Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

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Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template – Last year, when my son said he wanted a dinosaur birthday party, I had no idea what kind of cake to make. I knew I wanted it to be an easy dinosaur birthday cake, but I always try to make my kids’ cakes look super cute.

Most simple dinosaur cakes were either buttered cakes made with a dinosaur-shaped pan, or round cakes lightly decorated with fondant or plastic dinosaurs on top.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

After breaking down all the steps to recreate the look, I realized it was actually pretty simple compared to most cakes I’ve made in the past.

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I just baked two rounds of cake. Then after smoothing the ends, I cut one down the middle and put it on itself. I then placed them on one side of the remaining cake.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

When I was a kid, a dinosaur themed birthday cake made with buttercream featured a simple buttercream cake with plastic dinosaur cake decorations on top.

Fondant dinosaurs wouldn’t go too well with how elaborate this cake looks (with minimal effort I might add).

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Dinosaur Cake Ideas Kids Will Love

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But I do fine box cupcakes and make my own fudge using Wilton’s buttercream recipe, so I’ll include all the necessary food ingredients.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

I had already bought my dinosaurs and was afraid the 8 inch round cakes wouldn’t work. I wanted to have plenty of room for the waterfall!

Free Cricut Dinosaur Cake Topper Templates ⋆ Extraordinary Chaos

While a 12-inch round cake is probably doable, keep in mind that one side of your cake will be much longer and heavier than the other.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

I had to put it in a second time for the last box since I could fit two boxes of cake mix in my mixer.

I use a Kitchenaid stand mixer to mix my cake batter and frosting, and I would never suggest any other way!

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Dinosaur Cake Ideas

For this recipe, I tripled it (you may need to make two batches – a double and a single) as the cake is quite large and has more surface area to cover.

I used to score the muffins with our hands with a butcher knife. I do not recommend this to anyone.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

A few years ago I finally gave up and spent the money on a pie plate turntable and flattening bag.

Vegan Vanilla Dinosaur Birthday Cake

I will never go back to cutting myself around the cake or cutting it with a giant knife.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

The guide requires a gentle sawing motion back and forth as you move through the cake, and I also do this over the plastic wrap to catch the crumbs for quick cleaning.

The riser is height adjustable, so it’s okay if your cake doesn’t rise completely or your two cakes are uneven.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

The Bake More: Toothy T Rex Dinosaur Cake

My husband and kids want to eat the “toppings” while I finish the cake. But no problem, I’m eating the remaining cream.

I’ve done this by eye, and you’ll want to get as close as possible, although it’s not a big deal that they’re 100% the same size.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

If one gets a little too big, tuck it under the other before tucking it into the whole round.

A Deceptively Easy Dinosaur Birthday Cake: Diy How To With Waterfall

Place the two pieces on one side of the cake and spread the frosting between each layer.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

If you’re worried about the layers sliding around, you can drive a dowel or two across the stack to help hold it in place, but pie boards shouldn’t be necessary.

Be generous with the frosting, especially around the edges. The thicker filling gives the pirouette cookies more room to press into the cake and acts as glue to hold them inside.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Easy Dinosaur Birthday Cake

I bought two types of Pirouettes (chocolate hazelnut and chocolate fudge) and a total of three regular size boxes.

Open your pirouette boxes and start pressing the longest ones into the longest part of the cake.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Once the long ones are in place, check for crack biscuits that are the right size to place on the cliff edges towards the waterfall or on the short side ahead.

Choc Rocks Dinosaur Cake

Then, as needed, cut the remaining Pirouette cookies to size to fill these areas (I used a small, well-sharpened knife from a butcher block to do this).

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

I also did some white frosting using tip 7 from this Wilton kit I bought to make it look more realistic, like rough rips.

I made rough, moderately straight lines and segments starting from the top back of the cake to where it meets the bottom.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Awesome 3d Dinosaur Cake For A 4 Year Old Boy!

I also drew a line to show how big I wanted the bottom pool to be, but not an extra line above the pool.

