Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

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Secrets On The One Dollar Bill – In honor of Day Two, we encourage you to spend $2, also known as “Tom!” Although the $2 bill is in circulation today, it has always been relatively rare. Therefore, presenting $2 for payment can cause confusion, nostalgia, or even a smile or a happy story!

In 1862, the Federal Government began printing the first bills to include the two dollar bill. Paper money took time to develop, as coins were the currency of choice at the time. Because at the turn of the century most Americans were earning less than $15 a month, the $2 bill was a big bill at the time.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

Even after inflation started devaluing paper money, most people preferred to use coins. From 1929 to 1941, the country experienced the longest and deepest economic slump to date, the Great Depression. At the time, most goods and services cost less than a dollar, making paper currency impractical to use.

Limiting Secret Money In Politics

As demand and use dwindled over the years, the Federal Reserve stopped printing the $2 note in 1966. Ten years later, in 1976, the Federal Reserve returned the $2 dollar note with a beautiful new image depicting the presentation of the Declaration of Independence to the Continental Congress at behind the bill. Thomas Jefferson was credited with writing the Declaration, so the image on the back of the new bill fits perfectly. They thought that reprinting would increase usage and interest in bills, but it had the opposite effect. Many Americans thought the newly drafted bill, produced for the United States Bicentennial, would be a special print; therefore, banknotes are held as collectors’ items – tucked away in safes, drawers, and keepsake boxes, in the hope of future value.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

One of the reasons the $2 note was never widely circulated is because of its negative reputation.

Poor “Tom” can’t catch a break! People didn’t want to use these bills, so the Federal Reserve found a way to recoup the printing costs. From World War II until at least the 1980s, you can find sweet old “Tom” working in Army paychecks, USO, Post Exchange, commissary, and anywhere else you find a soldier.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

Hidden Secrets In The $1 Bill. Conspiracies Are Hidden On The Dollar…

For many years, the Clemson University Tigers and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets had a football rivalry, playing annually in Atlanta, at home to the Yellow Jackets. In 1977, Georgia Tech threatened to stop playing Clemson University. That year, the Clemson University Athletic Fundraising Organization, called IPTAY, urged fans traveling to Atlanta for Tigers games to use the $2 bill. The goal was to show local businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, how much influence the Clemson Tigers had on the local economy. IPTAY’s executive secretary, George Bennett, appealed to fans to use this rare bill for every expense. While the exact impact Tiger fans had on the Atlanta economy that weekend in 1977 is unknown, the tradition was born. To this day, some Clemson fans still keep the $2 bills, some branded with the tiger’s claw, as they head to opposing cities to let everyone know the Tigers are in town. Learn more at

This tradition is not unique to the Clemson Tigers. Several conventions and tourism bureaus are also taking advantage of the $2 bill shortage. By urging participants and tourists to spend scarce cash during their visits, they can illustrate the economic impact of such activities on their host communities. This type of campaign is known as a “SpendTom” campaign.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

Similarly, Geneva Steel used the $2 bill to demonstrate their economic impact by paying their workers bonuses with the $2 bill in 1989.

Another Counterfeit $100 Bill Found In Grand Island

Supporters of Second Amendment rights often use the rarely seen bill to show their support for the law.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

Is the Story of Myrta Gschaar and her husband, Robert. In 1980, and with very little income, Robert couldn’t afford an engagement ring, so he and his future wife exchanged a $2.00 bill. They fold banknotes and keep them in their wallets to remember their commitment to each other before marriage.

Several years later, Robert was a victim of the September 11 attacks. Four years after the attack, Robert’s body has still not been found. The Special Property Recovery Unit at the Police Department notified Mrs. Gschaar that the items found at ground zero included a neatly folded wedding ring and wallet containing a $2 bill.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

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Although the $2 dollar bill has quite an interesting past, it is still in circulation and is sometimes printed. Visit a CNB area branch location today and claim $2 back! Be sure to tell your cashier if you plan to spend it or keep it as a keepsake. Happy Day Two from CNB!

Mary Piles is Historian and Archivist at CNB St. Louis Banks. Mary has been with the bank since 1977 and has held various roles during her more than 40 years of service. Piles currently works as a receptionist at our main branch in Maplewood, MO. He was appointed as the Bank’s Historian and Archivist in 2020, and since then has worked tirelessly to research and preserve the Bank’s rich history. Learn more about the Bank’s 100+ year history here. Dollar bills may not be worth much, especially these days. But it’s still a very complicated legal tender. So there’s no doubt a lot of fun, interesting, and downright weird facts about the dollar bill that will blow your mind. If you’re running out of trivia for your cocktail party or water cooler, click dollar bill facts that are perfect for conversation.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

Did you know that Martha Washington, the first lady of America, once won a $1 silver certificate? Today, that bill might be worth a lot of change — even more than $1,000, depending on the quality.

Varieties Tied To The Launch Of $1 1935 Silver Certificates

The first legal tender $1 bills, issued during the Civil War, did not feature George Washington. Instead, it features Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury at the time, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

In the last decade or so, the Federal Reserve has redesigned the $5 note, $10 note, $20 bill and $50 bill. But $1 bills? No.

Unlike the $10 note, which is expected to be modified, the design of the $1 note has remained unchanged since 1963, The Atlantic reported in 2014. The main reason is “because the $1 note is rarely counterfeited,” according to the US Treasury.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

Friday Fun Facts About The Hidden Messages Printed On Our Money

In 2016, there were 11.7 billion $1 notes in circulation, according to the Federal Reserve System. It is compared to:

Yes, we know it’s worth the least of the outstanding bills. But dollar bills are also the most expensive to produce, costing just 5.4 cents per note—the same cost to produce a $2 bill, according to the Federal Reserve. The $50 note is the most expensive at 19.4 cents. A $100 note costs only 15.5 cents per note.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

We may call them paper money, but they are not really paper. In fact, paper currency in the US is 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen, according to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Dollar Gets Boost From Global Fear, Not U.s. Cheer

One-dollar bills fall out of circulation, on average, after 5.8 years, according to the Federal Reserve Bank. That compares to a low 4.5 year lifespan for the $10 note and a high 15 year lifetime for the $100 note.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

In 2002, a study by the US Air Force found that 94 percent of $68 bills tested contained bacteria. Those bacteria include some that can cause pneumonia and other infections, reports Scientific American magazine.

Bacteria isn’t the only bad thing left on dollar bills. Ninety percent of paper money in US cities. has traces of cocaine in it, CNN reported in 2009. In fact, cocaine appears in 100 percent of the following cities: Detroit, Boston, Orlando, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

See A Design Of The Harriet Tubman $20 Bill That Mnuchin Delayed

If you think a damaged, torn or even incomplete note is worthless, think again. You can tape two halves of a dollar bill and the bank will replace it, reports TIME Money. In fact, as long as you have three-quarters of the bill, you should be able to exchange it for a full $1 bill.

Want to know where your dollars are? It is possible, thanks to a site called Where’s George. You enter the serial number of your bill and the site tracks it. Until now, there have been more than 270 million incoming bills.

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

Congress took six years to approve and approve the design for the US Great Seal, which features prominently on the back of the dollar bill, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Episode 421: The Birth Of The Dollar Bill

Look at the eagle on the back of your $1 bill. An arrow in the eagle’s left talon represents war, while an olive branch in a proud bird’s right talon represents peace, according to the Federal Reserve

Secrets On The One Dollar Bill

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