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Html Search Form Template – Getting the right research skills is not easy. The starting point is the search method, usually the input field and the submit button. A search results page can be difficult to organize, especially if you have different types of content.

For large websites and online stores, the most important thing is to try to wait for the user’s movement. We must consider that our users often do not understand where to find specific information on our website. At that time they turned to the search area. Providing filtering options and quick links to the next page is a way to narrow the search experience to what the user is most interested in, and a way to create more pages for the user’s search results.

Html Search Form Template

Html Search Form Template

On smaller devices (view width less than 1024px), the main navigation and search bar are on the right side, hidden by default; when the user clicks on the menu icon, the

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On larger devices, the browser is above the main navigation, hidden by default. When the user clicks on

Html Search Form Template

Is used to display the selected option (Its text changes when the user selects a new option using jQuery).

.On smaller devices, we like navigation to the side, hidden by default, and it’s easy for us to take it out of

Html Search Form Template

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We use cookies to give you the best website experience. By using , you agree to our Privacy Policy. Research has grown tremendously over the past few years. In addition to traditional search, voice search has increased following the development of smart digital assistants and speakers. Google says that by 2020, 50% of searches will be voice searches. It is important to strengthen our website for these upcoming events. However, most users use search engines in their daily lives. The search bar is a smart bar for current users. These bootstrap search box templates will help you create great user-friendly search fields.

Search pages not only help the user to show the relevant content but also help you to show hidden content on your website. For example, I am looking for a simple speaker on an eCommerce website, if I see an expensive speaker in the search results, I can buy it. So try to design search boxes as part of your strategy. Providing filter options and features like calendar entry makes things easier for users. Some of the bootstrap search boxes in this list include filter options and calendar entries designed just for you. Take your time and choose one for yourself.

Html Search Form Template

Those looking for a bootstrap search box with options should check out this free template.

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A good search box has more space to display input information to the user. There is enough space between each entry in the event to make it easy for the audience to choose a value. If you want a responsive bootstrap search box that works well on desktops and mobile devices, this is the best one for you.

Html Search Form Template

Providing the option to narrow the search results helps the user find what they want faster. In particular, the related website should have a search bar and filter options. Another great advantage of search forms and filter options is that you can save a lot of space and make the site look good. The developer has used a layout so that the user can easily switch between different sections.

Creating a search box for classifieds websites and directory websites is a very important task. From thousands of entries, the user must be able to narrow down the search and find the service he needs. Providing filter options is the best way to help the user. This search box is designed for hotel websites, so you will have the option to enter the calendar and the option to select the number of people. If you are targeting budget-conscious buyers, then you can add a price range value to further narrow down the search results. Check out our collection of range designs to use this design.

Html Search Form Template

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The V9 search box is clean and simple. Below the search bar, there are several filter options to narrow the search. In the lower left corner, you will see the number of search results for the word. Because of the wide format, this browser has many places to present options and text to the user. All the components are compatible from the front end, so we can focus on the back end and the modifications. Like the design, the code is clean and easy to program.

This template includes a large convenient search box on the text which makes it larger and easier to read. At the bottom of the search bar, you have the option to add recently searched words and phrases. Since this is an example of a bootstrap search box, recently searched keywords and phrases won’t really work. However, you can take the idea and use it according to your needs. By design, this is a simple process that suits the type of research. By changing the design, you can use it on your website and application without any worries.

Html Search Form Template

A full-page search form template is provided in this example. The creator actually assumed that the wizard was a type of investigation; therefore, you get large format fields and easy input options. For example, you will find date selection options with drop down options and increase and decrease options. Everything works fine from the front. Developers can work easily with this design and can focus on the things that matter. With this design wizard, you can easily add this bootstrap search box design to any part of your website – you can even add it to your storyboard.

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The developer provided a full page search box design. Bright white text and bold fonts not only facilitate interaction but add richness to the design. If you are looking for a simple but beautiful search box design for your website or application, this is a great choice. The code for this example is very simple, as it is designed. So, you get a lot of space to add your likes and dislikes in the search box of your website.

Html Search Form Template

In the previous bootstrap search box we saw different models. In this example, we get the search box animation effect. Using simple and intuitive animation effects will take your website design to the next level. The developer of this model gives you a search with rounded corners and a boxed search box. When you click on the search box icon, it will show all the search box quickly. Depending on where you are on your website you can reduce or increase the size of the search box. The smart design shows the full search box at the top of the page to make the content easier to read.

This style search box has a filter section to narrow the search results. Text will be larger in the default layout to match the full page layout. You can change the design size according to your needs. A well-documented system makes the configuration and integration process easier for developers. The religious effect on this design is very simple so you can use them on websites and professional applications.

Html Search Form Template

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The V10 version is the same as the V9 version mentioned above. However, this bootstrap search box follows a different pattern. Instead of a flat box design in the V9 style, you get a rounded box with a gradient color scheme. If you like the V9 version and want a smaller version, this model may surprise you. Since both products are from the same manufacturer, you can expect the same level of design and code quality. By changing the design, you can add this template to your website.

A simple and clear search box design is provided for this design. With its linear design, you can integrate this search box into any part of the website. The developer used a drop down box to add filter options. As a demonstration, the manufacturer offered only one filter option. Depending on your design needs, you can edit the code and add your own features. This bootstrap search box is built using the latest Bootstrap 4, CSS3, and HTML5, so it’s easy to add this piece of code to your website.

Html Search Form Template

In this bootstrap search box example, the developer has provided a replacement-like design. If you are creating a search box for

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