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Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet – How to create a cheat sheet in Excel? If you use Excel, you may have heard the term “cheat sheet.” But what is cheating in Excel? A cheat sheet is a quick guide that makes performing common tasks in Excel faster and easier. They can be especially useful if you are working with a complex spreadsheet or formula. In this post, we will show you how to create and use your own cheat sheets in Excel. We’ll also share some of our favorite tips and tricks for using cheat sheets effectively. Let’s start!

If you’re just starting out with Excel, there are some basic formulas you should know. These formulas can help you perform common tasks, such as calculating sums and averages. Here are the seven most important Excel formulas you should know:

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

IF: Checks if a condition is met and returns one value if true and another value if false

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Creating a cheat sheet in Excel is easy! Just open a new workbook and start entering your formulas. You can also use an existing workbook as your cheat sheet. Doing so saves a copy of the workbook so you don’t accidentally overwrite it.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Once you have your cheat sheet, you can add notes or instructions to each formula. This can help you remember how to use the formula or what it does. You can also post an example of the formula in action. For complex formulas, you can include step-by-step instructions for using them.

Once your cheat sheet is complete, you can save it as a PDF or print it out so you can refer to it whenever you need it.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

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With these tips in mind, you’re ready to start using cheat sheets in Excel. Remember to keep it simple, organized, and up-to-date. Congratulations on your Excel!

An Excel cheat sheet is a handy reference that you can use to look up various formulas and functions. It can be used to quickly find the syntax for a particular formula or function and see examples of how it can be used.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

There are many different ways to create cheats in Excel. A popular method is using templates. There are many different chart templates available online that you can download and customize to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can create your own template from scratch.

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When creating a cheat sheet, you should have all the information you think you need. This includes the syntax for each formula or function and examples of how to use it. By including this information, you can quickly and easily find the information you need without having to search through a lot of documents.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Including a cheat sheet in Excel can be a valuable resource for new and experienced users. Having all the information you need in one place helps you work more efficiently and effectively. Whether you use a template or create your own, a cheat sheet can help you get the most out of Excel.

There is no “right” way to remember a formula in Excel. However, some methods may work better for you than others. One approach is to break the formula into smaller parts and then practice each piece individually. Another method is to create a cheat sheet that you can refer to when you need to use the formula. Whichever method you choose, the goal is to find a way that works best for you to quickly and easily recall the information when needed.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

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Feel like you missed the memo on some insider SEO tricks? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Click here to see our excel formulas cheat sheet Here is a list of excel formulas to help you hack your next excel project: To add multiple values ​​from different cells:

Formula Cheat Sheet

Whether you want to count the number of inbound links after exporting a CSV report, or just want to know the total search volume for a list of terms after some keyword analysis, the SUM function is an easy way to go.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Just type =SUM in the field where you want your total to appear. Then open the parentheses and then the value you want to add (e.g. 7) or the field name (e.g. C12) containing the values ​​you want to add. Separate each primitive with ; and when you’re done, close the parenthesis and hit enter.

Tip: You can also add different values ​​by adding a colon. For example: =SUM(C2; F9; A2:A9) adds the values ​​in cells C2, F9 and all values ​​from cells A2 – A9.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Excel Cheat Sheet

The LEN function can be useful when writing your SEO best practices title tags and meta descriptions. It will help you make sure they are neither too long nor too short.

Select an answer field and enter =LEN and open parentheses. Now click on the field whose answer you want to know (or type its name), close the parenthesis and press Enter.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

You can now see exactly how many characters the selected field contains, including spaces and all punctuation marks.

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LOWER / UPPER / PROPER: The LOWER, UPPER, and PROPER functions are used to change the case of text.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

As you might have guessed, LOWER changes all letters to lowercase, UPPER changes all letters to uppercase, and PROPER changes the first letter of each word to uppercase because it’s, uh, right.

When you take a CSV report from, say, an SEO audit tool, the capitalization of some characters may not be what you want them to be. Sometimes it’s old title tags that are all upper case, or a list of names that are all lower case. Anyway (pun intended) these actions can help you work with the letters in the cell.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

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To use this formula, type =Upper in the cell you select, open the parentheses, and type the name of the cell(s) you want to change in upper case. Now close the brackets and press enter.

It’s worth noting that you can’t type the formula into the cell you’re trying to change, you’ll need to do it elsewhere and then copy the new text.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

CONCATENATE: The CONCATENATE function is used to combine multiple strings/cells so that the contents appear as one whole in a new cell.

How Do I Create A Cheat Sheet In Excel?

We’ve all come across situations where we needed to merge multiple cells or just add extra text to a list of cells. Like when you have a list of relative URLs but want to add the domain to make them absolute URLs. Or you just want to combine text in the First Name and Last Name columns.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Tip: You can also add additional “freestyle” text to your linked cells. For example, if cell A1 says “Hello”, cell A2 says “How are you” and you want cell A3 to say “Hello, how are you today Joe”, do the following:

Now you get the contents of the two selected cells, as well as your own addition, all combined into one new cell. Magic.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

IF: The IF function is used to indicate that an IF condition has been met in a particular cell. You’re basically saying to Excel, “I want to know IF the following cells… (you fill in the blank).

You have a list of months with target trades and you just want to check which months your monthly trading target was reached.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

For example, if I want to know IF a field contains a number greater than 12, I use the IF function.

Basic Microsoft Excel Formulas Cheat Sheets Keyboard Shortcut Keys & Hacks

So just type =IF(, now put your conditions in quotes. Add a semicolon and YES in quotes (or whatever you want Excel to show you when the conditions are met). Now add a semicolon and “NO” in quotes Close the parentheses and press Enter.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

SUMIF: The SUMIF function is used to sum only certain values ​​in a range (i.e. only if they meet certain conditions).

So you’ve pulled a CSV report from Google Analytics and you want to aggregate the number of target transactions (in one column) from a specific country (in another column). This is easy with the SUMIF function.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Excel Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

For example, you may have many numbers in a range (column C), but you only want to sum the numbers if another cell (in that row) is “Australia”.

SUMIFS: The SUMIFS function is used to sum values ​​in a range if they meet more than one specified condition.

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Similar to the example above, you want to add up the number of goal achievements of a specific country. Only this time they have to come from a specific browser and more than 300.

Excel Cheat Sheet (basic)

For example, you have a list of keywords with their search volume in another column and you want to see how many of them

Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

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