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Price Is Right Nametag – 10 Producers of “The Price Is Right” require labels to display the full names of audience members. So Ted Slauson read Theodore.

2/10 Ted Slauson appeared in 1992 when he was chosen as a contestant on The Price is Right for the first and only time. Screengrab from The Perfect Bid / Courtesy FortyFPS Films Show more less show

Price Is Right Nametag

Price Is Right Nametag

3/10 Page one of the award price chart, listed by manufacturer and model, recorded by Ted Slauson from the game show “The Price Is Right.” He studied charts to help himself and others accurately estimate commodity prices. Screengrab from ‘The Perfect Bad’ / Courtesy of FortyFPS Movies Show More Show Less

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4 / 10 This screen recording from the documentary The Perfect Bid shows contestant Terry Kniss after “The Price Is Right” host Drew Carey tells him that his bid for the 2008 Showcase is correct. Some people think that the controversy may spell the end of the popular game show. Screengrab from ‘The Perfect Bid’ / Courtesy of FortyFPS Movies Show more Show Less

Price Is Right Nametag

5/10 Ted Slauson shares some of his memories of being in the audience for The Price is Right and being invited to come down to play. Billy Calzada /San Antonio Express-NewsShow Less

6 / 10 Legendary game show host Bob Barker, 83, says goodbye while taping the final episode of The Price is Right in 2007. Barker is stepping down after 35 years as host of the show. Damian Dovarganes / APShow Show more.

Price Is Right Nametag

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7 / 10 Not long after he started watching The Price is Right as a kid, Ted Slauson noticed that many of the same gifts, like this Amana refrigerator/freezer, kept appearing on the show. This fact is the beginning of his efforts to track and remember the prices of hundreds of products

8 out of 10 Ted Slauson, who has appeared on the TV show “The Price is Right” several times, looks at some of the show’s items, including name tags, lacquerware and contracts, at his home in San Antonio. Billy Calzada / San Antonio Express-News Show more Show less

Price Is Right Nametag

9 out of 10 Ted Slauson’s script for The Price is Right is signed by longtime host Bob Barker. Slauson is a legend of the game, has participated in 37 tapes over the years.

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10 / 10 Ted Slauson with the set of dumbbells he won while playing Punch-A-Bunch on the TV game show The Price is Right in 1992. Billy Calzada /San Antonio Express-News Show more.

Price Is Right Nametag

Ted Slauson, a Californian in the 1960s and 70s, was an expert on the right price. She watched popular daytime TV shows, tracked and memorized the prices of hundreds of products, and dreamed of one day becoming a competitor – a dream come true.

But today, Slauson is the San Antonio native best known among die-hard Price fans as the man who made Game Show history in 2008 when he helped another competitor make the first Great Showcase bid — and it sparked a near-death row. The longest-running game show on television.

Price Is Right Nametag

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Slauson’s obsession, 37 shows that he exists, and the conspiracy theories that have arisen since the famous Showcase are part of the recent award-winning documentary The Perfect Proposal: The Contestant Who Knows Too Much, now available on iTunes, Amazon and Vudu.

Slauson started watching The Price is Right when he was about 6 years old. The youngest of six children growing up in Sacramento, he had few choices. The family has only one television, his brothers want to watch it. That’s why he looked, even reluctantly.

Price Is Right Nametag

“Every show is different,” Slauson, now 52, ​​explains the appeal. “They have different games at each show and different prizes – cars, trips, RVs. And Bob Barker is a great host.”

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“Teddy and his brother Dan use Fisher-Price game pieces to show off the contestants, the prizes, everything,” he said. “They are the ‘right price’ idiots.”

Price Is Right Nametag

At one point, Slauson noted that the fair awarded the same product over and over and the price rarely changed. An Imperial grandfather clock is always $1,000, a Golden West pool table is always $2,800, and an Amana fridge/freezer is always $789.

