Train Cake Template

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Train Cake Template – This is a cake I made for my son’s birthday a while back*. I am totally addicted to trains, so I made this train cake. I made a car cake for my 2nd birthday, but this year it’s a train. (*I posted this on another blog last summer, but for some reason I couldn’t post it here.)

Choose the color you want. (Actually, I also wanted yellow, but was hesitant to make three… I thought it was cute!)

Train Cake Template

Train Cake Template

So this cake got a little bigger… I didn’t have a plate big enough to hold this cake, so I had to cut the cardboard out of the box and cover it with aluminum foil. frosting for the recipe.

Cakes & Sugarcraft Magazine

2 boxed cake mix (plus everything you need in the package) or a double batch of your favorite cake recipe

Train Cake Template

Here are the different pans I used to make the train cake: I know I’m a little crazy. But it’s actually not that difficult and it took a while. And I’m sure you know I’m not a professional cake maker/decorator, so it’s not really that difficult.

After preparing the cake batter and preheating the oven, spread the batter evenly across all of the tins. All parts should be about the same height (wheels could be a little taller).

Train Cake Template

Express Train Cake

Each bowl was probably about 1/2 the size and the bowls were about 3/4 the size. I’ve had so many different sizes that they weren’t as plump as they usually are, so I’d check for doneness every so often. Allow to cool slightly, then remove from cooling racks to complete cooling.

Be very careful when removing the cake tin from the pan – the cake cracks! Especially since I needed to smooth out the edges between the different pieces anyway, so the mat was fine.

Train Cake Template

The 9×13 cake forms the body of the locomotive. Cut a 9-inch circle in half and place one half on the edge of the cake tin to make the front of the locomotive. Cut about 1/3 of the cake from the baking sheet and use the remaining 2/3 to make a cupcake, cut a small piece out of what’s left to make a funnel, cut a small piece off the end.

Train Birthday Cake

Place the wheel where you want it on the cake and cut it out to make a hole to insert the wheel.

Train Cake Template

Then mix the colors you want for your frosting. I used a whole box of frosting to frost the main part of the cake (blue). Then I mixed in about half of the other cans of green for the wheels and other accents, and left the rest white for the finish and so on.

Any tips for decorating this cake without breaking it? I melted frosting. I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and it became watery, then I let it cool for a few minutes before pouring it over the cake and using a knife to smooth it out. Then I put everything back together, added some white frosting (you can use a plastic bag to cut corners, or you can use some real frosting tips) and eat for free! Locomotive cake. This video will show you step by step how to make this 3D Thomas Train Cake.

Train Cake Template

Cm Car/train/airplane/tractor/boat Cake Stencil Pet Fondant Cookies Template Diy Chocolate Mould Cake Decorating Tool Bakeware|

I also show you how to stack the cupcakes at the end of the video so that Thomas is a little higher off the ground and looks like he’s actually standing on wheels instead of resting on the rails.

Below are the cake layers, all cut for the train, and there is also a cake board cut to size for the bottom layer to build the structure.

Train Cake Template

I used ganache to sandwich the cake layers and to cover the structure and the ganache recipe recommended here

How To Make A Beautiful Gingerbread House With Lights — Arise Cake Creations

Set the ganache before applying the fondant. After applying the ganache, if it does not harden at room temperature, chill it in the refrigerator for a while.

Train Cake Template

Once the ganache has hardened and dried, you may want to drizzle some water on it to help the dough stick.

Covering this shape is a bit tricky. Start at the top and take your time smoothing out the creases and sticking the fondant to the cake. Make it as smooth as possible on the front and sides.

Train Cake Template

Train Birthday Party

Finally, I smoothed the back of the train and then cut off the excess fondant with scissors.

Cut off excess fondant from the bottom to reveal the bottom layer. So, if you put blue fondant on it, it will look like this.

Train Cake Template

The Thomas cake mold makes it easy to prepare fondant decorations and Thomas details.

Crissa’s Cake Corner!: Candy Train Cake

Using a large circular piping tip, I cut a small circle in the center of the wheel.

Train Cake Template

The face is a bit heavy and it will tilt down after a while if it is not supported properly. That’s what I did.

Three layers of cake. I alternated between vanilla and chocolate. I used chocolate buttercream to sandwich the layers and cover the cake.

Train Cake Template

Thomas The Tank Engine Cake

I covered this cake with bright blue fondant. I covered the board with green sugar paste. You can get really creative with decorating your base layer.

I added brown tape to the top of the train, then inserted some tapioca tea straws to support the cake train on top.

Train Cake Template

Therefore, this work is a little smaller and a little higher than the train base on which the train cake is placed. I covered it with foil and covered the entire visible perimeter with a blue ribbon to blend in nicely with the cake. Rice field.

How To Make A Paper Train (video + Template)

You can add wheels by placing the train on top of the model. I had to trim the top wheel a bit so it would fit snugly.

Train Cake Template

The mold is sure to make your life easier with this type of cake, which is why I created this template. You can download it from the button below

I asked several people who downloaded the template how useful it was and received some great photos and feedback.

Train Cake Template

Personalized Thomas The Train Cake Topper Thomas The Train

Join Sweet Valley creations! Want to get all the latest videos, recipes, and inspiration right in your inbox? I’ve had quite specific requests for cupcakes, but this is the best! This little boy who is celebrating his third birthday loves trains. Every year he gets a train cake for his birthday, but this year he needed a special train. I’m obsessed with the Acela Express. He went to the train yard and saw this very train, so the cake had to be appropriate. His mom wanted the cake to look real, not cartoonish.

I was nervous to make this cake because the droppers are so simple and pretty. There was really no error. I baked a rectangular cake on the base and covered it with green parchment paper. This gives the cake a larger appearance and allows you to add more servings to the cake without making the train incredibly large. The train itself was about 4 inches wide and 10 inches long. I gathered the train from several layers of cake and cut it out to the appropriate shape, covered the train with a piece of gray fondant and air-brushed it with silver to give it a shimmery metallic look. Then I added all the other details.

Train Cake Template

I cut out the Acela logo from a pale blue fondant and printed paper template. I really enjoyed making the little fondant tree. I made the green fondant into a cone shape and used small scissors to cut it into the fondant.

Easy Homemade Thomas The Train Cake

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