Book Dust Jacket Template

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Book Dust Jacket Template – This free InDesign book jacket template is an easy-to-use InDesign template for self-publishers, authors, and cover designers. Bring your book to life with this free InDesign dust jacket template for hardcover and hardcover book, featuring beautifully designed, customizable and stylish typography and a modern color scheme.

This free InDesign book jacket template is an easy-to-edit basis for creating your own book cover design. Sleek and simple design, with front and back covers, spine and flaps, and two color options.

Book Dust Jacket Template

Book Dust Jacket Template

Included in the free InDesign template is a detailed book jacket design for hardcover and hardcover books. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to learn more and download the template.

Book Cover Design Template

*This is an expandable book jacket template for business cover sizes. 6 by 9 inches is one of the most popular standard sizes for books, although other sizes are widely used. No need to panic if you need a different size. Check out our handy tutorial on how to resize templates.

Book Dust Jacket Template

Below you can preview this book jacket template, download the InDesign file, and find a variety of helpful tips on how to edit your template in InDesign.

Download this InDesign jacket book template for free (your download will include an INDD file for InDesign CC and an IDML version to open in InDesign CS4, CS5, or CS6):

Book Dust Jacket Template

Anatomy Of A Book Cover

We’ve put together a collection of helpful tips to make editing your templates in InDesign super easy. If you’re new to Adobe InDesign, it’s worth checking out before you start working on your design.

Step 2. InDesign templates are packaged and saved as ZIP files. If you have a Windows computer, right-click > Export All before opening the InDesign file.

Book Dust Jacket Template

Step 3. Open the INDD version of the file if you are running InDesign CS6. Open the IDML version if you’re working with InDesign CS4, CS5, or CC.

Recipe Book Cover Template In Psd, Word, Publisher, Indesign

Our InDesign templates are organized into layers, which group similar elements together. The layers in your document can be controlled from the Layers panel (Window > Layers).

Book Dust Jacket Template

Pro tip: Try locking your images here to save time when editing text. This will prevent you from accidentally moving graphics out of place.

The color scheme of this template can be edited from the Swatches panel (Window > Color > Swatches).

Book Dust Jacket Template

Professional Corporate Book Cover Template 13544018 Vector Art At Vecteezy

The text in this design can easily be replaced with your own copy. Just use the Type Tool (T) to select the text box you want to edit. You can then add your own fonts and formatting. Read more about formatting text in InDesign.

When you first open the template you will notice that all the image frames have a placeholder image. You can add your own images by selecting the image box and using File > Place to select a replacement image. Read our beginner’s guide to working with images in InDesign.

Book Dust Jacket Template

Pro tip: Are your photos looking blurry? Make sure your monitor is set to high quality (View > Display Performance > Display High Quality). Go to View > Print Preview to see more precisely how your design will look when printed.

Set Blank Book Cover Template Royalty Free Vector Image

Changing the spine width on your template is easy using the Page Tool (Shift+P). Select the tool, then click on the spine to select it. You can drag the sides of the page to preview the new size you want. Hold down Alt or Option as you drag to resize the page.

Book Dust Jacket Template

Once you have finished editing your template and are ready to print it, you can go to File > Export. To create a print-ready file, select Adobe PDF (Print) from the Format drop-down menu in the Export window. Be sure to include bleed in the export options by selecting Use document bleed settings in the Export Adobe PDF window.

You can format individual text elements using the Type Tool (T) and the Control Panel, which you’ll find running across the top of the InDesign workspace. Fonts in most templates are not defined as InDesign styles. However, it’s easy to create a character or paragraph style using existing text formatting and then edit it from the Styles panels (Window > Styles). Read more about editing styles in InDesign.

Book Dust Jacket Template

White Blank Book Cover Template Royalty Free Vector Image

Find more tips for InDesign beginners on our learning page. Or find inspiration for typography, layout design and more here.

