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Ediety Knot – Let’s get that out of the way right now. Yes, this is the knot worn by the Merovingian.

. From what I understand, the movie is not the origin of the knot, but it sure popularized it on the internet.

Ediety Knot

Ediety Knot

Do I like this node because it was in The Matrix? Yes and no. I loved those movies and I loved the clothes in those movies. On the other hand, dressing up as a Merovingian every day would make me look… well, like I think I’m in the Matrix 😉 But if this knot was never in the Matrix, I’d still wear it. It’s a great looking knot. With the right tie, it has that subtle ‘double take’ effect. At first glance an ordinary tie, at second glance “wow, what is that?”

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As stated in my first post, my guess is that in a traditional look this tie is more of a subtle pop than a “suit”.

Ediety Knot

For proper instructions on how to tie this knot, watch this handy YouTube video (no, not me):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tVqtnM8izE

I say “proper instructions” because there is another video floating around that claims to be an Editi node (merov node, matrix node, etc.) It is not. It was a brave attempt by the author to recreate the knot from the movie. Although similar, it ended up being a variant of the Atlantic Knot. A nice knot to be sure, but not for what we’re discussing.

Ediety Knot

My Failed Quest To Tie A Tie 30 Different Ways

If you watch the video, you will find that the Ediety Knot is an inside-out and backwards Windsor knot. Literally tie a windsor knot with the tie inside out, take it over your head and throw it back. Edit and enjoy.

And as promised, here’s a second, flashier look with this knot (and looking at the picture, I think I tied it wrong; such is life :). Home » How to Tie a Merovingian Knot | Instructions for tying knots | Learn how to tie a tie

Ediety Knot

The Merovingian knot, or Matrix knot, is named after the Merovingian from the Matrix franchise. This tie knot actually existed before the Matrix movies and was originally known as the “Edietie Knot”. It boasts an intricate pleated knot that places the narrow end on the outside of the tie. It basically looks like he’s wearing a smaller version of himself. This tie knot, as literally worn by the villain, could only be pulled off by a man with wicked style. If you want to bring a rebellious perspective to your style, the Merovingian knot is the way to go. Just give it some patience and practice! Blue or red pill?

There Are 1000x More Ways To Knot A Tie Than We Thought

ABOUT THIS KNOT The Edeity Knot existed long before it became the Merovingian Knot. It was a rare knot that was invented about a hundred years ago, but became popular when the Merovingians wore it in the Matrix movies. It was then that the Ediety knot inherited a new name: the Merovingian knot.

Ediety Knot

Tips for Styling the Merovingian Knot The Merovingian knot is inherently bold. So why not go all out and pair it with a bold tie? If you want to make the Merovingian knot seem less naughty than its name and connection, pair it with some funky pink and polka dots and see how much of a statement you can make! There is no point in wearing that bold tie knot unless you own it and feel confident about it.

Pressure Points The Merovingian knot is sloppy and complex. To do this without mental strain, make sure with each step that the skinny end sits evenly in front of the wide end of the end. You want to avoid crookedness at all costs! Although tie knots have changed since they were first used to fasten the collar of a shirt or jacket, most people today would be very surprised to discover the actual number of tie knots that exist. Since most of us only use one or two types of knots, some may find it unnecessary to have so many variations.

Ediety Knot

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However, ties have always been the centerpiece of a suit, a place where there can usually be more personal style and fashion decisions. Because of this, ties have grown tremendously in types of shapes, sizes, fabrics, colors and patterns. Apart from all these possible features, the final touch is always how you tie it.

With that in mind, we’ll spend this post exploring some of the most well-known tie knots, as well as some lesser known knots. Enjoy!

Ediety Knot

Before we get into the different types of tie knots, we thought we’d take a quick look at the different types of ties you’ll commonly find.

Merovingian Knot, Ediety Knot. |

Interestingly, in the 1990s, two Cambridge scientists wanted to know if there was a limit to the number of knots that could be used on neckties. Using mathematical models, researchers Thomas Fink and Yong Mao discovered that there is actually a limit to the number of “strokes” (basically the different movements you make when tying a tie) that can be used to create a tie knot.

Ediety Knot

With this in mind, they concluded that a total of 85 knots were possible with a standard tie. Out of a total of 85 knots available for tying, the two researchers chose 13 of them that they thought were the most unaesthetically pleasing.

Of these 13, 4 are the most common types used around the world, and 9 others are rarely seen but still recognizable. Here’s a short list of the most common types, as well as a few lesser-known types we wanted to highlight:

Ediety Knot

How To Tie A Double Windsor Knot « Fashion :: Wonderhowto

No matter the occasion, expanding your tie stock always provides an opportunity to add an extra touch to your suit. We hope this post serves as a good starting point to start practicing!

In this post, we’ve listed some of the most common and uncommon types of tie knots you’ll find. Would you believe there are approximately 75 more knot styles than those listed here?! We also think it’s pretty crazy. Join us later as we continue our exploration of tying knots. Thanks for reading! You’ve got your Windsor, your half Windsor and… well, that’s pretty much it. Except, of course, for the 168,998 other ways science has discovered it’s possible to tie a tie. That’s a thousand times more than we previously thought. All it did was repeat the views

Ediety Knot

Our ridiculously conservative prior estimate of knots came from a 1999 study that claimed only 85 tie configurations were possible. Which seems reasonable and too much effort to double check. Fortunately, mathematician Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson was so enthralled by the knot that the Merovingian (above) runs in

How To Tie A Tie Diamond Knot For Your Necktie

Sequel – frankly, it’s the most interesting part of the film – that he wanted to recreate and references it with a list of famous knots. That was not there.

Ediety Knot

As New Scientist explains, the original study greatly underestimated the determination of knot enthusiasts and their willingness to make unorthodox rods:

They assumed that at the end of a given sequence of tying, you would only do a roll-over – folding one end of the tie under the other to complete the knot, and that all the knots would be covered by a flat piece of fabric. These assumptions do not apply to a new set of nodes, which may involve the creation of multiple coils in the middle of the string – and surfaces with many folds and edges.

Ediety Knot

Exploring The Evolution Of Neckties

So Vejdemo-Johansson and his team set out to extract a more precise number of nodes. They arrived at number 177, 147, you can try them all on his random node generator here. It’s fun! You end up with mostly stupid constructs like this:

It’s a breakthrough for uncomfortable fashion, but more importantly a reminder that questioning conventional wisdom—no matter how mundane—can only make us more informed citizens of the world. Which is perhaps the most. The knot you tie can make all the difference. There are many unique, special and rarely used knots – that

Ediety Knot

Two main factors come into play – knowledge and skills. Maybe you know the steps to tie a great knot, but you can’t get it tight (you might need more practice). Or maybe you’re creative and handy with your hands, but just don’t know many knots!

Different Ways To Tie A Tie Every Man Should Know

An event where you want to stand out. It could be an awards ceremony, a fancy meal or an evening at the theatre.

Ediety Knot

And about the wedding – especially if you are the groom. It looks great if the groom and groomsmen go for matching ties and knots.

When it’s a big event, I rush. It’s too late to learn the knot! These nodes need planning. You should practice them and allow time for it on the big day

Ediety Knot

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