Minecraft Paper Template

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Minecraft Paper Template – One of the things I miss the most before our big move this year is Thursday night is always craft night at my best friend’s house. Now that would be a very long journey, so we decided to start playing Minecraft online together. It’s basically a virtual craft night and it’s a lot of fun. Well, a few weeks ago, Minecraft launched an update that added cute, square, fat and tiny bees. He loves them (and so do I, of course). Now, at IRL craft time, I decided to make him this 3D printable Minecraft bee.

After finishing the first film I sent him a picture. He said 50 of them are needed. I’ll start with three or four now. But once I got down to it, I thought I’d teach you how to make them yourself.

Minecraft Paper Template

Minecraft Paper Template

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I have made two of these little guys so far. The first one was very slow. I cut everything by hand with a combination of scissors and a precision knife. It is certainly very doable. But it’s a bit tricky because of the small holes in the legs, antennae and pin. I decided not to crop the inner pixels of the wings, which made things a little easier.

Minecraft Paper Template

I finished the print and cut file for my Cricut Explorer and it saved me 35-40 minutes of cutting another bee.

If you’re not a Cricut or Silhouette user, I’ve included a PDF in the downloads for this project so you can still make your own bee hive. The instructions are all the same except for printing and cutting out the pieces.

Minecraft Paper Template

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If you don’t have a pdf reader installed on your computer, you can use jpeg or png files, but you may need to resize them to fit properly on the page. You can also use this option to create different sizes.

The bee has 14 pieces, some of which are very small, so be sure to take it slow. To make it easier to work with, start by cutting a border on each piece (or a set of pieces, such as the legs or antenna and pin). Since it is printed on white cardstock, you need to be as precise as possible with your cuts. Otherwise, the white part of the bee will stand out too brightly against the darker colors of the bee.

Minecraft Paper Template

Step 4 – Now it’s time to make the cuts with the knife. But first, make sure you’re working on the right surface. Always use a cutting mat when cutting paper with a precision knife. This will prevent damage to your workstation and extend the life of your tools.

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If you want to add a self-healing cutting mat to your crafting area, but you don’t sew, I don’t recommend anything larger than 12 x 12 inches. Amazon has this beautiful blue knife for less than the price of a knife. And it’s also Olfa, one of my favorite brands for cutlery.

Minecraft Paper Template

To cut a slot in all 9 casings, run the knife along the long side, then back down the other side. Then instead of sliding the knife over the short side, press down and rock it back and forth until it comes free. Do the same with the other short end.

If the lines aren’t straight, you’ll need to trim a little wider. The legs should fit snugly in these slots, so shave off as little as possible at a time until the correct size is reached.

Minecraft Paper Template

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When making the first bee by hand, I left the inner parts of the wings intact, but if you want to cut out the middle, you can cut them with a more precise knife. Be careful not to cut too far into the wing.

You want to hold the knife like a pencil, which means you bend it slightly as you move down. You can fix this by moving your whole arm. Don’t just bend at the wrist.

Minecraft Paper Template

For paper crafts, you may want to consider using a personal cutting machine. It saves hours and provides more accurate cuts than you can do yourself.

Minecraft Paper Machine

Read on to see how easy this project was with my Cricut. Otherwise, you can go to the assembly.

Minecraft Paper Template

Since we are using Cricut’s Print-Then-Cut feature, we first need to prepare the file in Cricut’s free Design Space program. This way, the machine can read where to make the cuts.

Once you’ve properly unzipped your files, open Design Space and start a new project. Then click on upload icon. Locate your files in the Downloads folder and then select the PNG file.

Minecraft Paper Template

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For this file, it is important to select the PNG option whenever possible. This tells Design Space that because the PNG file has a transparent background, including the spaces inside the template, this area won’t print white and should be cut out from the rest.

When uploading a file, select Complex as the file type. Then check that all the slits are transparent with the inner wings. You can easily check on the next screen.

Minecraft Paper Template

You save the file as a print and cut image, but look at the cut image section first. If it shows all locations, the file was uploaded correctly. (Otherwise, you can go back and use the tools on the previous screen to deselect anything you don’t want to print.) Select “Save Print and Cut,” name the file if you like, then hit Save.

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At this point you will be taken back to the upload screen. Select your bee template image in the bottom left corner and click Add Image.

Minecraft Paper Template

Next, you need to resize the image to the size of the bee you want. (The smaller the bee, the more difficult it is to add ends.) The largest piece you can currently use with Print South Cut is 6.75 inches wide or 9.25 inches long. You can resize the image by dragging a corner or changing the dimensions in the toolbar.

Once you’ve reached the desired size, the file is ready to use. Click the “Create” button in the top right corner. The film should all be on the same mat. Click Continue and then click Send to Printer. Make sure Add Bleed is selected.

Minecraft Paper Template

How To Make A Minecraft Zombie

Print the design onto white card stock. Then place it on a blue or green Cricut cutting mat. Set your machine to Cardstock or Cardstock+ and press the flashing arrow button to load the mat into the machine. Press the illuminated C button to start cutting.

No matter what method you use to cut your pieces, we’re ready to put this bad boy together. When gluing small pieces, make sure you have scrap paper to put down.

Minecraft Paper Template

Let’s start with the antennas. Fold each in half symmetrically to make an L shape. Fold both ends outward to create tabs that attach to the body.

Steve Minecraft Paper Craft Model

Now the legs and needle. Fold both sides so that the printed side is facing out, and make tabs about a third of the way down each side. Glue the sides that meet to make a T shape.

Minecraft Paper Template

The wings don’t have folds, so the body can move. I find it easier to do all the folds forward (toward the front of the face) first, then fold back (away from the face).

First, fold each tab. Then a fold seam on both sides of the bee. Most folds are in the corners and easy to find. The only thing missing from the corner is the line between the top and back.

Minecraft Paper Template

Creeper Minecraft Paper Craft Model

However, you can easily tell where to make this fold by looking at the pattern printed on the bee. The size of the bee’s face and buttocks is 7 × 7 pixels. The rest are 7×10. Fold the end of the back side in line with the 3rd row of pixels on the top side.

Turn the body upside down so that the back (inside) is visible. Press the folded end of the foot through a slit until only the tabs are inside.

Minecraft Paper Template

They are made to fit very tightly, so you have to start at one corner and slowly push down and move your leg until the other corner slides out. Repeat

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