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Microsoft Office Invoice – A new email scam claims to be from Office 365 to try to gain the trust of victims. The malicious emails, discovered early Wednesday morning (October 23, 2019), appear to use the display name ‘Microsoft Online Services Team’ and state in the subject line ‘Invoicing completed with Microsoft Office 365 services’. The body of the email appears as an official announcement from Office 365. It advises recipients to ‘make a payment’, ‘sign in’ via the link provided. The recipient’s ‘Account Information’ and ‘Payment Identification Number’ are also included. Here’s a screenshot of the email: By clicking on the ‘make payment’ link, unsuspecting recipients will be taken to a fake Microsoft Office business name page asking them to ‘log in’ using their username and password. This is actually a phishing page designed to collect sensitive information from recipients. After “Sign In”, recipients will be directed to the official portal to login to their account. This email attack is not a very well designed attack compared to some of the more sophisticated scams we see here. The email itself contains spatial errors; A red flag for anyone aware of email security threats. For example, the email says, ‘Please confirm the signed proforma invoice, we will proceed to process your payment accordingly’. The email scam above, however, is a good example of how cybercriminals can use normal business transactions to trick unsuspecting recipients. How can I protect myself from such email scams? To reduce the risk of being tricked by one of these scams, you should immediately delete any emails that: • Look suspicious and ask you to download files or click on any links in the e- email to access your account or other information. • Claiming to be from a business you know and trust, but using language that doesn’t match the way they normally write (including grammatical errors) • Asking you to click on a link in body of the email to access their website. If you are unsure, call the company/person directly and ask if the email is legitimate. This phishing email is now 100% blocked by Protected Businesses. If you receive this email, please delete it immediately without clicking on any links. Email users are encouraged to remember that cybercriminals can target brands we trust and love, such as Microsoft. It is always wise to be suspicious of messages from unknown senders asking you to log into your account. Is your business receiving emails with criminal intent? Now is the time to get the protection your business needs. Cybercriminals use email scams to infiltrate and attack organizations with malware from the inside. Every criminal entering your business must be a cleverly written message. If you can trick someone in your organization into clicking on a malicious link, they can gain access to your data. Contact the team today to learn more about how premium and advanced email security can help protect your business for just a few dollars per employee per month. Contact a Solutions Consultant today about securing your company’s network. Why not keep up to date with the latest blogs by signing up for free updates? Subscribe for weekly updates by clicking the button below.

Akankasha Dewan 10 Oct 2019 11:04:06 AEDT 6 min Read Email with ‘audio file’ attachment offers phishing attack A new phishing email scam has been discovered that uses an ‘audio file’ to carry out a phishing attack. Akankasha Dewan Start reading Nov 22, 2019 13:24:40 AEDT 7 min Read Alert: New ‘Voicemail’ Email Alert Offers Phishing Attack A new email scam has been discovered that uses ‘voicemail’ to distribute phishing attacks. Start reading Akankasha Dewan 05 Feb 2020 10:12:06 AEDT 4 min read Extension emails ask for $1300 worth of bitcoins in 72 hours Fraud email scams are on the rise due to multiple data breaches that have cost a large amount of data personal. Start reading

Microsoft Office Invoice

Microsoft Office Invoice

Download the free Action Guide to Surviving Cybercrime from CEO and Founder Craig MacDonald. Office is a suite of applications, servers and services developed by Microsoft. Commonly used applications include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Although we only offer invoice templates in Excel format (most are in “.xlsx” format, but there are also “.xls” designs available), Microsoft itself maintains a number of samples on its website.

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The notary invoice template can be viewed as a general service invoice template and a consultant invoice template. A professional and general notary can help you create and print invoices and estimates. The invoice form has 3 columns – date, description and amount.

Microsoft Office Invoice

This roofing service invoice and bill format was created based on the standard invoice template provided by the Excel installer Invoice Manager. See the standard invoice template category for more samples on this topic. The most obvious difference between this custom format and the standard template is that this version of the roof service in addition to the color scheme shows a roof image on the form. This image is added as a background image, so it won’t appear when you create invoices – the overlay image only appears on printed invoices, or email the PDF version you’ve generated to Excel Invoice Manager and your client.

Combining multiple cell values ​​is not as easy as you might think. As explained on, there are many ways to do this, but Excel does not provide any special formula for this – except for Excel 2016 (Office 365), which provides the “TEXTJOIN” function.

Microsoft Office Invoice

Company Impersonating Microsoft? (australian Victim)

Just like the construction invoice template c4046, this template also has 4 columns: “Description”, “Amount”, “Unit Price” and “Line Total”. This differs from the c1001 construction proposal template and the c1005 construction contract template, where there is only 1 column and the total size can be adjusted manually.

We have already announced several formats for retail. For example, c5010 Music Store Invoice Template (Retail), c3013 Pet Food Store Receipt, c7003 Bookstore Invoice Format, etc. publishes popular titles for clothing stores. Although many of the templates are named after specific industry names, they are certainly not limited to what the names suggest. If you are looking for an invoicing template for your retail business, the most important thing is that the fields provided in the template meet your requirements.

Microsoft Office Invoice

This seventh sample in a multi-price or multi-discount series has no shipping fields in the print section, and the prices are set in amounts (instead of percentages).

Understand Your Bill Or Invoice For Microsoft 365 For Business

Use this template to make Invoice Manager your invoicing and billing software for Malaysia. The following table shows the original and the translated version.

Microsoft Office Invoice

Here at we have added many custom fields to the original version called Mixed Tax Rates and implemented a feature that allows you to charge different types of items on the same invoice. Create some Excel formulas. Using custom fields and Excel formulas, we can create interesting features that are not supported by the default sales invoice that ships with Invoice Manager for Excel. The two new columns “Product Type” and “Applicable Tax Rates” were placed outside the printed invoice form in the original version. If the product/item description text labels are short, you may want to place these two new columns in the printable invoice form. This special form called Mixed Tax Rates in Invoice (7 columns) implements this.

After leaving the “Shipping Date” field, you may want to expand the size of the adjacent fields so that the layout is organized. This is done by expanding the label and field of the contract. To expand the “Terms” label, first leave the “Shipping Date” field, select the original cells and the remaining blank cells, and then execute the “Merge and Center” command on the Excel ribbon tab. To use this field, first move the main agreement cell to the first cell (on the left) in the empty space and then select all the cells you want to merge and then execute the “merge” command. .

Microsoft Office Invoice

Service Invoice Template

Please note that if you are using the Request Manager version of the Consultation Request Template for Excel, you need to protect the request form before you can modify it.

If you are using the Hotel Invoice Template/Hotel Receipt Template Invoice Manager for Excel version, the Invoice# (or Receipt#) will be generated automatically when you save the document.

Microsoft Office Invoice

This guest invoice / guest folio / guest account for hotels / motels includes guest count list, room number, arrival date, arrival time, departure date, departure time. An image of a satisfied business traveler was added to decorate the design of the form.

Incoming Invoice Process With Ocr In Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2016

The meaning and use of the discount values, including details of the request, is available on the Discount Percentage Service Request Form. If you want information about moving Excel

Microsoft Office Invoice

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