Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

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Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel – Gone are the days of long spreadsheets scattered across hundreds of notebooks and important project decisions lost in a very full drawer. Every project needs clear and accurate project communication to get off the ground. With the right project management tools and templates, you’ll reach your goals with ease.

We’ve created nine Microsoft Excel templates that fit these specific types of projects or steps. Need somewhere to track your project costs and ensure you stay on budget? You may need a template to update a quick weekly status report to send to your team. All of your planning, budgeting, and tracking can live within these templates as a one-stop shop for all project-related information. Simplify the process and reduce the risk of missing important opportunities. Check them out below.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

Whether project status reports are via email or during a meeting, you can stay organized and up-to-date. Keep a project status report template in your back pocket to copy and paste relevant information each week. Add updates to existing templates to save time for you and your team. What stages did your team go through? Call these people to help them. Are there any risks or issues that need to be addressed? Here is a place to document any errors and provide solutions. Use the project status template to update your team and company management.

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Take this template one step further and archive it for future reference. You can evaluate what went wrong and what worked well. Project status templates are tailored to your specific work situation.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

Think of your team project task template as a high-level overview of all the tasks and subroutines associated with your project. Break it down into parallel parts with project phases. List the tasks, their stakeholders, deadlines and priorities. Enable stakeholders to update project tasks as they work, including start and finish dates, percent complete, and when they will be completed. This template is considered authentic by all responsible sources. Stakeholders with questions can use this document to find out who will answer their questions or work closely with them.

You can create a team project task template here. Align this timeline with your project plan to compare progress and highlight small successes.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

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The criteria and action items of each project that are necessary to achieve the final goal are prioritized. Deploying an action item model to a workflow provides a visual representation of those action items. You can mark these action items as high, medium, or low importance in your template. You can specify deadlines and responsible stakeholders. Depending on the scope of your project, the project activity model can be organized for a single phase of the project or for a group of tasks.

A behavioral project model shows which tasks are dependent on the completion of other tasks. A wide-angle view of how these projects connect from start to finish.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

If you have a group of visual learners, here is a template for you. A Gantt chart is a visual breakdown of project stages, stakeholders, and tasks with color-coded lines located in a horizontal calendar view. Choose a color from each group or individual stakeholder. You will see the progress of each task on the project timeline. There is also a menu view that shows more traditional line tasks.

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Using these two layouts together allows each stakeholder to feel like they are following the project in the way that makes the most sense for them. If the typical menu layout isn’t appealing, choose a more attractive item tracking design.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

Almost all projects, big or small, have a budget. Project budgeting is certainly no room for error or miscommunication. Tracking costs throughout the project is important to avoid unexpected payments at the end. Estimated costs are set out in the proposal when the project starts. Sort them by category, group or other steps. Then use the template as a guide to record the various expenses and make sure they meet your expectations.

It’s a quick and easy way to find out if you’re on a tight budget. If you are in danger of spending more money than you intended, you will be immediately warned. Using a standardized budget template will help you clearly communicate your financial forecasts to your team.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

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For those who want a visual representation of different types of projects, for those who show direct connections between tasks, the critical path model may be for you. This template shows a series of circles (tasks or criteria) connected by lines starting from the beginning. Each has its own team or set of related tasks. When all is said and done, your critical path approach looks like a network of tasks and resources.

This Excel style of project management is perfect for improving team performance. It clearly shows a network diagram of the tasks required to complete each step. You can mark high and low priority tasks as such. This arrangement can help with project planning and scheduling.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

The curve is similar to a normal project graph, with the horizontal line (x-axis) representing the project plan and the vertical line (y-axis) the work to be completed. Dots in each row are used to represent performance measures or milestones throughout the process. This template works hand in hand with your planning strategy. It is a high-level view of the project schedule that supports project documents and objectives.

Project Plan Template

You will often see a pattern with two linear curves, one representing the ideal schedule and the other the actual schedule. At the end of the project, compare the two lines to see how the project is progressing against the original goals.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

Project dashboards are probably one of the most familiar layouts in project management. They can be made available to each individual user to show their unique tasks and how those tasks fit into the larger project. Here you can take multiple templates and save them all in one place. Break the dashboard down into sets of tasks and quickly assess deadlines, potential bottlenecks, and project status.

Dashboards are effective in communicating key performance indicators and project status through various media. For example, use a bar graph to show which tasks are on time and which are behind schedule. Calculate the workload for each stakeholder and how much time will be spent on each task. A project dashboard template can be a place for all project data and metrics.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

Wbs Gantt Chart Excel Template Easy Project Management

This high-level project map includes the project schedule, phases, goals, and deliverables in a compact collection of lists, summaries, and diagrams. It can be as visual or graphical as you like to identify the key elements of the project. Divide the project plan into phases. For each step, provide a description or list associated with that step.

Think of this template as one of the first steps in the conceptualization phase of a project. You and your team have done some initial brainstorming, determined your goals, and set them. Now you need to communicate this information to all interested parties. Combine visuals with concise copy to communicate your project plan through a project plan template.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

What is SOP? 2022 Guide to Writing One [Templates + Examples] If you’re looking for a way to start creating SOP documents, check out this template to help you standardize how your team documents internal processes. Prepared by BreadGuru

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Internal communication and team updates Use this template to provide your team with a weekly summary of the information they need. Includes card templates for monthly and daily updates. Created by NoomGuru

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

Get back to work and collect remote work templates Collaborate remotely with these templates. From time-wasting meetings to remote change management tips, we’ve got you covered. Open or open your Excel task tracking template by GuruG, the best way to manage your projects online.

Download the free project task tracking Excel template to help you get started with to-do lists, to-do lists, or project management. Includes planned and actual columns. Tracking tasks has never been easier than using this free Microsoft Excel template.

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

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But if you want to take your task tracking to the next level, open a task tracking template. You can track your tasks not only in a spreadsheet, but with five different project views: Kanban board, Gantt chart, task list, calendar and chart. Additionally, you can collaborate on these tasks with your team in real-time and track software progress with live dashboards and real-time status reports. Get started for free

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