However, if I were to make it again, I would do one thing differently: I would add some meringue powder to the leftover white frosting that I set aside to help the waterfall crust and firm up a bit more (and faster ).

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

This is because when I started painting with the blue shimmer gel, some areas were pretty squished under the brush.

Dinosaur Ballerina Cake

Overall, the white mixed with the blue contributed to a realistic look, but I would have liked to retain more of my raised lines and shapes.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

While I could probably spray the gel directly onto the waterfall and spread it around with a brush, I chose to spray the gel onto a small paper plate, dip my food-safe brush into it, and carefully apply it to the waterfall.

My main advice is not to apply too much in streams and waterfalls. Make a white part shiny to make it look a little foamy like real streams.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Dinosaur Birthday Cake~ Video Tutorial

I wanted it to be as dark as possible, so it looked very deep, I added more gel right in the middle and made it thinner at the ends.

After the waterfall was painted, I decided to put some white frosting on the bottom of the waterfall (using a #10 Wilton tip) to mimic the large foam and standing water of a real waterfall.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

I emptied some of the Biscoff cookies into a gallon ziplock bag, squeezed out the air before zip-locking it, and brought my needle to her.

Easy Diy Dinosaur Cake Topper For A Dinosaur Birthday Party

All quickly turned into a good “sludge”! I just left a few small pieces for visual variety.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Use a clean hand to pick up a handful of cookie crumbs and sprinkle them over the remaining cake whites.

I randomly placed the trees around the cake, keeping in mind where I wanted to place them so they wouldn’t block my dinosaur figures.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Easy Girl’s Dinosaur Party (& Pink Dinosaur Cake Tutorial)

The larger ones had to be pressed into almost an inch of cake so they wouldn’t fall out.

(Side note: Do palm trees grow near waterfalls? I don’t know. I didn’t care. They looked great and that’s what counts!)

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

What I had was green, but if you can find it, Juniper Green is a calmer, more realistic color for landscape greenery.

Good Dinosaur Birthday Cake Topper Template Printable Diy

We used the 233 tip from the same Wilton kit I mentioned earlier to pipe random bunches of grass throughout the scene.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Again, I wish I had used some meringue powder or some extra powdered sugar in the leftover frosting to firm it up a bit.

But since this must have been prehistoric times anyway, I made long flowing tufts of grass that reached the ground.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Coolest Jurassic Kids Birthday Cakes

For the cake, they were a little bigger than I imagined (there was a baryonics that didn’t make the cut), but they worked well.

I chose to place one on each layer of the cake, with the long neck of the brachiosaurus hanging from the top of the waterfall. (Again, it didn’t fit his actual size, but it looked nice.)

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

There are tons of DIY dinosaur cake ideas out there, and you probably aren’t a professional baker if you’re looking for one to try.

Easy Diy Dinosaur Party Ideas And Recipes

I had made a dozen “fancy” cakes before I tried this, and this was definitely the most impressive for our guests.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

I baked the cakes the night before, but waited until the morning of the party to make the cake.

My mom came to help me find the waterfall view, but we did everything.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Unique Dinosaur Cake Ideas Everybody Will Love & Enjoy

I made this dinosaur birthday cake for a 4-year-old boy, but the design is versatile and impressive enough to be a first birthday cake for toddlers and even older kids.

If my son were ten years older, I wouldn’t hesitate to make another dinosaur birthday cake like this. (Actually, he probably would have appreciated it more then!)

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

By the way – dinosaurs are not just for boys. As a kid, I was a huge dinosaur cow (maybe that’s where Hugo gets that from?).

Three Rex Cake Topper Dinosaur Birthday T Rex Cake Topper

If you like the look of the cake but don’t want a big waterfall, you have another option for your “rock” edges!

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Cut full-sized Kit Kat sticks into individual sticks (they’re called fingers) before pressing them into the sides of the cake.

If you want them to come to the top edge of your cake, you should make each layer about 1.75.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Template

Personalized Dinosaur Birthday Cake Topper Dino Cake Decor

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