seems strangely unwilling to let Robin get hurt. Eventually, Robin manages to overpower Slade – only to discover that this too is just a robot, leaving him back at square one and worse.

Teen Titans Mask

Later, Starfire visits Robin in his room to try to understand his motives. Robin justifies his actions by claiming that he could not tell them about his plans for fear that they would not play their roles convincingly. When he bitterly notes that he still can’t find anything about his opponent, Starfire replies with sad solemnity that that’s one thing that Robin and Slade now have in common: they don’t trust anyone. No longer supports older versions of your browser to ensure user data remains secure. Update to the latest version.

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Teen Titans Mask

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Teen Titans Mask

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Teen Titans Mask

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Teen Titans Mask

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Teen Titans Mask

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Teen Titans Mask

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Teen Titans Mask

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Teen Titans Mask

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Teen Titans Mask

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Teen Titans Mask

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