Get a copy of 10 Essential InDesign Skills, plus monthly updates on new templates, fresh design inspiration, and endless creative deals! In this paper we will explore the anatomy of book jacket and jacket design and work within basic design principles. and multimedia to create a personal and original design/illustration that conveys a new idea and appeals to the consumer.

Book Dust Jacket Template

The goal of a book jacket is to convey its content to the public. Think of a book jacket as a small poster wrapped around a book form with front and back flaps. Consider your demographics and how you can appeal to the user about your design aesthetic so they want to pick up the book and buy it. Check out Barnes and Noble. They are constantly selling/presenting old literary “classics” with a “fresh” look to attract new audiences.

Kdp Book Cover Template Journal Cover Template Digital Book

You will create your own original design for all stages of your jacket. Even the inside flap should contain the summary of the story in your own words. Also artist statement (you) for illustrator credit.

Book Dust Jacket Template

If you need an image, you need to take a photo (however, you can use any stock image from the collage banks, but they need to be dramatically modified). If you need texture, you should create it. Consider scanning from the sketchbook/scanning objects for the smallest details or developments that can create a unique look. Maybe use a font you’ve created or consider creating a new font for the title. Consider working on multiple software programs. Start with a design!… design first and submit your ideas to the instructor for design approval.

Proof of your work before entry. Gather feedback from your peers – make improvements based on the reviews and submit the final artwork for print.

Book Dust Jacket Template

Abstract Yellow Background Modern Cover Design Modern Book Cover Brochure Cover Template,annual Report, Magazine And Flyer Layout Stock Vector

The purpose of an artist statement is to encourage reflection and critical thinking about your visual art and design in order to enhance visual awareness skills and processes for the audience to whom your artwork is displayed.

Think about why you make your art, how you make it, list the elements and organizing principles of art and what design/art means to you. Folded flaps wrap around the front and back of the book cover to prevent dirt and damage from affecting the look and durability of the book.

Book Dust Jacket Template

1800s cloth-bound hardcover books, preserved dustjacket. Today, jackets are a great way to enhance your book presentation with beautiful art.

Vector Book Cover Template Design / Brochure Background Layout With Shadows Concept For Book Stock Vector

We 80 lbs. We print dust jackets on satin paper with gloss or metallization. And for an elegant and attractive effect, you can also add gold or silver leaf.

Book Dust Jacket Template

You can get creative with these detachable covers that wrap around your book. These flaps, also known as panels, are perfect for displaying information about authors, reviews, social media profiles and more.

Since we will print your jacket as a single sheet and then wrap it around the outside of your book, please provide your jacket artwork as a single design.

Book Dust Jacket Template

Delicious Home Cooking Book Cover

When you upload your dust jacket file, name it clearly so that our system can recognize it and print it in the correct dimensions. Acceptable filenames may include keywords dustjacket, dust-jacket, dust_jacket, or similar.

If you selected FoilingorSpot UV for your jacket, you must create a new file for this layer for your design. Sheet metal requires a custom quote, so if you have one, please email us with your order number. Custom dust jackets are dust jackets designed by you and printed by Adara Books. With custom dust jackets, you can create jackets for your books that are completely unique.

Book Dust Jacket Template

To better explain how creating/formatting a jacket typically works, I’ll use the dimensions for a 9.5″x1.5″x6.25″ book in the example below…

Mixam: Dust Jackets

You can use any software you like, but because Canva is accessible and beginner-friendly, I’ve used it in the video below to show how you can design your own dust jacket template. Canva has tons of free graphics and photos that you can use for your design process as well. Canva says,

Book Dust Jacket Template

“All free photos, music and video files on Canva are free to use for both commercial and non-commercial use.”

Alternatively you can use something like Photopea which is free and works like Photoshop but you have to source the graphics and fonts yourself.

Book Dust Jacket Template

Modern Abstract Book Cover Template Royalty Free Vector

Here are some sample templates to show you what yours might look like. I used normal book heights to create the following. These are just examples and you don’t have to use these exact templates for your own project.

Custom dust jackets are printed in cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink, so if you want the printed version of your jacket to look close.

Book Dust Jacket Template

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