Dvd Jacket Template Word

Dvd Jacket Template Word – Please use the templates below to submit your artwork. You can use the built-in Adobe Indesign templates. These are generally true except for the CD/DVD format. Please export booklets as two-page duplicates in PDF format with page numbers included (either in the artwork or in the file name).

For the fastest completion please submit artwork directly on our templates complete with all information including page numbers. Make sure to add bleeds to all parts of the paper (see style keys for details). Don’t put text too close to the edge – Keep text or other important design elements at least 6 mm from the edge of the print.

Dvd Jacket Template Word

Dvd Jacket Template Word

Not overrunning artwork is the number one mistake clients make. Please take the time to understand what bleed is and be sure to review our templates carefully to ensure that bleed is added.

Nvidia Unveils Ediff I: Novel Generative Ai For Text To Image Synthesis With Instant Style Transfer &

Please read our artwork instruction document before submitting artwork. If in doubt, please consult a professional graphic designer for assistance.

Dvd Jacket Template Word

Use for artwork that does not cover the entire disc – such as company logos or plain text-based discs.

It is a single sheet of paper printed on one or both sides to give two printed pages. Use twice for two printed pages.

Dvd Jacket Template Word

How To Make A Dvd Cover: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Fits on the outside of the DVD case. Use twice if you want a clear case with visible artwork inside.

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