Financial Dashboard Templates

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Financial Dashboard Templates – Below are more than 1500 sample reports, dashboards and KPIs for analyzing financial data with GL accounts, GL segments, GL groups, amounts and many other properties. Contact us for more information.

The dashboard below is an example of how an interactive dashboard that gathers customer data from various data sources can be quickly assembled. This board is not as accessible as it could be. However, it’s easy to set up if your organization has the data to complete it (contact us for details).

Financial Dashboard Templates

Financial Dashboard Templates

Can automate 100% of the labor-intensive tasks associated with traditional P&L and Balance Sheet accounting. Reports are automatically delivered to users via Excel, PDF, web browser and mobile apps.

Financial Dashboard Template

A budget can be configured to meet the specific needs of any organization. Below is how users can view and interact with their data.

Financial Dashboard Templates

Typically can automate 100% of the labor-intensive tasks associated with multi-company systems integration, regardless of which and/or how many ERP systems they work with. Below is how users can view and interact with their data.

Can automate 100% of the labor-intensive tasks typically involved in integrating multiple currency systems, regardless of the organization and how many ERP systems it is working with. Below is how users can view and interact with their data.

Financial Dashboard Templates

Saas Metrics Template

What-if scenarios can be configured to meet the specific needs of any organization. Prediction rules can use simple rules, such as development rules like past trading, to complex statistical algorithms powered by R rules. Below is how users can view and interact with their data. Financial Inventory is a management tool that helps you track all of your financial KPIs, manage your cash effectively, and track expenses, sales, and profits in detail to better achieve your department’s or company’s financial goals.

Financial professionals and departments are under more pressure than ever to provide quick insights, transparent and reliable financial reporting while increasing company performance. Using financial dashboards, businesses can quickly understand and measure all data accurately and in real time. They allow finance professionals to validate information more quickly and access financial details as needed, which increases productivity and ultimately ensures a more stable financial environment. Data at your fingertips, rich analysis options from a single access point, cost-effective KPIs with intelligent alerts that immediately detect anomalies all create endless options, eliminating traditional analysis and reporting methods. With modern financial business intelligence, you have the ability to integrate all your financial data and create instant business insights.

Financial Dashboard Templates

Here we present 6 professional finance dashboards designed for different roles and levels in the financial industry or department:

Dashboard Examples And Gallery

Cash Management Portfolio – Financial KPI Portfolio – Profit & Loss Dashboard – CFO Portfolio – Actual vs Forecast Portfolio – Financial Performance Dashboard

Financial Dashboard Templates

This financial spreadsheet template provides an overview of your liquidity and current cash flow status, while giving you a strong indication or how you can improve these indicators by optimizing your accounts payable and receivables management processes. In detail, it gives you a quick overview of your current ratio, current ratio, cash balance and liabilities.

First, the money management portfolio depends on your current ratio and your current ratio. Current ratio is a financial metric that shows a business’s liquidity and ability to pay short-term assets (cash, inventory, receivables) and short-term liabilities (debts and liabilities). This CPI is the ratio of current liabilities to current assets and shows the flexibility your business needs to use to make quick acquisitions or pay down debt. You should always aim for leverage greater than 1:1 so that you can always pay your debts. This range of financing allows you to immediately secure the financial liquidity your company needs to survive and grow.

Financial Dashboard Templates

Dashboard Templates: Ceo Dashboard

The quick ratio, also known as the acid test ratio, depicts the liquidity situation conservatively and excludes inventory and other less liquid assets to cover liabilities. If your current assets contain a lot of inventory, your acid test ratio will be much lower than your current ratio. Similar to the current ratio, a ratio greater than 1 indicates that your business is able to pay its current liabilities with more liquid assets. Both of these standard financial ratios have a significant impact on your accounts payable and receivable turnover ratio, which measures how quickly you pay your bills and how quickly you collect your debts.

Finally, our financial spreadsheet provides a quick visualization of your current accounts and receivables status. This allows you to quickly think about your current expenses and the money you need to save, so that no payments are delayed, and the payments you owe are not delayed. At the bottom of the dashboard, receivables data is broken down over a year, where you can analyze payment and debt collection patterns as they affect your current and quick performance, the two cornerstones of business financial liquidity and stability.

Financial Dashboard Templates

The financial portfolio example below provides an overview of the most important KPIs that can be used in almost any business or financial department that needs stable and active management and operational processes. Using financial analysis software, this dashboard is designed to answer important questions about an organization’s liquidity, costs, budget, and overall financial stability. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Finance Kpi Dashboard Excel Template

The range of financial KPIs starts with an overview of your current equity, which is your current assets and current liabilities. This information will give you a quick conclusion on how well your company is liquid, operationally and financially sound in a short period of time. If your capital is large, you have the opportunity to invest and grow. On the other hand, if your current assets do not exceed your current liabilities, the risk of bankruptcy is greater. We can see in the financial range example that the working capital is $61,000 and the current ratio is 1.90, which means that the company has enough financial resources to remain solvent in the short term, and you can immediately conclude from this chart.

Financial Dashboard Templates

The core of this assortment focuses on the cash conversion cycle over the past 3 years. It is important to monitor CCC trends to determine if the cycle is increasing or decreasing. A thorough review of these charts shows us that over the past 3 years, the company has been efficient in converting its investments, inventories, and resources into cash flow, as the cash cycle has steadily decreased over time. Very good management.

Under the Money Conversion Cycle, this dashboard shows the billing and payment processes. Incorrect addresses, duplicate payments, and incorrect amounts affect the merchant’s payment error rate and increase it if the payments department does not effectively control these processes. Over the past year, we see that this indicator has had some spikes that have exceeded the average and affected the segment, especially in September. It would be wise to check back this month to see exactly what is going on and what processes need to be updated or adjusted. The following months brought a general decline, which means that a lesson has been learned.

Financial Dashboard Templates

Quickbooks Dashboard For Business And Marketing Agencies

We conclude the financial portfolio example with net profit margin, quick ratio and current ratio statistics, followed by a budget option. You can access our full range of screens in full screen mode. A quick and current ratio will show us the liquidity of the company, while the net income margin is one of the most important indicators of the financial condition and health of the company. It basically shows how much net income is generated as a percentage of revenue. This section of the board clearly shows that the financial position of the company is good and it is performing well. The budget option below shows whether our profit is positive or negative. Errors in budgeting, such as incorrect assumptions, incorrect math or based on outdated data, can lead to variation in options. That’s why it’s important to make it as accurate as possible, and this financial reporting dashboard will help you in the process.

In this financial portfolio example, an income statement that ranges from revenues to net income is easy to understand, enhanced by common metrics. The financial portfolio is structured around four important financial indicators. gross profit margin, OPEX ratio, operating income margin and net profit margin. Thumbnail data, at your fingertips, can be used to uncover month-to-month OPEX trends

Financial Dashboard Templates

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