Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

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Use our cover letter template to help you find the perfect job, with our seven-step structure designed to make applying easy.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter is an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential employers. It’s your first greeting, virtual handshake (while the real thing isn’t allowed yet) and your chance to make a great first impression.

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Our cover letter template is divided into seven simple sections, allowing you to copy and paste it ready to use. We’ll show you how to make each section stand out so you can fill it out with your information and get the hiring manager to take notice.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Think of your CV as your technical specifications. It lists all the things you can do and all the places you’ve done them.

Your cover letter, on the other hand, is more personal. It says more about your attitude, motivation and goals, allowing employers to see the real you and gain insight into how you think.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Top Cover Letter Examples In 2023 [for All Professions]

It is an opportunity for the new company to get to know you. What makes you write? What would make you someone they just have to hire?

Divide your cover letter into the following seven sections to make it easier for a potential employer to read. Each section should be clear and concise, using subheadings and bullet points to emphasize key information.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Your headline should include all of your important contact information, such as your name, your phone number, your email address, and your home address. You should reflect that with the title you use for your CV to create consistency.

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You can also include a one-time text explaining what you will bring to work. Something like “passionate project manager capable of delivering excellent results”.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

It’s time to say goodbye. Begin your letter with a personalized greeting for the hiring manager. Don’t go with something like “Dear Sir or Madam” as that shows you haven’t done any research.

LinkedIn is a great tool for finding out who works where, so if the hiring manager isn’t visible, do some digging.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Maintenance Worker Cover Letter Sample

Be as formal as the company you are applying for. “Dear ” is great for professional organizations, while “Hey ” may be more appropriate for creative work.

I am writing to express my interest in the Project Manager role as recently advertised on your website.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Make the first paragraph completely about you. Introduce yourself and say what would make you perfect for this job. Briefly talk about your current or most recent role and explain how you heard about the position.

Advertising Assistant Cover Letter Sample

This can be used to your advantage if you’ve been recommended by someone who already works there, or even if you’ve seen it on an employee’s LinkedIn. This gets you a foot in the door and gets people talking about you before you’ve even had an interview.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

My name is Full Name and I have over five years of working experience in the telecommunications sector. I currently work as a Senior Fields Executive for Company Name, where I have spent the last two years delivering a key customer support campaign that achieved X% growth for the business.

I was introduced to this position by my colleague, who recommended me to contact him as he previously worked with me in the previous business.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Software Engineer Cover Letter Examples & Guide—2023

Use this section to discuss relevant experience and qualifications. State why you think you would be right for the role and relate it to past experience. If the business is looking for a creative manager, talk about how you’ve creatively managed projects in the past and share the results.

Here you should provide more details about the things you mention in your CV. If a job deserves to be highlighted, do it here. If a project will help you stand out from the crowd, shout about it.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

In my current position, I am responsible for the management and implementation of a number of major projects. I delivered a new help desk for our IT department and also improved our mobile offering to make it easier for users to access our support.

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This project saw a 13% increase in mobile order fulfillment, generating an additional £250,000 in revenue over the financial year.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Now is the time to talk about how you and the business will go well together. Focus on how your goals and values ​​align with the business, how you believe in the same things they do, and how you can help make their goals a reality.

How can the work you do benefit both you and the company? Why would you two be a match made in heaven?

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Real Resident Assistant Cover Letter Example For 2023

Give each value a subtitle to help it stand out. Pick three or four and keep them concise.

I believe we share the same core values ​​when it comes to telecommunications platforms and I want to further demonstrate how my beliefs and ways of working can adapt and enhance yours.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Getting the job done is my main motivation. During my last help desk project, I had to regularly update key stakeholders on the latest developments, so making sure no stone is left unturned to guarantee a go-live is my priority.

First Part Time Job Cover Letter Sample

If the customer says it’s not good enough, let’s go again. After the mobile app was launched, we conducted multiple rounds of usability testing that resulted in the redevelopment of various sections. This was a continuous process until the final application was released to the mass market.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

My role was to make sure the app worked best before it looked best. Being the bridge between the creative team and the project management team, I was able to ensure that the final deliverable worked for both them and our target audience.

End your cover letter with a call to action. Say how excited you are about the role opportunity and how you’d like to discuss joining the team further.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Outstanding Pipefitter Cover Letter Examples

Thanks for the consideration. I look forward to talking more about what I can bring to your business and am excited about the opportunity.

Finish with a professional signature and your printed name and signature. Some acceptable signatures include: Sincerely, with thanks, regards, best wishes.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

I am writing to apply for the position at . I have followed the company for some time and am excited about the opportunity to be a part of such a forward thinking organization.

Career Fair Cover Letter

Having worked in for , I have extensive experience in and am confident in my abilities to help achieve . I am very enthusiastic about and believe that would be the perfect place for me to realize my ambitions and help achieve .

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

With experience in , I have experience in and I’m ready to take the next step in my career now. In my previous role, I provided .

My experience in has prepared me perfectly for this role and I am excited to see how I can contribute to your already impressive results. The opportunity to work with you would allow me to develop professionally and bring to your organization.

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

How To Write A Cover Letter In 2023

Thanks for the consideration. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing my application in more detail.

If you followed the pattern, you probably caught the attention of the hiring manager. Need more inspiration to write a cover letter that will land you the job?

Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

Now that you know what should be in your cover letter, here are some industry-specific examples to inspire you.

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Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

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Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

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Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

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Career Builder Cover Letter Sample

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