B1 Invitation Letter Sample

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B1 Invitation Letter Sample – According to US federal law, a Nigerian applicant must apply for a US visa independently. However, that person can be invited by someone who already lives in the US, which can make the visa process a bit easier. If you are thinking of traveling to the US, you may need to know what documents are required. An invitation letter is a good way to prove that you are a reliable citizen for a valid reason to visit that will not undermine the country’s well-being and stability. So here we will talk about how to invite from Nigeria to USA and how to write an invitation letter.

A letter of invitation for a US visa is an informal document, a letter sent to a person asking them to be there to visit the US. The recipient should be sent an invitation letter in advance, as he may need a little more time to prepare for the trip.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

Lately, it is quite difficult to get a visa to enter the US from Nigeria. For a long time, the US government has recorded numerous cases of Nigerians entering the United States and overstaying their visit or not leaving at all. Although the letter of invitation is not an official document required to obtain a US visa, it helps to demonstrate to the consular officer that the visitor’s intentions are sincere.

Sample Invitation Letter

Therefore, if someone is traveling to visit a family member or friend, attend a conference in the US for business purposes, it is a good idea to have the host write and send a visa invitation letter.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

If you are a US citizen or have a relative living in Nigeria, it is completely understandable that you want them to visit the US. However, this cannot be an easy thing. The reasons why a Nigerian citizen should visit the US are not always clear to the US Embassy in Nigeria. For this purpose, a US citizen or resident may be required to send a letter of invitation to the US Embassy to assure consular officials that the invited person will not violate US law.

In general, a letter of invitation to the US cannot guarantee that a visa will be issued. The point is that the invitation letter is not even an official document, it helps to clarify the intention of the Nigerian visitor to travel. Although an invitation letter cannot be based on a sponsor’s assurance, the invitee must apply for a visa according to his or her situation. Based on the invitation letter, visa application and interview, consular officers decide whether the visa applicant will be granted a visa.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

What Are Strong Ties For A B1/b2 Tourist Visa?

You can write an invitation letter with a Nigerian friend or relative after agreeing on the details of the trip. It may sound strange, but you must explain to the consular officer why your guest should be allowed to enter the country. So tell them why he’s not a dangerous person, but not so directly.

As mentioned above, the invitation letter mentions the visitor’s strong connection to his home country, such as close family, property, good job, education, etc. You should include information that would not normally be left out.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

Writing an invitation letter is not required, but it will help to get a family member or friend from Nigeria approved for a tourist or business visa. Invitations don’t really have a shape or arrangement. It should be sent to the US Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria or to the person you are inviting to the US. In both cases, all necessary information must be provided in an appropriate manner.

Sample Friendly Letter/email (giving Advice)

You can start the first paragraph with a description of your occupation and income, as well as the possibility of providing accommodation for your visitor. You may ask why you need to prove your income. The thing is, you are the only person who can vouch for someone coming to the US.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

You can continue your invitation letter by explaining who the invitee is and the reason for the visit. Include his name (as it appears on his international passport), residential address in Nigeria, your guest’s international passport number, phone number, email address. Explain how you treat the visitor. You can even become a translator who can help streamline the application process.

The reason for visiting the USA can be traveling for business or tourism purposes. Seeing country, family member, spouse etc. may want to enjoy the culture Note that a tourist or business visa excludes the possibility of permanent employment or residence.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

Invitation Letter For Visa Application > Visas Association

The last paragraph should contain details of the applicant’s whereabouts, including the location and dates of entry and exit from the US. It is important to note when the visa applicant plans to leave the US, which must be agreed upon with the host in advance.

Conclude the invitation letter with a respectful visa request for the applicant. For example, “I respectfully request that (my friend’s name) be granted a visa to enter the United States as my guest.”

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

Below are two examples of how to write an invitation letter to the US visa officer and the person you are inviting.

Declining An Invitation Letter

How are you? How are Baba and Ngozi? I hope you are well. I am writing to invite you to spend this Christmas with me. As you may recall, we planned to visit many famous attractions such as Mammoth Cave, Dog Slaughter Falls, the Appalachian Mountains, the African American Museum, the Dallas World Aquarium and many more. I hope you enjoy experiencing American culture and spending Christmas in America this year. It is good that you came on December 15, 2018 and left on January 5, because my vacation ends on January 3.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

Be assured that I cover all your expenses during your visit to America. This includes accommodation, meals, travel and personal expenses.

From the US Consulate in Abuja, Nigeria, I will send all the necessary documents to obtain a visa.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

Chinese Business (m) Visa Application Requirements

My name is Afolabi Balewa and I live at 7654 Military Road, New York, IL 60765. I am a surgeon and permanent resident of USA. I request you to issue a tourist (81/62) visa to my friend Ashanti Azikiwe residing at 7 Makurdi Street, Lagos, Nigeria. Ashanti and I have been very close friends for the past 5 years. I would like to invite him to visit me in the US this summer.

Ashanti plans to visit me from January 20, 2019 to January 30, 2018. I think this will be a great time for us since I will be on vacation. During this time I promise to be fully responsible for your stay and all personal expenses. Ashanti will be staying with me at the address below.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

Ashanti will provide you with this letter and other evidence of his connections with Nigeria. Your kind consideration for this request will be greatly appreciated.

How To Get An Invitation Letter For A Us Visa?

Make sure you send the invitation letter to your friend in Nigeria to include in the visa application. If you are writing an invitation letter to the US Embassy, ​​you should send it directly to the address indicated on the letter.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

There are several important requirements that Nigerian visa applicants must meet when traveling to the US for business or pleasure. These.

A certificate of residence is primarily determined by the applicant’s ties to his country. These ties may include property, university education, family and/or work. Each applicant’s situation is unique and will be evaluated individually by the US Embassy.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

Visa Officer Cover Letter

The second requirement refers to the duration of the visit. Most of the time a business/tourist visa means short visits. A visa applicant from Nigeria must demonstrate to consular officials that the intention to travel falls within the parameters of a particular visa class. Applicants must also be able to demonstrate that they plan to return to their place of residence in Nigeria in time from the US. Remember, a person only has to go for a few weeks. If the visit lasts longer than that, the US Embassy may become suspicious. If someone wants to visit for 4, 5 or 6 months, they will probably be turned away unless there is a good reason for it.

The third requirement concerns the correct use of the visa. The applicant must convince the consular officers of the activities to be engaged in during his visit.

B1 Invitation Letter Sample

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