Zoo Preschool Activities

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Whether you know it or not, we LOVE our active learning journals, all thanks to the brilliant Theresa at Literacy in Motion. Our last blog post was for the 4th of July theme, but this week we are focusing on zoo animals. I want to share 5 zoo themed journal activities that my 4 year old worked on this week that covers pre-writing skills, counting and number recognition, letter sounds, and more.

Zoo Preschool Activities

Zoo Preschool Activities

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Easy Zoo Animal Crafts For Preschoolers

All you need for this activity is a small cheetah, in addition to some markers and/or crayons to draw the block letters. We used one from this animal kit, but I’m sure there are other little cheetah friends out there somewhere. I also thought you could put a cheetah sticker on a piece of paper and cut it out, then glue it to the end of a craft stick and press it like that.

Zoo Preschool Activities

I decided to keep it simple and focus this activity on the letters of Kade’s name since he is still learning to write. For the setting I used a black marker and drew large block letters. For fun, I used a green crayon and added some grass to make it look like a cheetah running through some grassy area. If your child (or student) has a longer name, you can make the print smaller and try to fit it on two pages, or just write a few letters on each page and just flip it. You can also choose some random letters to focus on (not necessarily the letters in their name) or ask them to follow numbers or shapes.

This is a great way to get kids thinking about letter formation, letter recognition and tracing exercises. If you like this idea and want to see more ways to practice the letters in your children’s (or students’) names, be sure to check out this article! I also linked to a free printable passport if the little one is driving and wants to DRIVE some letters.

Zoo Preschool Activities

Wild Zoo Animal Preschool & Pre K Math & Literacy Printables

This activity was inspired by her older version, Mandisa from Happy Toddler Playtime. We shrunk it down to fit in our journal and it’s perfect for zoo week! These little critters worked perfectly this week in many of our activities. Other than a black marker, black sharpener, and some masking tape, that’s all you need to set it up!

I drew some zoo cages, with a sign next to each one. Each sign has a different number of points for Kade (4) count. I wrote the corresponding numbers on a piece of tape and stuck each one on a different animal. The idea is that Kade will count the points, find the correct number and place the animals in their zoo home.

Zoo Preschool Activities

While counting points, children work on skills called one-to-one matching. This means that they count one number at a time for each object / point they look at or point to (as opposed to only counting to 3 but already pointing / jumping to the next 5 points / object). Depending on what you want your little one to focus on, you can skip the dots and just match numbers, or match shapes, sight words, upper and lower case letters, or baby or student letters. name.

Zoo Animals Theme Pack For Preschool

I found these little zoo animal stickers in our stash and knew I wanted to use them somehow. Perhaps writing animal names is a good way to practice letter recognition, discuss initial letter sounds, work from left to right, and promote the connection that letters together make words.

Zoo Preschool Activities

All you need is a black marker and some small stickers to set up the activity. I put a sticker on the left side of the paper that corresponds to the word I want to write to emphasize that we start reading, spelling, and writing on the left side. I wrote the word and put a dot on each letter to show where to put each sticker. Kade (4) put a sticker on each letter that matched the word (zebra sticker for the word “zebra”) and I asked her to say each letter as she put the sticker.

Eventually, he was very attentive and focused on words that have more letters than others, how many letters are different from each other, and even began to count how many letters each word has. I never thought I would include math in this activity, but sometimes our kids are smarter than us. I said “always”. πŸ˜‰

Zoo Preschool Activities

Dear Zoo Printable Activities For Preschoolers

I decided to write all the words in lower case letters because we need more practice recognizing lower case letters than upper case letters. If you don’t have stickers but want to try this activity, have your child or student point to each dot while saying the letter. I chose to add stickers because 1. they are there, but 2. peeling off stickers is also a great way to develop fine motor skills.

You can use the same activity idea (with small stickers) to spell words, sight words or names. Instead of stickers, try a dot marker, rub it on top or just below each letter as you say them out loud.

Zoo Preschool Activities

This activity combines recipes and shapes! It’s always a bonus if you can cover some skills with a simple activity. The funny thing about this activity is that I was literally GETTING to start drawing these animals when I realized I was crazy to think I could do that, so I searched my sticker stash for something to use. I’m so grateful to have met this little guy because it’s not good. πŸ˜‰

Amazing Zoo Animal Crafts For Kids

If you have artistic skills and drawing animals does not scare you, all you need is a black marker and maybe crayons if you want to color and like them. If you’re more like me, find some stickers – trust me. I drew a different shape around each sticker (using a dashed line to trace) to act as their cage.

Zoo Preschool Activities

This concentration face just kills me! He became laser focused on staying on that line at that moment. We work a lot on how to hold a writing instrument and include fun ways to do this and writing practice is important to gain confidence.

I think this is my favorite diary this week. Kade (4) is very excited about the sound of the initial letter for some reason and likes it very much. This is literally the easiest prep activity. I decided to use all lowercase letters again, just because we need more practice recognizing them than uppercase letters. I picked a couple of animals that started with letters that I knew Kade was sure of, and then I picked a couple that I thought would be a little bit different (“g” for “gorilla” and “e” for “elephant”).

Zoo Preschool Activities

Lol At The Zoo Dot Activity Mini Pack

We worked through some of the trickier ones together, but it’s a great way to practice recognizing lowercase letters and thinking about the sound of each letter. He chose an animal, said its name, then together we isolated the initial sound and tried to find the corresponding letter. We even tried a little process of elimination – for example, when we got stuck on ‘gorilla’, I joked with some letters that I knew he believed, saying, ‘Well, we know it’s not ‘forilla’, and what you know is not “korilla” or “borilla”. We both laughed together at this, which made it fun.

In case you missed it before, here is a link to these little zoo animals that we used in many activities this week! We used them in this fine motor activity and another zoo activity we did this week. Check out our other zoo activities HERE and don’t forget to check out our ocean themed journal activities too!

Zoo Preschool Activities

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Zoo Animals Preschool Math Pack

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