Cute Christmas Drawings

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These cute Christmas themed drawings are perfect for kids and adults. Use them as inspiration for your winter doodling or as beautiful additions to holiday cards, invitations and gifts. Many Christmas drawing ideas are easy enough for even beginners to try.

Cute Christmas Drawings

Cute Christmas Drawings

Drawing is a fun way to unwind creatively, especially during the busy holiday season. Feel free to copy these doodles exactly, or use them as creative inspiration for your own festive drawing ideas for the Christmas season.

Free Cute Christmas Naughty Kitten Cat On Christmas Tree Cartoon Doodle Hand Drawing 13643574 Png With Transparent Background

Start with a mug, then add your favorite hot chocolate toppings like whipped cream and candy canes. Easily change the mug color and artwork for your personal touch (very easy to draw).

Cute Christmas Drawings

Penguins are cute drawings for winter or Christmas themes! With a little practice they are easy to paint and look beautiful no matter how you pose them.

Santa in a Chimney is a great Christmas costume idea for kids or adults; It’s a bit easier than drawing a full Santa Claus picture.

Cute Christmas Drawings

Free Cute Christmas Scandinavian Gnome With Gifts. Linear Hand Drawing 11660570 Png With Transparent Background

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Rudolph to guide Santa’s sleigh. This cute Rudolph drawing can be used for any reindeer drawing by simply changing the red nose for a black nose. You can add ornaments or string lights to the horns for extra detail.

Snow globes are the perfect doodle for Christmas because you can draw anything in them. I chose a Christmas red car for this with a pine tree on top, but you can add your own creative touch. Don’t forget to add snow!

Cute Christmas Drawings

The snowman is another super easy Christmas drawing idea, and one that can be easily customized with a few simple changes. Try wearing one in fun, bright colors for a fun winter look.

Christmas Drawing Ideas That Is (easy & Realistic)

There is something special about the Christmas tradition! To make your golden bells even more Christmassy, ​​tie them with a festive red bow.

Cute Christmas Drawings

Polar bears are cute winter animals and very fun to doodle. I made mine Christmas themed by adding seasonal scarves and candy canes, but a Santa hat would be cute too!

This is another easy to recreate Christmas dress up idea for beginners! Once you have an outline, you can easily ‘decorate’ the gingerbread cookie in any way you like. To give the doodle an icing effect, place a white outline around the cookie shape as you color it.

Cute Christmas Drawings

Christmas Cute Santa Drawing 5614721 Vector Art At Vecteezy

Once you’ve made your Christmas inventory, fill it with toys and candy. Try wearing different socks for each member of your family!

Gnomes are beautiful any time of year! To make your look festive, give her holiday-themed gloves and hats. I also added a Merry Christmas sign to mine; This doodle would be beautiful on a holiday card.

Cute Christmas Drawings

Santa hats are easy to make, but you can make your hats more beautiful by adding some details. Use zigzags to give the hat a pompom and fuzzy texture to the base. You can add decorations like Holi to make it more festive.

Hand Drawn Cute Christmas Sketch Set. Children Drawings Of Snowman, Fir Trees, Candle, Toys, Angel, Stars And Snowflakes. Perfect For Festive Design. Vector Illustration. Stock Vector

Characters can be a little tricky for novice artists, but simple doodles like this Christmas elf are a great way to practice. To make your outfit more elf-like, use smaller sizes, a big hat with a pompom, and add scrolls to the shoes.

Cute Christmas Drawings

Christmas angels are great costume ideas for this time of year. You can draw the angel’s body in any style you want as long as it includes soft wings and a flow. To make your drawing look like a Christmas angel, use festive colored clothes and add pink circles for rosy cheeks.

Each snowflake is unique so feel free to get creative with these drawing inspirations. Try experimenting with different patterns using lines and geometric shapes. Tip: If you’re having trouble getting your snowflakes symmetrical, use a ruler to make your main guidelines with a pencil and then draw over.

Cute Christmas Drawings

Christmas Doodles. Winter Season Xmas Characters Animals Cute Gifts Tree Clothes Snowflakes Vector Drawing Pictures. Xmas Snowflake Drawing And Cartoon Christmas Elements Illustration Stock Vector

Since glove outlines are easy to draw, this is a great way to get creative with patterns instead. When you’re done, tie the gloves with hearts for a cute touch.

To make bauble Christmas tree decorations, start with your main ornament first. It can be round (great for beginners), pointed, or any unique shape you like. From there, add your design and color it. Don’t forget to add a hook at the top so the ornament looks like it’s hanging.

Cute Christmas Drawings

Christmas gifts are so cute and easy to wear with practice. Once you have the main Christmas gift, try out different box shapes, ribbon styles and colors in your designs.

Cute Christmas Tree Watercolor Painting Hand Drawing, Illustration Stock Illustration

It’s hard to get a Christmas theme better than a Christmas tree! Use this drawing idea to create your own holiday tree with a Christmas star on top of any decorations you can dream up. To finish the outfit, add a tree skirt and some presents waiting to be opened.

Cute Christmas Drawings

For a fun holiday art idea, draw a large Christmas tree and decorate it by combining the techniques of Christmas gifts and decoration doodles.

This gingerbread house drawing idea sounds complicated, but it’s really simple to recreate. First, start with the outline of the shape of your gingerbread house. Next, draw the doors and windows, snow cover roof and chimney. Finally, add candy-inspired decorations as a finishing touch.

Cute Christmas Drawings

Merry Christmas Cute Coloring Bear Drawing Vector Image

It’s great on its own or as a starting point for other Christmas drawings! Try adding a scroll design and gold accents to make it more elegant.

The fun in this painting comes from the details. Add a simple ribbon, or use your sketchbook as a base to create a bunch of different holiday wreaths.

Cute Christmas Drawings

What is the route to the North Pole? Add some snow to the sign to show you’re not far from Santa’s workshop.

Kawaii Grinch, Draw Christmas Characters, Step By Step, Drawing Guide, By Dawn

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Cute Christmas Drawings

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Cute Christmas Drawings

Cartoon Snowman Drawing In Scarf And Top Hat. Cute Christmas Character Vector Illustration. Royalty Free Svg, Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 126321411

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Cute Christmas Drawings

Kids love reading corners! When we have play dates, the kids are taken to a sweet little window seat in our playroom. Even without cushions, books, artwork or anything else, they love to sit there. If they love it now, as simple as it is, I can only imagine how popular it will be someday.

How To Draw Cute Christmas Doodles Printable Worksheets

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