Making Shapes Out Of Paper

Monday, January 16th 2023. | Sample Templates

Making Shapes Out Of Paper – My friend Tracy Hildebrand is a former art teacher who volunteers for her daughter’s school art projects.

When she told me about a paper craft project with kids that looked simple and fun, I asked Tracy to explain how she did it.

Making Shapes Out Of Paper

Making Shapes Out Of Paper

1. Tear the paper into nickel-sized pieces and place them in a plastic bag filled with water. Keep for at least 24 hours. If you are using colored paper, you may want to separate the colors into different containers or group similar colors together. We used yellow/orange, blue/purple and pink.

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2. Add about half a cup of shredded paper and about a cup of water to the blender. Add glitter if desired. Process until the paper separates into pulp

Making Shapes Out Of Paper

3. Place the frame screen in a large container of water and place the cookie cutter on top of the screen.

4. Pour the paper mash into the cookie cutter, making sure to get the pulp in all parts of the mold. Wait a few minutes and drain the water.

Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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6. Carefully lift the cookie cutter so the paper rests on the screen. Place a piece of felt on top and press gently with the palm of your hand to absorb as much moisture as possible.

8. The finished paper shapes can be used as ornaments or to decorate cards. If you want to write on them, permanent markers work well (ballpoint and rollerball pens dig more).

Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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How To Make Paper Snowflakes

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

Artful Parenting is a resource for families and educators. We help you nurture creative kids with crafts, seasonal crafts, and family fun! A free pattern for any holiday decoration, invitation, box, hat, card, sign or ornament you might want to start on a high note.

MY POLKA DOT MAKER © Printable Paper Templates are fun, colorful dots that will make simple holiday decorations, crafts, and card designs like the one below look amazing and all the other embellishments you need!

Making Shapes Out Of Paper

Pack Paper Coral Shape Paper Coral Cut Out Paper Coral

MAKE IT EASY! It’s super easy, fun and makes parties as fun as possible. You print out the polka dot paper pattern, then print out the pattern you chose below and tape the two printed pages together. Then cut, fold, glue and you have beautiful, affordable ornaments, tags and cards.

This template is very versatile, use it for invitations, thank you cards or greetings. Both the envelope and card look great if you use two different polka dots on each side of the pattern, or choose a polka dot side and a plain side and make the card and envelope with different sizes of polka dots. If you choose two sizes of polka dots, glue the first dot sheet to the template, cut out the template and the dot sheet. Then glue another piece of polka dot paper to the other side and cut. If you like polka dots and it’s simple, print the pattern below on colored paper, glue the polka dot sheet to one side, cut, fold, glue, DONE!

Making Shapes Out Of Paper

You can use these cut out cake boxes to send home a perfect cake for each of your guests!

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Or you can make 1, 2 or 3 cakes with everything! If you want to make a cake pan, you will need about 11 boxes of cake slices of different sizes. The first layer of the cake will be amazing, use this pattern. Then reduce the size of the pattern to a photocopy of the following layers. If you want to do this but are having trouble, please contact us, we can help you with many models in different sizes. contact us

Making Shapes Out Of Paper

This easy-to-make card looks great with different sizes of polka dots on the inside and outside. Cut out one of our FREE Stickers and FREE TAGS from the inner center. You can easily drag our labels into Microsoft Word or any other word processing program to add a text box with thank you notes or invitation details.

We all need a party hat – early, late or always! They create stylish, fun, hip, candy or pastel colors. Party Hat: “IT’S A PARTY, PARTY TIME!” it is written. regardless of age or condition! It’s SOOO much easier to be yourself than to go through the long, scary road to find your perfect ONE!

Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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We all need another box sooner or later. Party box, gift box, love box, cute box, storage box, small toy box! Here is the box! You will need to print this pattern TWICE, fold and attach the tab to the other printed pattern and fold the other one around. Looks solid, it’s easy to cut and fold into lines. Best printed on card stock – blank card stock always decorated with MY POLKA DOT MAKER! 🙂

Share your new designs, we’ll share ours! Easy and fun. Just type, enter your template image and this gadget will do the rest! Do you have a website? Yes, you can link to your site!

Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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Making Shapes Out Of Paper

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