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Creative Job Posting – Attractive job openings are a great way to attract potential candidates. I found more than 10 companies using creative job titles, images, catchy phrases, or “unusual” job perks that might make candidates take another look.

In August, Bud Light Seltzer was seeking a new marketing position, Chief Meme Officer. “The Great Salter. Bad Memes’, about catchy headlines for job openings. This vacancy is colorful and creative.

Creative Job Posting

Creative Job Posting

Bud Light Seltzer is hiring for a new position on its marketing team – the brand’s first chief meme officer. — Adweek (@Adweek) August 18, 2020

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Add “Another Generic Recruiting Video” from Fiverr to the list of catchy job postings and funny recruiting videos. This recruitment video adds a bit of fun to generic recruitment videos and piques the interest of potential candidates. The video ends with:

Creative Job Posting

“If you are good at what you do, you can work anywhere. If you are the best at what you do, join Fiverr.”

Job catchphrases often mention “do what you do best” or “be the best,” and this is no exception.

Creative Job Posting

Photographer Hiring Job Twitter Post

IBM used Visme to create engaging job descriptions for their talent acquisition and recruiting functions. Colorful images are mixed with needs, location, culture and more, making for highly creative job opportunities.

Impossible Foods just launched a massive recruiting campaign for ‘Impossible Investigators’. In addition to using catchy job titles, the career page uses catchy headlines such as “All Science, No Bull” (pictured below) and “Scientists. Step Up. Save Our Planet. Member Impossible” to grab the attention of applicants.

Creative Job Posting

Mailchimp used a job posting inspired by Napoleon Dynamite for a support staff recruitment event. According to Linkedin’s, 10 Creative Jobs and Ads That Will Boost Your Job Listings:

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Catchy vacancies with images are always a plus. Marriott posted a job opening on Instagram for hotel partners. The image of ‘office’ and the headline ‘Warm, outgoing, authentic, passionate and exciting? Raise your hand if you are” is simple and catchy. Who wouldn’t want to go to work every day with this attitude?

Creative Job Posting

One of the great job opportunities I found was that of a Wienermobile driver. This is an evergreen feature at Oscar Mayer, so much so that they even have an entire page on their website. The sample ad below, one of many of their job postings, uses bright colors and a simple, catchy call-to-action.

Molly’s Rise and Shine is one of our great job listings because they list “extraordinary benefits” as follows:

Creative Job Posting

Curriculum Vitae Of Young Male Candidate Marked By Checkmark. Creative Background Idea For Job Posting, Talent Stock Vector

Twitter posted a message last year that received a lot of attention. Twitter decided to raise awareness of the open site by using catchy job titles like “Tweeter in Chief.” The overall tone was creative, but the requirements were pretty standard…a good mix.

Indeed, the role of Wade & Wendy AI Chatbot Copywriter was listed as #5 in Hot Job Descriptions, highlighting some catchy phrases for job openings. “Are you ready to have your mind blown?…” would definitely make me want to read more about this post.

Creative Job Posting

Waste Creative got (even) more creative during the COVID lockdown by inviting potential internship candidates to their virtual office in the Nintendo game Animal Crossing. When players arrive at the virtual office, they will find a creative assignment that says:

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“Hey fellow town! Congratulations on finding Waste’s Animal Crossing office and making your way here. If you’re reading this guide, you’re definitely an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player, and you’re probably a creative person interested in marketing . Sounds good to you? Read on.”

Creative Job Posting

Enticing job titles can really draw in potential candidates. For example, Twitter’s “CEO Tweeter” and Bud Light’s “Chief Meme Officer” might give them a second look. Michelob Ultra’s “Chief Exploration Officer” or Top Ramen’s “Chief Noodle Officer” (mentioned in our Dream Jobs) are both attractive. job titles that are sure to get attention.

(Note: For a list of catchy and creative job titles, check out 100+ Creative and Funny Job Titles [by Department and Function])

Creative Job Posting

Places To Search For Creative Jobs In…

Engaging job postings are a big part of the candidate’s digital experience. They are crucial to influence and convince candidates to apply. Check out Ongig’s solutions to see examples of how our software can further enhance your job postings. Your posts and job postings can be a candidate’s introduction to your company, so you want to make sure they set you apart and set the right expectations up front. But if you find that they’re not bringing in the kind of candidates you expected, it might be time to get creative.

