Free Paper Doll Template

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Growing up, I absolutely loved making my own paper dolls. After I made these dolls, I would drive my mom crazy because I would do the lamination myself by covering everything with duct tape.

Free Paper Doll Template

Free Paper Doll Template

I remember spending hours coloring and playing with my homemade paper dolls. It was a great way to get creative and get into imaginative play.

Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, And Accessories

Color the doll and clothes as you like. Be creative. It’s a great way to experiment with different fashion items, skin tones, facial expressions and more. Feel free to print as many dolls as you like.

Free Paper Doll Template

Once you’ve painted your doll and your desired outfit, cut everything out and glue it together. Don’t forget to include hair and shoes.

This next step is optional, but I decided to laminate my paper dolls as well. This will ensure that the dolls are a little more durable and last longer after playing with them.

Free Paper Doll Template

Vintage Paper Doll Betty Bonnet’s Grandparents

This color is designed to be printed on standard 8.5×11 inch white printer paper or card stock. For the best quality, I would recommend using card stock and also laminating the doll when you are done.

Feel free to download and print as many paper doll patterns as you like. However, please do not edit or redistribute the files in any way. This activity was created for personal or classroom use only. Looking for a cute little doll for your little ones to print at home and play with? This printable paper doll is colonial style and so cute!

Free Paper Doll Template

A few months ago I shared with you my first free printable paper doll, the Prairie Paper Doll. I have another one for you today.

Woman Paper Doll With Clothes Template

When I was little, I loved playing with paper dolls. I would find all the free paper dolls on the internet and make all kinds of costumes out of them. I’ve always wanted to make paper dolls for my readers here at Little House Living, it just took me a while to get around to it.

Free Paper Doll Template

I started with a prairie paper doll because it’s one of my favorite time periods in history, and this time I decided to make a colonial style paper doll because I think some of the costumes are so fun.

I hope your little ones enjoy playing with this paper doll as much as I did with my paper dolls when I was a little girl.

Free Paper Doll Template

Free Printable Winter Paper Dolls

To download your free printable paper doll, just enter your email address below and I’ll send her and her outfit right to you! If you take photos of your little ones playing with it, be sure to tag me (@) so I can see you having fun with it!

Growing up, my favorite paper dolls were the ones from Dover Publications. I would always save my money for a cute set of paper dolls from them, or I would be thrilled to find one of my little stocking stuffer sets.

Free Paper Doll Template

If your little ones love paper dolls, I recommend checking out Dover Dolls. Another good thing is that you can get “collectible” paper dolls that are designed for a specific time period or a specific person, and I think they would make a great addition to a homeschool. I’m so excited to share this awesome project! with you! It’s seriously cute and will give your kids hours of pretend play. Not only can you print out some of the cute dolls I’ve designed, but you can also dress them up and accessorize with clothes from your favorite designers.

Vintage Paper Dolls(printable)!

Do you have magical memories of being a child and playing with paper dolls for hours? Well I sure did, I was totally obsessed with them as a little girl. I’ve been thinking a lot lately that paper dolls would be a great craft idea for the kids to play with while we spend a lot more time at home.

Free Paper Doll Template

Of course, that means I absolutely had to make my own little pair of dolls and stock up on some of our all-time favorite brands. Each of them has created the most beautiful collection of clothes and accessories for you to dress up your dolls. And I teamed up with my all-time favorite baby boutique, Little Whimsy, for this project. If you haven’t seen Little Whimsy before, you will fall in love with her shop and her wonderful things.

In this printable version you’ll find 2 dolls as well as samples of these brands… wait for it… you’ll be treated to Jamie Kaye, Shirley Breadall, Burrow and B,J. Nancy, Louise Misha and Maiko Nagao.

Free Paper Doll Template

Bug Paper Toys

Here is your link to the free printable. You heard right, it’s free. We all just want you to have fun with it and create precious gaming memories with your little ones.

Below I have some simple steps on how to bring paper dolls to life. So keep reading or watch my YouTube video. But most of all, enjoy the special time together doing crafts with your kids. We hope you enjoy being a part of their magical world, or you can be forgiven for drinking coffee while they’re absorbed in their new little bubbles.

Free Paper Doll Template

Print your paper dolls and clothes on your home printer. Depending on your printer, the quality may not be as good as it appears on the screen. But don’t worry, your kids won’t notice, and regardless, the magic of the game will be there. You can also print in black and white. Or better yet, have your kids add color to the designs when printed to bring them to life with their own creative spirit. They will want to control the look and style of their little doll.

Paper Doll Clothes Coloring Pages

If you don’t have a printer, you can open the pdf and trace it on some paper. To do this, all you have to do is place a piece of paper on your computer screen and you will be able to see lines that you can trace.

Free Paper Doll Template

First, cut out the paper dolls using the dotted lines as a guide. Try to follow the dotted lines instead of the solid black line to make the clothes fit as well as possible. Depending on the age of your children, you can do the fine side of the cutting yourself.

Now cut out the doll’s clothes. Select your first set and cut out the pieces. Or mix it up with all the beautiful designs on offer. Make sure you cut all the tabs, they are very important to keep the garment in place.

Free Paper Doll Template

Meet Mabel. Free Printable Paper Doll

Tip: For smaller hands, you can add some blue or double-sided tape to hold clothes and accessories. Especially for shoes and gloves.

• Try adding some props to a small pretend play area to spark fun ideas. I added a swan and before I knew it, my daughter was taking the dolls for a walk with their new pet.

Free Paper Doll Template

• Create your own puppet theater. I recently made a puppet theater out of a cardboard box and skewers. Watch the video here because you can turn these dolls into baby dolls too!

Dress Paper Doll Mermaid Body Template Stock Vector (royalty Free) 723247378

• You can glue the dolls to cardboard and make small cardboard stands. You can then add the kit using blu-tack, glue or tape. You may find that freestanding dolls lead to a whole new playing field as they move as characters.

Free Paper Doll Template

I just have to share this incredibly beautiful look that Jess did with @uponnameadov. She did a little experiment with paper dolls for us, and check out the wonderful scene with her daughter, Amelie Belle. I can’t get over how cute these are and there are so many ideas to play with these dolls. First, they built their own shop using a wobbly board as a backdrop and Jenga pieces for a desk and wardrobe. They also painted the dolls to bring them to life. And to top it off, I love the idea of ​​using a simple cardboard triangle to make the dolls themselves. Thank you so much for this great Jess, I hope Amelie gets a lot of play from her collection.

And more importantly, my kids were thrilled with their new little friends. Piper is especially fond of them and especially likes to cut them up and play house.

Free Paper Doll Template

Printable Paper Dolls: Free Paper Dolls And Clothes For Kids

For those interested, I’ve recently been using a Canon Pikma printer at home (kindly gifted to me). It was a dream to use and I can’t recommend it enough (it’s the TS9560 model). Is it print quality?

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