Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

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Free Intarsia Knitting Charts – Here is a new PDF file for this pattern that you can download for free. Stocking Pattern Link: Download Now.

I made this flat stocking because I don’t like knitting in the round and I like fair isle work and intarsia designs in this way.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Work this on the double-pointed needle that you must pass by working from one side to the other when forming the heel. You can knit on regular needles, but drag the work onto the second needle when it is appropriate. In addition to the top of the stocking, it is worked in knitting (knit to the right and purl to the reverse).

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Weirdness of yarn. I like to knit these on 2.75 mm needles with 4 ply pure cotton, but the pattern can knit whatever you like. Note that, obviously, the larger the needle size and the thicker the yarn, the larger the finished stocking. Before you start, decide what color you will attach the heel and put a length of 110 cm (44″) to one side to form the second heel.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

** If working in one of the Stranded / Fairisle designs: Decrease 1 stitch at each end to give 25 stitches on the last row of the wrong side of the diagram.

Row 26: k3, k2tog across back, k1, 1 heel stitch remaining on needle (see photo step 1)

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern {for Beginners}

Place these 4 stitches on the main part of the stocking on the needle, pull all the work through the needle, turn to the wrong side, and repeat the work on the other part of the heel (see step of photo 2).

Reverse row 18: with the wrong side, first cut with 110 cm of yarn*, p7, leaving the remaining stitches on the needle

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Row 32: Join the main color facing the right side again, start knitting on the first 4 stitches of the heel formation, pick up 5 stitches from the inside of the heel formation (see photo step 3), knit 11 points in the main part. of the stocking, take 5 stitches from the inner edge of the second half of the heel 4 stitches (29 stitches on the needle) (see photo step 4)

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Row 46: Change the color of the right side at the top (see photo step 5) and work 2 rows

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Row 50: K3, K2tog in the back, k2, k2tog, k1, k2tog in the back, k2, k2tog, k3 (15 stitches) (see photo step 6)

Cut the work from the ball leaving a long end for the seam. Pull the end of the thread (see photo step 7) through 15 stitches on the needle.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Bunny Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

Turn inside out, tie and cut all ends securely – no sewing required. Turn right.

Pendant ring: Cast on 35 stitches and then slip them. Sew the double strip on the back of the stocking to make a loop. Secure with a cute button.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Ravelry has many ideas for adapting the design of this pattern (for example, adding numbers to make an advent calendar):

Moon & Sun Sweater

It can be made from scraps of yarn – sock yarn or 4 ply is best. To make it fit, use the same size needle that you used to make your mini bunny. For example, the mini bunnies above are knitted from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn on 3.25mm needles, so I used 3.25mm needles for the dresses.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Do on 28 points, leaving about a tail of 6 inches for seaming the back of the dress at the end.

Row 12: Purl 4, purl at the back of the next stitch (leaving an eye for the armhole), purl 6, purl at the back of the next stitch (leaving another eye for the arm), purl 4 ( 16 points)

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Running Shoe Washcloth Pattern

Cut the work from the ball leaving about an 8 inch tail. Using a fine crochet hook (about 2 mm) make a chain of 5 stitches with this tail and add it back to the starting point with a slip stitch to make a small loop. Sew a small button on the opposite side as a fastening to the dress.

Weave the rest of the cast off end along the edge at the decrease point of 9 rows, now hang the end. Trim the needle with the cast on edge and use the mattress tip to close the seam on the back of the garment. When you reach the shape in row 9, tie the two ends and weave in the seam before trimming the excess.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

YFON: Feed the yarn over the needle – making a stitch. Start with the yarn working in the back of the work, return on the right hand needle to the front and return under the right hand needle, making a loop and working the next stitch as indicated in the model. .

Cashmere Scarf — Free Patterns — Stitch & Hustle

SSK: Slide, slide, weave. Slip one stitch (as if knitting) on ​​the right hand needle, slip the second stitch in the same way, slip the two stitches on the left hand needle and knit together through the rear loop.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Although it’s not a pattern, I thought I’d include it here because it might be useful if you’re designing your own patterns or taking adaptive notes from others. Download the file and print copies as needed.

Rows 5-10: Continue knitting with red yarn for 6 more rows. Then cut the red thread from the work, leaving a tail of 5 inches or more for sewing.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Nearly Free Pirate Kids Jumper Intarsia Knitting Pattern 26

6 centimeters of strong yarn (one that does not break) slip as it goes through the 20 stitches on the needle (do not tie these ends). Take another 6 inch length of strong yarn and take the loops from the back of the highest row of red knitting, again leaving only now.

Now take your small circle and place it on the back of the work behind where you plan to embroider the face. A small nose in the middle of the face with black thread embroidery – I used 1 cross stitch and 1 small stitch. Now add the eyes (if you want, you can tie a small knot in the thread to make the eye pop). Tie the black thread to the back of the work and cut the excess securely.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Take the length of the ribbon, double it and tie a knot at the end to make a loop. Pull the yarn tightly at the top of the work to start climbing to the top of the head. Pass the ribbon through the gathered edge at the top of the head with the outer loop and the knot in the head. Hold the end of the thread that meets the top of the head and tie it securely. Begin to join the seam in the back of the head with the cast off end of the colored bear.

Free Pdf Pattern To Knit Your Own Intarsia Sweater

When you get to the bottom of the head take a piece of stuffing and use it to stuff the head tightly. Then take the second pair of strong yarn ends and hold them very tightly to meet them at the neck – tie them securely and leave the ends inside the body. Continue sewing the rest of the body to the cast on edge.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Stuff the body cavity and join the seam at the bottom of the dress (take the body of stitch loops from the back of the second row. This gives a nice flared out edge to the bottom of the dress).

Now make the members (4 ditto). Cast on 4 stitches with double pointed needles and knit a small i-cord (tutorial here – scroll until you find it) about 6 rows long. Cut the work from the ball, thread the ends through the stitches on the needle, then tie off securely to throw on the tail in the middle of the work (my free pattern for teen toys has pictures to make members).

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Color Knitting Techniques And Methods

To make the bear’s ears in 3 stitches, knit 1 row, cast 3. Cast on and fixing the ends together, using a few stitches to join the top of the head. The knot ends securely and is tucked into the body before the excess is cut off.

Take the first of the limbs and add it to the body with a few stitches. The knot ends securely and is tucked into the body before the excess is cut off. Repeat with remaining members.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

There you have it, a little bear Christmas ornament, all ready to hang on the tree!

North Woods Knitting Patterns

If you want, you can make the dress longer (about 12 rows) and not disturb the legs.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

If you want a bunny instead of a bear, see my free pattern for small toys for teenagers for the bunny ears instructions.

Here’s a free pattern to make some cute toys that are under 2.5 inches (6 cm) tall.

Free Intarsia Knitting Charts

Knitting Pattern Pdf Download Garden Birds Intarsia Charts

Some scraps of 4 strand yarn in pink, black and fur (brown/cream/grey…)

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