Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities – Italy is the world’s most popular tourist destination. Its beautiful cities – Rome, Florence, Venice and Naples – are full of iconic sights, while its scenery, from the snow-capped Dolomites, romantic Italian lakes to the stunning beaches of Sardinia, is simply stunning and its cuisine second to none.

Italy has 20 regions divided into 110 provinces. Our Map of Italy groups some of these regions into places the traveler might want to visit. If you want to explore Renaissance art in Tuscany, party in the best trattorias in Bologna, find the best one

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

In the city or shopping on your smartphone in Milan, use our map of Italy’s regions below to start planning your trip. And for more visual inspiration, check out our collection of the most beautiful places in Italy.

House For Rent In San Venanzo, Italy

Italy has the largest art collection in the world and an impressive cultural heritage; admired Renaissance masterpieces, including those of Michelangelo

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

, or admire the frescoes of Orvieto’s magnificent cathedral before heading underground to the wonderfully atmospheric cave city of Matera. Visit the fascinating ancient Roman city of Pompeii and see the reason for its destruction and preservation, Vesuvius, Europe’s only active volcano. All of this together ensures that Italy has a place in the list of the most beautiful countries in the world as voted by our readers.

If you are planning to travel to Italy, see next to the map of Italy our itinerary in Italy and the best time to go. If you want to add more details to your trip, read more about the best places and great things to do in Italy, or learn about how to get there and where to stay while you’re there. Do you know the 20 regions of Italy? If you have just started planning your vacation in Italy, you will soon come to the conclusion that you need to know the regions, their locations and their unique characteristics. Since most are from ancient city-states, the typical food, culture and language dialects are different.

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

Italy Map With Italian Regions And Infographic Employed In Industry. Stock Illustration

Below is a map of Italy’s 20 regions. Click or tap on the name of each region to get more information about that region and get a map of the most popular cities to open in a new tab. Alternatively, you can use the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the menu bar above.

Italy’s twenty regions are marked in gray on the map. Each region has its own cuisine, and many regions and provinces have their own Italian dialect. This makes a trip to Italy like a trip to many different countries.

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

Perhaps the most famous region of Italy is Tuscany. It’s big, it’s always “richer” than other areas, and it has different things to do. On the other hand, unless you go to the northern historical regions of Tuscany, Lunigiana and Garfagnana, you may feel surrounded by tourist hordes at that time. There is a price to be paid for popularity. Like Renaissance art? Go to Tuscany. Are there any surprises in Tuscany? What about Etruscan mining in southern Tuscany near Populonia? (The ancient Etruscans were excellent metalworkers, skilled in casting and adept at hammering bronze and iron products.)

Political Map Of Italy

If you like your mountain towns without the crowds, you might consider Umbria, the green heart of Italy. Visit the Umbrian countryside and you may find some very interesting accommodation options, such as the Black Truffle Lodge.

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

After Tuscany, the second most popular is the Puglia region. Yes, it is “under”. But if you want a break from the Renaissance, you can do it in the heel, where the Southern Baroque rules the roost. You can enjoy flat terrain for cycling and hiking, abundant coastline for beach excursions, excellent seafood and a relaxed atmosphere that is different from the hustle and bustle of Tuscany. Stay a while a

Spring is a great time to visit Italy. As the weather warms, people return to vacate the streets and piazzas, wild flowers bloom in the south, especially in a rainy year after a dry one, and in the countryside fields are freshly planted with vegetables.

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

Italy Regions Map Hd

Spring in Sardinia, especially around Easter, is a special time for some of Italy’s best

Festivals. We love Sa Sartiglia, the equestrian carnival and re-enactment of a unique medieval tournament on the west coast of the town of Oristano. Here’s a video of it. Another place to visit on the island in spring is the greenery

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

O Nuraghi Valley outside small Bonorva, which recently discovered a Roman town outside the city.

Map Of Italy

Going south also guarantees warmer temperatures, especially if you go early in the spring. Sicily, Abruzzo (a rugged beauty) and Puglia would be full of wildflowers in April. This is Salento in Puglia in spring:

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

Autumn is the time of harvest. Grapes are used to make wine in all regions of Italy. It’s also truffle season, best celebrated at the Piedmont Breakfast of Champions, where Alba’s festival reigns supreme. Truffles are also big in Tuscany, but the first truffle fair is always held in October in Le Marche.

If “hands-on” is your trigger phrase, you should definitely visit the Sardinian island region during autumn. Autunno sa Barbagia is a special festival that lasts all autumn and offers a glimpse of the island’s craft workshops while hearing traditional song and dance that are as unique as the island’s archaeology. Never been to Sardinia? Watch our introductory video of Sardinia with links to the island’s attractions.

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

Detailed Clear Large Road Map Of Italy

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Just a few tips for staying overnight. If you like cities and decide to travel by train, I usually choose to stay in a hotel near the train station and then start exploring the city on foot without having to carry my bags too far. In a big city like Rome, you can take a taxi to a hotel (or holiday apartment) in the neighborhood of Rome you want.

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

In rural areas like Le Marche or the island of Sardinia, I like to rent a holiday home or apartment in the countryside where I can park the car and not worry about it, and then go explore the small villages.

Italy In The Middle Ages

Below are a couple of search fields that will help you explore the market for all kinds of products in Italy.

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

Now that UNESCO has added the art of the Neapolitan pizza maker, or “pizzaiuolo,” to its list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity,” it’s no secret that the Naples region of Campania is one of the best places to eat. good in Italy. In southern Campania there is a region called Cilento where you can find people who live to a great old age, this is where the Mediterranean diet is studied if you think that good food is associated with bad health. There is also the archaeological site of Paestum.

Piedmont has not only 45 different D.O.C. wines, but more than 160 different cheeses are produced in the region. Piedmont is a world leader in addition to its herbal products. Classic dishes include Bollito Misto, especially in the province and city of Cuneo. You will find a Piemontese blend under Giardiniera

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

Italy Provinces Map

Sardinia is known for Maialino Sardo, a roast pork like you’ve never tasted. For the primo piatto, Culurgionis is a dumpling unique to Sardinia. The island’s wines are legendary Cannonau Di Sardegna is a DOC red, the most famous of Sardinian wines, based on the Grenache grape. Sardinia is also known for the longevity of its people.

You can look at the southern region of Basilicata. If you thought Basilicata was a place oozing with poverty, you might be surprised by destinations like Bernalda and the coastal town of Maratea. Everyone loves Matera, you can cover many areas if you follow our Matera itinerary.

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

For the seemingly endless food markets of medieval streets and street food lovers, there is no better place than Sicily. The markets in Palermo are amazing. If you like that, try the Pani Ca’ Meusa, a spleen sandwich. And you can still eat with the locals at places like Il Bersagliere Trattoria and enjoy the classic Pasta con le Sarde, pasta with sardines.

Italy Major Cities Map

Italy is simply amazing. If you’re planning an upcoming trip, subscribe to our free newsletter, which includes travel destinations and discoveries as we travel. The first level administrative divisions of the Italian Republic are the regions. Italy is divided into 20 regions. All Italian regions are autonomous, with the exception of five regions that are autonomous under special laws. These areas are further divided into provinces.

Map Of Regions Of Italy With Cities

Italy consists of 20 regions

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