Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

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Giraffes Can T Dance Activities – It seems like a long time ago (it’s l-o-n-g week here), but Anti-Terror Day is just the week before.

We made a great video. I am proud of my children; We learn that kindness helps. Check it out here.

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

My favorite book (yes, I took it out with a 5-year-old) about respecting differences is Giraffes Can’t Dance. My favorite book is entitled the perfect picture book.

I Was Doing An Activity Based Off The Book, “giraffes Can’t Dance,” Where I Couldn’t Think Of A Thing I Couldn’t Do. Well, One Of My Students Said, “mr. Spoonmore, You Can’t

Gerald Giraffe wants to dance, but his legs are too thin and his neck is too long. In Jungle Dance, warthogs waltz, chimps cha-cha, and lion tango. “Giraffes can’t dance,” they all joked as it was Gerald’s turn to prance. But with good advice from the clever cricketer Gerald, he began to move on to his music. (Read positive)

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

The first book caught me by the cover. Bright, cheerful, engaging and promises a lot of fun. But you should not judge a book by its cover …. The lyrics have a good rhythm and are perfect for reading aloud. Gerald is a lovely friend and I think all readers and listeners can relate to his feelings like knees and everything that everyone laughs about. My students are really interested in Gerald and have a lot of “uncontrolled” opinions about the wildlife’s response to Gerald’s dancing during the story. Pens and ink and watercolors are warm and pleasant. Publishers Weekly wrote that they were “fun and enjoyable”.

Some reviewers say the message is too personal and contains better books about individualism. I can not stand the book “Preaching” and I love giraffes can not dance. My kindergarten loved it and chose to read it again. They “accept” that Gerald is different from other animals and that we must all “respect the right to be different.” Wouldn’t it be boring if they were all the same?

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

Happy Teaching & Happy Tech Ing!: Giraffes Can’t Dance

Last year, when we read this book, we did a great art project. You can read all about it here. The end result is stunning and features Gerald’s personality in spades.

But I also really want to make Gerald with the kids to continue our conversation about listening to your heart, being honest with yourself and respecting the rights of others to be different.

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

Instead of using 12×18 “paper, we used 8 1 / 2x 11” font size. We painted the grass and the sky the same color, but we combined it on a white paper moon made of bright stars. This time we use the hands for the body and legs of the giraffe. They did not dance like the giraffes last year, but they still rank pretty high on a cute / fun scale. I’m excited to start my summer reading series with Ashley from The Littles & amp; He believes in celebrating everyday time and loves to create great work through play.

Giraffes Can’t Dance Bb Andreae

Hey friends! Ashley is here from The Littles & Me. Summer vacation has finally arrived with some of my favorite things like sunbathing, swimming and special time with my girls. One of our favorite activities to overcome the heat of summer is to go to the library to get new books. Combine it with craftsmanship and you get the perfect job. I’m excited to share with you our new book-inspired work that matches your all-time favorite children’s book, Giraffes Can’t Dance (link)

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

If you have never read this book, add it to your must-read list. It is a beautiful picture with a powerful message for children and adults alike. This story is about a gerald named Gerald who really wants to dance but has a hard time doing so. She finally got the courage to dance with a little encouragement from her friends. It’s being yourself and following your beatings that I really love. What better way to follow your rhythm than to help the giraffe?

While waiting, print a giraffe pattern and cut around the head. You can use one that is already colored or have your child color the giraffe’s head. We chose to do a few each.

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities Leapfrog Tag Activity Storybook Giraffes Can’t Dance (scholastic)

After you have painted the giraffe’s head, it is time to collect your hair. To assemble, take a piece of paper and attach it to one side of the tube. Then take a thin strip of tape and wrap it around the tube again. Make sure it is really safe. You really do not want beans to fly everywhere!

Try shaking out and adding any extra tape. Then, when you are sure the beans are not going anywhere, you can paint the giraffe’s head. We used a glue gun to make sure it was more secure, but the glue sticks also worked. Hey! You are ready to sing, dance and play.

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

After we used the instruments we used to review the book, we played some music and danced in the morning. It’s really exciting to see my girls excited about the books that come to life. Total wins in my book! I hope you and your children enjoy this craft and your summer is full of sweet memories.

Literacy Snack Idea Giraffes + Free Printable

My children and I really love this book and the work is beautiful! Ashley creates great kids activities and great ideas for family fun on her blog. It also gives encouragement to my busy mom who I love the most. Follow Ashley, you will be glad you did! Continue reading for some Giraffes Can’t Dance activities for preschoolers, preschoolers and preschoolers. These activities will surely get the attention of your toddler!

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

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Our May issue is Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees. Have you read it before?

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

Giraffes Cant Dance

This book tells the most adorable story about Gerald the Giraffe who really wants to dance … but with his long legs and knees he is really ugly and bitter. The other animals laughed at him, which made Gerald very sad. But with the help of clever cricket, Gerald knew it was okay to be different … you just danced. Only your drum beat!

This book is great because it has a positive message for kids … be yourself and embrace your individuality! It also has beautiful music and colorful illustrations that your toddler will love!

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

Check out the Giraffe action that can’t be danced after you read the story. I have included free craft snacks and acoustic activities that perform the distinction between Hard G and Soft G (perfect for mentioning Gerald!’S name!).

Giraffes Can’t Dance Free Preschool Printable And Activities🦒

First things first … snacks! This giraffe cookie inspired by Devil cuisine works perfectly with Giraffes Can’t Dance. Not only fun but also delicious! (You can also make these monkey cookies because there are monkeys in the story too!)

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

Crafts are my favorite crafts! Seeing how my children’s handwriting has changed over the years is really bitter. I do not want to forget how small their hands are with age!

The giraffe fingerprint was inspired by Jessica at her kindergarten. Plemons and it was the perfect way to get stuck in an unforgettable project with Giraffes Can’t Dance. Your toddler can make Gerald himself!

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

Steam / Stem Challenge To Go With Giraffes Can’t Dance

English is a language that is difficult to learn … Not all letters are weird, but some letters are more than one! It is not uncommon for children to be easily disturbed.

G is one of the trickiest letters … it can make / g / sounds like “dirty” or “green”. But it can also generate / j / sounds like “giraffe” or “virus”. G often produces the sound / j / when e, i, or y follow it. (I always say that because there are always violators… like the word “accept”).

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

This free choice activity helps young children practice the differences between Hard G and Soft G. This is really advanced skills, so do not worry if your job is not ready for this. They will be there soon! Revealing them, too, to the fact that G can do more than one is great for phonetics.

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Remember, do not feel that you have to do every word all the time. Maybe just start with 2-4 words and help your toddler hear what each word does. It’s all about exposure and performance!

Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

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Giraffes Can T Dance Activities

Giraffes Can’t Dance

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