Tardis Template For Cake

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Tardis Template For Cake – An 11-year-old girl inspired this cake. While baking cakes for work, I was approached by a mother who wanted a gluten-free doctor-inspired cake for her daughter’s birthday party. After hearing good things about my work and considering food allergies, they contacted me and booked me to make cakes. I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do.

I started looking for inspiration and I saw a 3D Doctor Who TARDIS cake among the flat cakes, and I knew *I* had to make that cake. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the TARDIS is the iconic blue police box in which the Doctor and his companions travel. When I delivered the cake the party was set up with some great decorations and the birthday girl was delighted with the result. Me being the perfectionist that I am was not 100% happy and promised myself I would improve and do it again. But first I had to see what this Dr Who mania was all about. The Godfather and I started watching an episode of the reboot on Netflix, and then another, and another… and soon we had watched all the episodes currently available on Netflix for both the reboot and the original series ! We don’t have a BBC, so we’re patiently waiting for the release of the final season with the Twelfth Doctor. I think we became Whovians somewhere along the way!

Tardis Template For Cake

Tardis Template For Cake

Anyway, I had been thinking about this re-creation of a cake for a while, and after finishing the last part of the classic episode, I needed a Doctor Who project, and it seemed fitting to make a TARDIS cake. create tutorial. It’s long and takes a while to make the cake, so go have a cup of tea or something and then come back, because there’s a lot to learn here.

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First of all I want to say that this cake isn’t even good enough for me because I made some of the last details thanks to a mishap with cheap chocolate and ganache that literally started melting off the side of my cake. I explain as I share some basic tips on how to make a cake.

Tardis Template For Cake

You may want to use a denser cake recipe. Anything too airy and spongy can’t hold the weight and shape of the trims, even with good support.

Since this cake takes some time to assemble, I personally wouldn’t use highly perishable fillings and avoid jams and jellies as they can cause the cake to slide and shift. For this cake I used Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.

Tardis Template For Cake

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You can use buttercream frosting, but I recommend chocolate ganache. Chocolate ganache works beautifully under fondant to create very sharp edges, which is what you want if you want to make a Tardis cake. It’s a police box after all, and it’s really easy to clean up fondant with ganache, especially on the corners.

I chose to make a white chocolate ganache with a 3:1 ratio (one part chocolate to one part heavy cream by weight), which experience has taught me works well. The problem arose when I completely misjudged the amount of chocolate and ran out in the middle of the cake! The nearest store to buy my favorite chocolate is a 20 minute drive, so I went to a store nearby and picked up some white chocolate thinking “this will do” and it did… the first time (oddly enough , when I used potato chips (a common national brand) The second time I ran out, I picked up a different brand, a baking bar I hadn’t seen in the store before and thought, “This has got to be better, there’s no coating to deal with, so maybe that’s how it melts my better quality “Wali chocolate”, and the cane hasn’t hardened. Not at all.

Tardis Template For Cake

It seemed like I could spread it on the cake, and after it cooled, it seemed to be hard enough to work with again, but the moment I applied the fondant and started cutting the decorations, I left the cake on the stand counter. , I noted. that a piece of my fondant literally melted off the side of the cake in a devastating ganache avalanche. Considering I made each side straight up and the fondant lines up so nicely at each corner, I almost lost it. it was bad. Too bad it’s been a few months since I made that cake and I had to process this chocolate situation before I could talk about it rationally. Excuse me, I’ll hold myself for a second.

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In this situation I fixed it and removed the huge piece of fondant around the melting ganache, scraped it off and then recreated it with a crusty buttercream as best I could. But it messed up my schedule so much that I was running around in the middle of the night working out the details so I could paint early the next morning and send the cake to the godfather’s office as a Friday treat. Besides, who didn’t cut the cake at all because no one wanted to spoil it. Apparently people just came by to admire it all day and complain about not being able to have cameras working to take pictures. So after all this neglected work, it would sit in the office fridge for a weekend! Luckily, we were able to send it to a local college basketball team with a godfather colleague, and hungry college athletes have no qualms about grabbing a few bites when Nutella and cake are involved. For that I am grateful.

Tardis Template For Cake

The lesson we learned from this story… Don’t use cheap chocolates, because the sugar cane eventually spoils, making you cry.

So as you can see, in the rush and late night decorating, I didn’t have enough time to properly clean up all the little details and make it look the way I wanted, but these are my personal hang-ups, not yours, unless you’re like me, and then you’ll understand. But the instructions are clear enough to be okay.

Tardis Template For Cake

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Start by baking your cake layers. You’ll need enough for 8 1-inch-long layers. I achieved this by baking it in four 15 by 2 inch pans and turning them over. I don’t recommend the pans I use, and I explain why in the first video below. I highly recommend a pan like this from Fat Daddio, I actually buy these pans for myself that I have.

You also want to prepare your filling and icing. If you’re making chocolate ganache, use 48 ounces of chocolate (3 pounds), assuming you have a little more for the filling. Make 64 oz (4 lbs) if using ganache to fill the layers as well.

Tardis Template For Cake

If you’re using white chocolate, as I did, use a 3:1 ratio of chocolate to whipped cream. A 2:1 works for milk chocolate and 1:1 for bittersweet. That’s a lot of clumps, so use a large bowl and let it sit for several hours or overnight. You can also make this in two batches while you work on the pie.

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If you didn’t buy a 6-inch square pie plate, as is the case here, you’ll need to cut one out of a larger plate. You need two, one for each level. For the final presentation you will also need a large, sturdy cake board. I didn’t have a thick one on hand, so I stacked two of these simple cake boards on top of each other.

Tardis Template For Cake

You can prepare the cake board a day or two in advance so that the fondant can dry and set before pouring the cake. I chose to finish this cake plate with a space/galaxy inspired look. I started by taking some of my blue fondant, black fondant and some of the red fondant I had on hand, rolling them into snakes, twisting the snakes together and then rolling and folding them to get the desired effect. reaches. Be careful not to fold too much or the colors will completely blend together.

I very lightly brushed water onto my cake board to help the fondant stick, made my fondant slightly larger than my board, then with firm pressure and smoothed my fondant, glued the fondant to the board, edges Special care was taken to seal well had. Then use a pizza cutter to cut the fondant to the size of the plate and set it aside. I also brushed a little bit of Super Pearl Luster Dust onto the board to give it the effect of stardust.

Tardis Template For Cake

Dr Who Tardis Cake

It’s easy to explain, that’s why I made a video for you! If you’re already comfortable dividing and filling pie layers, skip to the next section.

The same basic technique applies to buttercream. it’s the easiest way to be nice

Tardis Template For Cake

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