So he began tracking prices, first on paper and later on his first computer, the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. Eventually, his spreadsheet grew to nearly 2,000 items, and Slauson memorized them all.

Price Is Right Nametag

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In 1984, shortly after he turned 18, Slauson and Gavaldon got in a car and headed to Southern California and CBS Television City’s Studio 33, where The Price is Right was (and still is) filmed. They spend the entire drive looking at the price.

Sitting in the audience, they watched as the first prize of the show, a pool on the ground, was revealed. The price Slauson shouts out—$1,499—is very reasonable.

Price Is Right Nametag

“Knowing the price of a car is one thing, but the noise, the people and the excitement is another,” Gavaldon said. “He is cool and collected.”

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Despite his enthusiasm, Slauson was not selected “down” among the contestants to play One Bid, the show’s first bidding game.

Price Is Right Nametag

He returned the following year, but again was not selected. So he left the following year. And the next one. And the next one. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. Eventually he became so popular that the producers learned his name and greeted him like an old friend.

Although he was not selected, he used the memory of his score to help Others win. Many participants realized that he knew his story and turned to him for help. If the sound of the studio is too loud for them to hear him, he makes signs with his fingers – for example 1, 2, 9 and 9, to tell people to quote $ 1,299.

Price Is Right Nametag

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The producers encouraged audience members to shout out suggestions, and although they won’t let you list the prices, that won’t stop you from remembering them.

Slauson, sitting in the audience, was the first to mention the $1,250 price tag for a home gym. Barker laughed from the stage: “The price is now with its first offer.” After explaining the rules, he pointed directly at Slauson and added, “And you, sir, have no chance of winning.”

Price Is Right Nametag

The camera is focused on Slauson in a short blue polo shirt and thick pillow. When the price of $1,250 was set, Barker asked Slauson to stand up and raise the proverbial horn.

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An excerpt from “The Price Is Right” in “The Perfect Offer” shows that these and other events are what Slauson remembers. Although he rejected suggestions that he had a photographic memory, his ability to recall details – prices, prizes, contestants’ names and their bids – was remarkably accurate.

Price Is Right Nametag

“When we interviewed him, he sat down and without any notes, he remembered about ten times he was in the studio,” he said.

“I teased him and called him Rain Man,” said Slauson’s older brother, Dan, who works in the University of California school system. “If you want to know how much something is going to cost over time, it’s instantly known, like, ‘That’s X dollars a month.’

Price Is Right Nametag

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For his part, Slauson said he liked the documentary, even though Wallis had to cut 13 minutes of footage from the original version when FreemantleMedia, which owns The Price is Right, imposed a seven-minute limit on the amount of license it could take. He is.

In addition to streaming online, Perfect Bid has been screened at several film festivals and won Best Documentary at the 2017 Orlando Film Festival.

Price Is Right Nametag

After graduating from California State University, Sacramento, Slauson began teaching high school math in 1988. She later taught high school and moved to San Antonio in 2005, where she worked as a math assessment specialist for an educational testing company.

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As a teacher, she continued to use summers and school holidays to drive to California. and participate in the exhibition.

Price Is Right Nametag

“You’re standing there and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know what I’m doing,'” he said in the documentary. “It’s very exciting.”

After losing a set of patio furniture (he had three in his database and found out it was a mistake), he made a big deal on a Berkline chair ($599) and got $100.

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His prize game is Punch-A-Bunch, a large punching board with 50 paper-covered holes each containing a dollar prize. The top prize was $10,000, but when he got $1,000 on his first hit, he decided to give up and take his winnings. (The next three times, Barker, are $500, $250, and $50. So, good decision.)

He was eventually eliminated at the Big Wheel, where contestants spin a vertical roulette wheel with numbers from zero to $1 in 5-cent increments. The goal is to spin a maximum of two times and get the maximum total without exceeding $1.

Price Is Right Nametag

Slauson is 55 years old

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