For inspiration, we’ve found 10 clever, eye-catching examples that will get your creative juices flowing. Not only have these companies managed to stand out from the crowd, but they’ve done so in a way that expresses their culture and shares their brand story. Look.

Creative Job Posting

1. Waste Creative reached new talent pools by inviting candidates to visit the virtual office in Animal Crossing

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At a time when many people only left their homes for work and essential errands, the Nintendo game Animal Crossing exploded in popularity due to its relaxed atmosphere and social characteristics. With the game’s popularity, London and LA-based digital creative agency Waste Creative found an ingenious way to reach potential candidates using Animal Crossing: by building a virtual replica of their office for players to visit in-game.

Creative Job Posting

“We’re all about community, and one of our clients, Nintendo, has created something that aligns with our passion,” Tasmin Lobley, senior art director, explained in a post on the agency’s blog. “By creating a replica of the Trash office in Animal Crossing, we hope to capitalize on the immense love for the game to attract a much broader and more diverse talent base. We want to reach out to people who could become the new stars of our agency, but who may not even know it’s a job they could do. But.”

While visiting the virtual office (or the replica of a beloved local pub built by the team next door), players could stop by the bulletin board to find a special creative assignment.

Creative Job Posting

Hiring Recruitment Design For Social Media Post Template. Job Vacancy Creative Announcement Flyer With A Cloud Concept On Pink Or Red Color Stock Vector

The brief invites candidates to choose a brand they would like to promote within Animal Crossing, explain what purpose this marketing initiative would achieve for the brand, and submit some ideas on how they would integrate the brand into the game. The person who submits the most interesting answer will receive a three-month paid internship at the agency.

This strategy is an inventive way to reach candidates who have never thought about this career before, making it unlikely they will see a more traditional job opening. The assignment emphasizes that anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to participate, regardless of experience or where they live, as Waste’s goal is to “discover new creative talent”. And since Nintendo is one of Waste’s clients, the whole initiative also gives candidates an idea of ​​the kind of work they could do at the agency. If you can do that and make the experience fun for candidates, your job posting will definitely stick in their minds.

Creative Job Posting

In the wake of the recent Black Lives Matter protests, many companies are recognizing that they need to do more to create a truly diverse and inclusive workforce. These efforts apply to every part of the hiring process, starting with the position, with companies taking steps to include a statement of their commitment to diversity in their job descriptions.

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Gusto, a payroll and benefits platform designed for small businesses, stood out from the crowd with a simple, heartfelt statement at the end of his post that perfectly captures why diversity matters.

Creative Job Posting

“Our customers come from all walks of life and so do we,” the statement reads. “We hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s a good thing to do, but because it makes our company stronger.”

The statement also highlights that candidates can find a sense of belonging with Gusto, noting that “if you share our values ​​and enthusiasm for small business, you will find a home with Gusto.” In addition to the job postings themselves, the company’s commitment to diversity is supported on the careers site and Engineering blog, which features regular diversity updates on progress made and goals Gusto aims to achieve.

Creative Job Posting

Recruiting Strategies For Hiring Great Employees [updated For 2023]

Making sure your messages of diversity, inclusion and belonging are carried through all materials in front of candidates will make you feel more serious. And by emphasizing why diversity is particularly important in your company, you can grab people’s attention and show them that this is something you are thinking about rather than relying on generic language.

Recruitment videos can be a great way to give candidates a sense of what your company stands for and what your values ​​are. But when these videos are too similar to what other companies are putting out, they risk becoming white noise.

Creative Job Posting

Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelance services, poked fun at these generic videos by creating their own video in 2016, promoting the company.

Creative ‘we’re Hiring’ Social Post Examples

“This generic recruiting video could have been shot anywhere,” the video says, after footage of a busy office with inspirational quotes on the walls and an employee sitting on a

Creative Job Posting

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