Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

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Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures – Plants Vs Zombies is a popular game series developed by United States-based PopCap Games that was first available for PC in 2009, and can now be played on various platforms such as the Internet, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, mobile phones. , Nintendo DS, iPod Classic and Touch. The game consists of two opposing factions – plants and zombies. Zombies always try to enter the player’s house because they want to eat the player’s brain. Players must use various plants to fight this battle to prevent them from doing so. Players are assisted in their task by Crazy Dave, who always tries to prevent the zombies from winning the game. Plants and zombies have unique abilities to play the game. In this battle of good versus evil, we have provided you with free printable plants vs zombies coloring pages. Fill out these free plants vs zombies coloring pages to write using your imagination.

Bonk Choy is the most popular vegetable in the category. Its name comes from a Chinese cabbage called bok choy. Bonk is a term used to describe a beat. It is green. He is a kung fu master who is well trained in martial arts. When Bank Choy is fed a strong plant food it gains extra strength to deliver a powerful shock around it.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

He looks like a vegetarian. This vegetable character derives the second part of its name from ‘catapult’, a weapon of war used in ancient times to hurl stones at the enemy. In the game, Cabbage-Pult throws cabbage at zombies. His attack is so good that he can stop a thrown banana from hitting an enemy without being blocked. With plant food, Cabbage-Pult can throw large cabbages at zombies, about the same as throwing 10 normal cabbages.

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This logo shows the scary face of a zombie. Created by artist George Fan, the logo features a zombie skeleton with piercing eyes. Transform this black-green zombie with white eyes and teeth. And the colors are green and green.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

A product of corn or corn plants, the colonel Hull, like a cabbage pulver, is the target of an enemy attack. When fed a plant-based diet, he avoids normal amounts of corn and oil. The volatile oil is twice as powerful as his corn and can immobilize his enemy for 5 seconds. Turn the corn pieces into yellow and green leaves.

A sea-shroom that has never been to the ocean, but dreams of visiting one day is a mushroom plant that can only be grown in water. It is able to shoot long spores. It is considered underpowered as it cannot work on land and takes time to charge. But when it works against Dolphin Rider Zombies it does well.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

Sunflower In Plants Vs. Zombies Coloring Page

The character is based on the Venus flytrap, a carnivorous plant. The name Chomper means to chew or growl loudly. At range, Chomper can destroy and pierce any zombie. However, after this, he needs 42 seconds to regain his normal form which makes him vulnerable to zombies. For all those zombies that cannot eat, Chomper will bite them to destroy them. When fed with plant food, Chomper pulls up 3 zombies with his burp and knocks the other zombies away.

Sunflower is a mushroom plant that produces sunlight. When planted, it produces small shoots and gradually grows to normal size, making it a natural sun shade. He hates the sun so much that when his system activates the sun, he expels it. When the plant is fed it grows rapidly and produces 225 suns. It takes 7 seconds to recharge and return to its normal state.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

His name is Edgar George Zombos and he is the leader of the zombies. He is arrogant and cruel and shoots fireballs or iceballs every time at his opponent to destroy them. He learns Thanatology and uses his robot, the terrifying Zombot, against his opponent. He enters the game at level 5. It can deal 1583 times the normal damage of the first shot and 3165 normal damage thereafter.

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Sunlight and its power to shoot sunlight at zombies; Jalapeño and his explosive beauty can destroy a line of zombies at a time when he sees zombies; Potatoes can cause potato poisoning; Colonel Pult throws corn and butter at the zombies; Squash jumps in the air to destroy zombies; And cactus can shoot arrows together for group pictures.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

A mummy zombie is a type of basic zombie that eats plants directly as it is in animated mode. Mummy zombies and future zombies moan alike. The mummy paper is sent to the middle of the grass where the fight takes place and Egypt storms.

This is an updated version of the Peashooter and has four times the firepower of the regular Peashooter. He loves war and is called the Gatling Pea because of his ability to quickly light up peas. With plant food, his ability to shoot 60 peas in 3 seconds in 3 lanes increases.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

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As their name suggests, these jalapeños are hot and fiery. They can explode and finish off an entire line of zombies at once with their fire. They can also melt any ice that is dangerous. You should paint it red which reflects its personality.

This character can have many possible titles. The more heads, the more peas you can shoot at the opponent. The player can grow pods by placing another pea pod on top of an existing one. At any given time, he is allowed to have 5 heads at once. When fed with plant food all peas are close to forming a large pea head that can produce 5 peas.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

This can fly on a plant attached to a red balloon with an angry face. A ball is tied around the waist. Only cactus can take down balloon zombies. Once down this zombie can be attacked like a normal zombie. They can also be killed instantly by a blower or while floating on the surface of a pond.

Plant Vs Zombie Coloring

These are basic zombies protected by buckets on top of their heads. The doll acts as a helmet that resists symptoms. The bucket can only be separated in the head with a magnet-shroom. Once the bucket is out, it can attack like normal zombies.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

This plant is based on the life of a real cactus that can shoot spikes like bombs and is the only way to take down balloon zombies. He is actually a Peashooter and his cannon does the same amount of damage as a Peashooter. When fed with plant food, insects are charged with electricity and become doubly dangerous.

His character is based on an American football player. As the name suggests, he works to improve his health and athletic ability. Only the Magnet Factory can remove his helmet and then destroy him as a basic zombie.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

Free Zombie Coloring Pages (print And Download Pdfs)

Peashooters are the first line of defense against basic zombie units when one starts the game. This plant can shoot a pea in 1.5 seconds and each shot is equivalent to giving 1 regular shot. When fed the plant, the plant turns into a Gatling Pea and gains the powerful ability to shoot 60 peas in two seconds.

Sunflower Plant here introduces players to 6 different types of zombies – basic zombies are the weakest of them all; Bucket Head Zombie and his bucket that can’t save him; Balloon Zombie is the only one that can fly over an opponent’s pool; Stronger and Faster Zombies – Football Zombies and Snorkel Zombies can operate in water.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

This is a versatile mushroom. Its damage level is the same as Peashooter. As its name suggests it shoots spores in a few breaths, its shots go a short distance. They are available at affordable prices for the player to buy. By feeding on plant food, it can shoot 30 spores in two seconds.

Print Cactus Coloring Pages Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pages

The biggest advantage of this zombie is that it can swim submerged in pool water and avoid all attacks. It is also equipped to stay in water mode. It can walk through water on its own two feet. Only lobed plants are able to destroy it.

Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pictures

Like sunflowers, Gemini can produce and plant twice as much sunlight as the sun. When the twin sunflowers were born, there was thunder and mighty winds all around. The advantage of plant food for twin sunflowers is that they can produce more quickly

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