Video Production Budget Template

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Video Production Budget Template – There are so many elements to consider when calculating a film’s production budget. This comprehensive guide and free film budget template will help you get started.

So you’re going to make a film. That’s great, maybe you’re a producer or maybe you’re an independent filmmaker. For larger film sets, the film budget is prepared by the line producer or unit production manager and may use film budgeting software such as Movie Magic for this purpose.

Video Production Budget Template

Video Production Budget Template

But budgeting software can be expensive, and for many projects it makes sense to use a free template like the ones we offer here:

Free Film Budget Templates: Complete Guide, Phases & Tips

Regardless of your job role and desired budget, this guide covers every area of ​​budgeting you need to explore, from pre-production to distribution.

Video Production Budget Template

For example, maybe you’re hoping to create a micro-budget collaboration with friends, or maybe you’re looking to attract stars and theatrical distributors. Not to mention that the schedule for a budget film will look very different than a DIY project.

Therefore, your desired film score can help determine what budget range you need when you fill out the film budget template. For example, Netflix has camera requirements, and even self-distribution can prove very expensive. I’m not saying you can’t make a popular micro-budget film. It’s only wise to plan what type of movie and schedule you want to make before committing to the budget.

Video Production Budget Template

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Some questions to ask yourself: How do you intend to finance your film? And how much time are you willing to invest to get that funding? You can also watch our 100 Ways to Fund Your Movie podcast episode

To estimate a film’s budget, you need to decide how many days you want to be there for the shoot. Studio films get by with only shooting one page of the script a day. Most films average around five pages, and you can shoot up to ten on a budget.

Video Production Budget Template

In general, the more days of shooting, the more your film will cost, but a bigger budget attracts a more experienced crew and potentially your film will look more professional.

Free Video Production Proposal Template

That brings us back to the last section where you need to decide what kind of movie you want to make and what kind of movie experience you want to have.

Video Production Budget Template

If you don’t know how to create a shooting schedule, you can always hire a production manager to help you. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always consult producers who have experience making budget-constrained films.

To break down your script, first list all of your scenes, then list their locations alongside them and briefly describe what happens in each scene. Most films are shot out of order. There can be multiple scenes in one location that can be shot in one day. Determine how many pages you will shoot each day and create a basic shooting schedule. It can be modified closer to production. More information about the schedules can be found here.

Video Production Budget Template

How To Create A Film Budget

Also note that some scenes, e.g. B. dialogue scenes, are much easier to shoot than stunt sequences. Once you have an idea of ​​how many production days you need, it will be much easier to break down the budget for the film.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how many days you will be filming, you can start breaking down your film production budget. Now you also have an estimate of how many days of shooting you need for each actor. First enter the number of days required for each actor in the film budget template.

Video Production Budget Template

How much do you pay your actors? Most actors are paid according to their country’s recommended union rates (usually SAG in the US). Well-known or famous actors have a tariff that has to be negotiated by their managers. Some actors will also have their own daily rates. With low budgets, you need to have an idea of ​​how much you can afford to pay each actor.

Operation Budget Analysis Excel Template

Allow a few extra days of filming than planned if pickups are required. You may also have to pay for several rehearsal/preparation days. For example, a musical feature will require more preparation time for the actors to learn the songs and dance sequences.

Video Production Budget Template

You can also book your actors for a few extra days. For example taking photos for a movie poster or shooting some interviews to use in marketing. Multiple supporting artists may also be required if your script calls for it.

The above-the-line crew are key members of your crew that you must hire before pre-production can begin. Film crews can be union members, they can also have agents or their own daily rates.

Video Production Budget Template

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If your budget is tight, read our article – What if you can’t afford to pay a team?

Screenwriter – First you need to pay the screenwriter. Typically, screenwriters receive 2% of the film’s production budget, their payment must be negotiated before starting work on the film. Depending on the project, you may also need to acquire story rights (for example, if you are making a film based on an adaptation of a book, video game, or play).

Video Production Budget Template

Producer – The producer can be the highest paid member of the crew, usually the first to be hired and the last to leave the project. So they can get up to 5% of the production budget. In short, the more experienced the manufacturer, the more they charge.

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Director – Your director is the creative force and vision of your film. They need to decide how many prep days they will be billed for and what their rate will be in post if they oversee the edit.

Video Production Budget Template

Director of Photography – DOPs are traditionally placed below the line but are an integral part of the production. They also tend to have higher salaries than the rest of the crew and have to be hired early in pre-production.

After hiring the core crew members, you can begin to find the rest of the team. Your principal and DOP may also have hiring recommendations at this stage. When hiring your team, consider whether each role will require additional preparation time during pre-production. The size of your budget determines how large a team you can afford. Also keep in mind that the larger the team, the slower the shooting days can be.

Video Production Budget Template

Best Production Schedule Templates (excel, Word)

Remember you can download our free film budget template to help you with these job roles. Film crew members may have their own per diem rates and guidelines can be found on union websites. You also need to consider how much you will be paid if you work overtime. A typical film production day is 12 hours long, overtime is paid additionally. At the very least, you should be honest with your crew about what to expect in terms of hours worked and breaks.

Now you have a basic layout of how many days you’ll be shooting, how many actors you’ll need, and what crew you want to hire. There are also some additional costs that may arise during pre-production. These depend on your budget and production volume.

Video Production Budget Template

For example, a low-budget film may have its production department in a crew member’s home. Contemporary drama production design costs less than science fiction.

What To Include In A Tv Commercial Production Budget Template

Most of your budget (unless you’re making a film with CGI content) goes into production costs. The most expensive expense will probably be the salaries of your cast and crew. Your crew can help you determine what to rent and what to buy. This next section covers some of the key areas to think about at this stage of your budget breakdown.

Video Production Budget Template

Equipment/Insurance – Film equipment is expensive, get the right insurance in case something breaks. You may hire, buy or hire a crew with your gear. You need to find a camera, lights and grip equipment. You also need to make sure you have quality sound equipment.

Sites – Obtaining and obtaining permits for sites can be expensive. If you are not on public property, you must obtain a permit. With low-budget and student films, you can get away with more, especially if you have a small crew. Find out in advance what permits you will need to film at each location. If you use counterfeit guns and weapons in public places, you should inform the local police before shooting. Here’s our in-depth article on sites and site contracts.

Video Production Budget Template

How To Build A Film Budget For Your Next Production

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