Golf Yardage Book Template

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Golf Yardage Book Template – The new pocket-sized foldable book is larger and easier to read than the old pocket-sized book, but still fits inside your shirt or back pocket when folded. It contains almost all the reading of a full-sized yard book for the convenience of attaching it to your pocket.

All RRF book files are in Adobe PDF format. Use the print feature in Adobe Reader to print the yard book. Yardage books are available in two sizes, folding pocket size and full page. A pocket-sized, foldable book that fits comfortably in your shorts or shirt pocket.

Golf Yardage Book Template

Golf Yardage Book Template

Full page size has one golf hole per printer paper. To make a full page yard book, print each page, staple together and you’re done.

Homemade Yardage Books

Foldable yard book INSTRUCTIONS for a foldable yard book, using the print feature in Adobe Reader. Cut out the white part on the right side of the box. Staple the left side of the trimmed yardage book. DO NOT staple near the center as this will fold the book. Face the soft side of the staple in the same way. Head so that the open side of the staple is the printed side of the page. Fold the yard book from top to bottom with the soft edge of the staples facing out so it doesn’t catch your pocket.

Golf Yardage Book Template

Using Adobe Reader’s single page printing option, print several additional copies of the standard ruler page. It is on the last page of the yardage book file. Each page contains two scale rulers with scaled tick marks for use in yardage book golf hole diagrams. This page can be cut in half to make two separate scale rulers.

After dividing the RRF Yardage book ruler page in half, fold each side in half for ease of use. Scotch tape on the back of the folded ruler to make it stronger.

Golf Yardage Book Template

Custom Yardage Book Cover

Use the scale ruler that comes with the yardage book to determine where you will hit the golf ball and the club you want to use. Remember…under US Golf Association rules, golf courses are not required to have correct yards on their scorecards, graves or sprinklers.

LIMIT RULER: The RRF Yardage Book provides a scale ruler that can be used to accurately measure yardage from any two points on a golf hole diagram.

Golf Yardage Book Template

AERIAL OVERVIEW: The first page of the yardage book is an aerial view showing the entire golf course.

Rite In The Rain All Weather Golf Notebook, 3.5

The small scores in the RRF yardage books are where they should be placed according to the official golf score card. If their junior scores are in the correct area of ​​the golf course according to their scorecard, their colors will match the RRF scores.

Golf Yardage Book Template

UNDERSTANDING CIRCLES: The center of each green is indicated by a white dot. The first black hole is 25 yards from the center of the green. The expanding display alternated between colored and black circles, each 25 yards apart. The green ring is 50 yards, the red ring is 100 yards, the white ring is 150 yards, the blue ring is 200 yards, and the yellow ring is 250 yards. from the center of the green.

If you hit your ball outside the drawing area, in the empty white area, all is not lost. You can still find out the distance by counting the ball is in the white spot. Use the closest reference point on the pattern to your ball and accelerate away from your ball. Use the scale ruler to mark your ball in the blank white area. Now you can use this location to decide where you want to hit the ball. Have you ever wanted to create a golf course book for your home course? Maybe you have a big golf tournament coming up and you want to get the numbers to carry the shot and break the chart on the green? Building your own yardage book is a great way to increase your knowledge of the golf course and increase your chances of getting a low score!

Golf Yardage Book Template

Review: Fenway Golf Club

Golf Course Maps Use freely available satellite images to map your golf course. Draw fairways, green boxes, hazards, sand traps, and more, all without the need for a field scout.

Measure Distance Using a free app, you can measure actual yards for areas of interest. Shot coverage distance, yardage scores, putting distance, and approach distance are just some of the numbers you can calculate.

Golf Yardage Book Template

The Deep Green One of the most important assets of carrying a yard book is creating a detailed outline of the green design. Use your yard book in conjunction with the pin sheet to calculate the correct numbers to carry at your destination.

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Joining the yard book program gives you access as a seller to the world’s first yard book marketplace. After submitting your book, 3 Up Golf will handle the printing and shipping of your work to buyers. Payments are sent directly to your checking account by connecting your 3 Up Golf account to the world’s first online payment system: Stripe.

Golf Yardage Book Template

Easy To Follow Videos Learn at your own pace. Each step in the yard book making process is broken down into short, easy-to-follow videos.

Pre-Designed Templates Our pre-designed layout templates allow you to skip the usual parts of creating a yard book. Consider charting your course!

Golf Yardage Book Template

Inside The Yardage Book: Tpc Scottsdale

Private Community Connect with fellow yardbook creators using our real-time private rooms. Share your book, get feedback and help others.

Online Marketplace Becoming a creator gives you access to the first online marketplace created for golf books. Golfers can purchase your book, with Top 3 Golf handling printing and shipping. You only collect income! does not support older versions of your browser to ensure that user data remains secure. Please update to the latest version.

Golf Yardage Book Template

January 14-21 If you order now, this is the estimated delivery date and depends on the seller’s processing time and location, the carrier’s transit time, and your estimated shipping address. Note: carrier delays in shipping or ordering on weekends or holidays may push this date back.

Personalized Yardage Book Cover

Want to make your own yard book but feel like your drawing skills aren’t up to scratch? GTC took the common shapes of greens, fairways and bunkers and created a stencil. Flip the stencil, rotate it and you’ll get different angles and designs to work with. The size of each pattern is measured in our My Caddy Pro DIY Yardage Book. This order includes 5 books. The stencil is made of lightweight plastic for heavy use.

Golf Yardage Book Template


My 3-pack Caddy Pro DIY yardage book is designed for professional, college, junior and competitive golfers and caddies who create game plans by taking notes during their practice rounds. Each book has a weather-resistant cover and card stock paper that will not allow the back of the paper to bleed through. Each book is standard size and will fit inside a yard book holder. This book was voted the best new golf product of 2017 by ESPN Golf.

Golf Yardage Book Template

Golf Score Journal Interior Tracker And Cart Information Notebook Template Of A Logbook Location Player Sports Book Template Download On Pngtree

Caddy Pro is built with professional templates; fairway grid to draw the layout of each hole, yardage, bunkers, and hazards. Our green grid allows the player and caddy to draw the shape of the green with script positions and slopes. Each hole also includes a statistical tracker for: Odds in regulation, levels of regulation, ups and downs, and putting totals. Our back cover also has a yardage chart of players’ clubs so players can track yards per club.

My Caddy Pro is currently used on Pro Tours including the Champions, Legends, Symetra, and European Pro Tours. College and high school golf teams across the country have also had incredible success with our Pro. They are the top-rated books used by junior golfers and Top 20 golf colleges across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Golf Yardage Book Template

Estimated arrival If you ordered today, this is the estimated delivery date and depends on the seller’s processing time and location, the carrier’s transit time, and your estimated shipping address. Note: carrier delays in shipping or ordering on weekends or holidays may push this date back.

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Golf Yardage Book Template

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Golf Yardage Book Template

Yardage Book Design: Our Complete Guide

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Decorated US Navy Flag Yardage Book Holder

Golf Yardage Book Template

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