Workout Sheet Templates

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Workout Sheet Templates – You probably use Google Sheets at work all the time, but have you tried using them at home? I love it for tracking my workouts! I find that scheduling my workouts, logging what I’m doing (weight, reps and rest) and tracking it over time goes a long way in helping me stay consistent, accountable and encouraged!

I currently use a program called Strong Curves by Brett Contreras and I highly recommend it! It focuses on building a strong body with an emphasis on the glutes. In it, he has a series of 12-week programs (beginner, intermediate and advanced), divided into 4-week sections, with 3 different workouts each week. Only after mastering the basics can you move on to more complex or demanding exercises. I was afraid to start from scratch, but now I understand and accept the need to go step by step. Strength is a process and requires an understanding of the body-mind relationship with the muscles and how they work.

Workout Sheet Templates

Workout Sheet Templates

Click here to get a free copy of this template! Just click “File”, “Create a copy”. Remember to save a copy when saving and edit it (you can rename it). Otherwise, anyone who downloads the same template will also be able to see your version.

Free, Custom Printable Workout Planner Templates Online

To get started, download the Google Sheets app for iPhone or Android. It’s probably easiest to do the initial setup and formatting on your computer, so start there and move to your mobile device while you’re at the gym! Tracking your workouts will help you get better results faster. Both of these logs are designed to set up an exercise program that you will follow for a period of time. Every time you exercise, you record your results and use them to measure your progress. Looking at your past performance in training will give you a target to shoot next time. For example, if you did 8 reps of 45 pounds in the first week, try doing 8 reps of 50 pounds or 10 reps of 45 pounds the next week.

Workout Sheet Templates

The exercise diary template can also be used as a planner. Pre-program your workouts, print templates and record your performance. No more forgetting and guessing!

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way. I am not a personal trainer or doctor and do not give any exercise advice. This is a simple diary that you can use yourself. Always consult your doctor and personal trainer before starting a fitness program. Especially if it’s new.

Workout Sheet Templates

Free Printable Workout Schedule Template

I first created this template in 2007 based on a program found on Men’s Fitness. The sample exercises are carried over from their programs. Weights are for illustration purposes only.

Before we get into the exercise journal template (how to use it and what are its benefits), I wanted to cover some basic terms. These are just the basics of this template.

Workout Sheet Templates

Before you start a new program, it’s a good idea to define your goal. This will not only help you choose the right program, but also allow you to focus on the road.

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You might also consider weighing yourself, measuring yourself, and setting some baselines before starting. Write down items that are important to you in the journal notes section. Example baselines include: your maximum of 1 reps in a particular exercise, running speed per mile, number of push-ups you can do, etc. Pick a few. Do them at the beginning and end of your program and evaluate your results.

Workout Sheet Templates


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