Remittance Advice Template Excel

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Remittance Advice Template Excel – Accounts receivable teams rely on payment advice to complete cash requests. Payment advice can come through multiple sources and in different formats, making AR staff’s jobs more difficult.

In this blog, we’ll explain what payment advice means and discuss ways to simplify the process and match for your team.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

Remittance Advice Template Excel

Keeping accurate records is essential for any accounting team, and payment advice plays an important role in helping you match incoming payments with the correct invoices.

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The difficulty is that finding and interpreting payment advice is a significantly challenging process. This is especially so because there is no standardized format that all companies use for remittances. Accounts receivable (AR) staff also typically have to do all the matching manually.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

In this article, we’ll explain what payment advice is, the challenges of processing payment slips, and how the right software can help your AR team overcome those challenges.

A payment advice is an explanation provided by a customer with their payment that tells their supplier which invoice the payment is on.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

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The term “delivery” generally refers to payments made for goods and services. It literally means “send back.” Therefore, providing “payment advice” means providing additional details about the payment you just made.

Payment advice can also act as confirmation that payment is on track. Some companies call this a payment slip or even a payment voucher.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

This is because AR departments rely on payment advice to complete the cash request (the process of recording income when you receive payment). By issuing payment slips, customers help suppliers match their payments to the correct invoices, ensuring their open balances are settled.

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As businesses adopt accounts payable software, you will likely find more customers sending payment advice through their AP system as they can more easily integrate this into their existing workflow.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

For example, as an AR professional, you may receive an automated email marking a payment as approved by the customer’s AP department. This will often be followed by another email indicating that payment is being made, followed by a final email confirming that the invoice has been ‘paid’.

There are things that can go wrong between the buyer sending the payment and the funds hitting your bank account (such as incorrect information or insufficient funds causing the electronic transfer to fail).

Remittance Advice Template Excel

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For this reason, the auditor will not recognize the payment slip as confirmation that payment has been received. Auditors will rely on actual bank statements to confirm proof of payment.

However, for internal purposes, payment slips provide helpful documentation of the date of payment and the amount(s) to be matched.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

The type of information included in the payment advice will differ depending on the payment method used. For example, long paper mailings are often advised with checks, and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments may omit remittance information altogether.

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You can also view the amounts paid by invoice number (or payroll period), credit amounts issued with credit reference numbers, or expected receipt date if the electronic funds transfer is not immediate.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

A payment slip usually provides information about the invoices being paid and the amount of each payment. From time to time, a payment advice slip will show any adjustments (such as deductions or credits) made to the payment total.

The AR department will then use the information on the shipping slip to update their records and apply the payment to the appropriate invoice.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

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A payment advice usually contains a list of all invoices covered by the payment, along with invoice numbers, dates, and other relevant information such as purchase order numbers. In the example above, the customer also noted the discount they received.

Obtaining payment advice from multiple clients means dealing with different sources and formats. There is no standardized format for payment advice – it will vary depending on the company and the payment method used.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

Checks may include shipping information (invoice number) in the memo line or accompanying document. Meanwhile, for ACH, wire transfer, and virtual cards, payment advice comes in different formats (often email).

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Also, since buyers are not technically required to send payment advice, you may not receive payment at all.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

When a payment arrives without payment advice, AR staff must contact customers for clarification. Traditionally this would involve a series of emails or phone calls.

When payment advice arrives – be it by post, email, Excel, or the AP portal – the task of getting it back is the same time-consuming. This is particularly challenging if most customers are using the AP Automation platform to send payment advice, as your staff will inevitably need to access multiple online portals, and log in to respect to each of them. As your customer base grows, this becomes harder and harder to scale.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

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Remittances can also be unfair. Think blurry images, missing letters and sometimes handwriting. This can make the process of matching a payment slip with open receivables extremely difficult.

The example on the left is what a payment advice slip would look like (by check in this case). But let’s say your customer’s printer was almost out of ink. In this case, columns or inappropriate characters may be incorrectly aligned in the document they sent, making it difficult to read.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

As companies may have different approaches to how they format payment slips, this can make it difficult for the AR team to ensure they are paying correctly.

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A payment may pay up to 50 invoices, the invoice may be short paid, or there may be no supporting payment advice.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

Even worse, you may have all of these problems at the same time: a payment covering multiple invoices, with deductions applied, and no payment advice attached.

Complex situations like these can create full workdays for your AR team in finding information, troubleshooting, and communicating back and forth with customers.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

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AR gives teams an easier way to receive and match payment advice with open invoices. Our cash application solution captures and normalizes data for different types of payment advice and matches it with open invoices using artificial intelligence.

In addition, payments made through the AR Collaborative Network automatically reference what the payment is for, eliminating the need for a separate payment slip. For external situations where your AR team needs to seek clarification from the customer, they can do so through cloud-based collaboration tools.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

Do you want to see for yourself how the app works for cash advances? Watch our on-demand webinar, “How Automated Money Applications Deliver Better Results with Less Work.”

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Nicole is a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Bennett. She is passionate about telling compelling stories that drive real-world value for businesses and is a staunch supporter of the Oxford Comma. Prior to joining, Nicole held various marketing roles in SaaS, financial services and senior acquisitions. Payment templates offer a simple solution for managing business and personal finances. If you run a retail business or need to provide proof of payment to someone, receipt templates provide documentation of financial transactions, protecting both the seller and the customer.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

To create a payment plan, templates can be used to schedule installment payments, keep track of due dates, and manage periodic payments. Choose from a selection of free payment templates below in Excel, Word and PDF format. All templates are fully customizable and designed to look professional and save you time. You can download and print templates or share them via email or cloud-based storage.

This template provides a detailed sales receipt that lists a description of each item sold, item numbers for inventory tracking, prices, and amounts paid, including taxes. You can also include shipping and handling charges if applicable. At the top of the receipt are sections for the seller’s name, payment method, customer and receipt numbers, and contact information.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

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Property owners can use this template to provide tenants with documentation that rent has been paid on a specific date. Rent receipts can be helpful to both landlords and tenants if a rent dispute arises and proof of payment is required. This template includes multiple receipts on one sheet, making it easy to create duplicates or fill out multiple receipts quickly.

If a customer pays by check or credit card, the payment is automatically recorded. For cash transactions, however, it is extremely important to provide customers with proof of purchase. This cash receipt template covers a lot of detail in a small space. You can record balance information for installment payments, and there is space for notes if you need to include additional information.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

Petty receipts are important for keeping track of office funds and authorizing withdrawals. This petty cash receipt lists the reasons for the withdrawal, who authorized the release of the funds, and who received the money. This is an easy way to support employee accountability and track how petty cash is used.

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This delivery receipt proves that the shipment has been received. It includes a description of the package contents and the number of packages so customers can quickly check the order before signing the receipt. Delivery receipts help reduce errors by ensuring packages have the correct items at the intended address.

Remittance Advice Template Excel

If you need to provide invoices for goods or services that show partial payments, this template calculates the balance due after previous payments.

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