Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template – Developing a communication strategy and formalizing it in a written plan is challenging, but well worth the investment of time and energy required. A well-executed and crafted strategy and resulting messaging platform will get everyone in your organization on the same page about how and why you communicate your company’s mission statement.

In this article, you’ll find advice and examples from two PR executives, a step-by-step guide to creating your own plan, and a variety of templates, including a nine-step strategic communications plan template and a communications plan template. Additional resources to help you craft a communication strategy to navigate the crisis — and a more successful future.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

A communication strategy clearly identifies the goals and processes of your organization’s outreach activities. It covers what the organization needs to share and with whom to share in order to achieve the objectives. Formalized as a written plan, it is an important part of daily operations. It frames media activities, including external and internal communications, defining priorities, time frames, target audiences, staff and resource allocations.

Steps To Make A Successful It Communication Plan

Developing a communications strategy is a complex task with many moving parts. PR professionals like John Rafetto and Diana Booher understand best practices and what exactly goes into creating and executing an effective communications strategy.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

John Raffetto is the CEO and co-founder of RH Strategic, a public relations firm based in Seattle and Washington, DC. Specializing in technology, security, healthcare and public sector markets. John got his start in PR through the US Senate, where he served as Press Secretary and Communications Director. In 2000, he began consulting for technology companies and moved to Seattle in 2004 with Infotech Strategies to open a West Coast office. Founded RH Strategic in 2007 with David Harman.

Diana Booher, CEO of Booher Research, is a best-selling author of 47 books, including her latest: Communicate Like a Leader: Strategically Coach, Inspire, and Get Things Done. He works with organizations to help leaders communicate clearly and expand their impact by fostering a strong executive presence.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

Develop An Effective Marketing Communications Strategy (template)

We asked Rafetto how he begins his design process. “At RH Strategic we start all strategic planning with the question:

This reveals top-level goals and helps us create a communications plan that’s 100 percent aligned with where the leadership is taking the company,” says Rafetto. A positioning, event, media campaign, or influencer engagement initiative, with one or more of these goals. “

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

Meanwhile, Booher has an eight-step process he uses to develop a communications strategy plan for a specific client, business or event:

How To Figure Out Your Integrated Brand Communications Plan

There is no one way to create a plan because, as Rafetto points out, you need to customize it to your organization, goals, environment and situation, and there are many different ones.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

Booher agrees, “Every situation is different, so I generally don’t use any particular model all the time. But I do have models that I use when I identify similar problems.”

Here are three common types of plans any for-profit or for-profit organization can create to meet long-term or short-term goals:

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

Sample Imc Plan Template

If you haven’t completed a marketing communications strategy, you should do so before starting your communications strategy plan. This free annual marketing plan template will help you get started. You can simply download the template and adjust it to reflect the required components of your individual marketing plan. Segments include response rates broken down by campaign type, project goals, target audience, national and local efforts, content marketing, online marketing, media relations, public relations, trade shows and events, marketing campaign sales, and branding efforts. Objectives are clearly identified along with total cost and target market. At the top of the template, you can set monthly sales goals, and at the bottom of the template you’ll find a place to report marketing effectiveness metrics.

Booher adds, “If delegation is a problem, I use this 15-item delegation checklist to help the manager manage.”

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

Having a formal, written communications strategy plan for any organization (government agencies, consumer brands, charities and universities) and its teams has multiple benefits. Here are some:

Campaign Planning Tools And Templates To Win More Customers

RH Strategic has a client that has developed game-like technology to help children learn math. It’s incredibly powerful because it “learns the learner” and customizes lessons to each student’s learning style. As a result, it closes the math achievement gap. Teachers and students love it, but not everyone in education is aware of it or understands the opportunities it offers.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

RH Strategic was retained to build a PR strategy to change that. We spent a full day with several executives and whiteboards to map out the company’s future and develop key communication goals. The two main ones were increasing brand awareness and choice among school district buyers and leveraging senior executive thought leadership to change traditional thinking in the market. Knowing this, we built a plan that mixed intensive monthly media advertising and media coverage with speaker placement and social media connections to drive both goals.

Most recently, the CEO was featured as a thought leader in a New York Times Corner Office column, an article that not only reached millions directly, but was shared repeatedly on social media and generated requests for more media and input. At the same time, our team has been busy promoting the brand and product to the education trade press and local media. As part of our initial communications strategy, we developed a customer rewards program that drove a lot of local media coverage for the brand, attracting the attention of neighboring school districts and motivating them to investigate whether they should become customers. Prior to this effort, the company had very little visibility in the local press.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

Marketing Communication Plan Templates

Each quarter we took a snapshot of progress and were pleased to find that the quantity and quality of results associated with each strategic objective expanded dramatically from quarter to quarter. It’s a classic case of “success breeds success” and illustrates how a strategic communications program can take a company’s visibility to the next level.

Booher provided a case study that illustrates how to develop a communication plan to change internal stakeholder perceptions:

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

An executive vice president of a large utility company contacted me with this problem: “I am concerned that the organization is considering outsourcing the work that my department of about 2,000 employees is doing now. They continue to cut our budget and have limited staff. However, , We provide essential services: IT, records management, HR functions. I feel like I’m always on the defensive to justify our existence.”

Imc Plan Template 2019

Instead of justifying budget and staff, I proposed an education strategy. The vice president and his three subordinates admitted that the average employee in the organization of more than 50,000 people did not even know what work the “administrative” department performed.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

As a result, all senior executives agreed on a strategy to educate the entire employee population about the back office services the division actually provided to gain support for keeping these services in-house.

The tactical plan was followed. A five-page communications plan containing a bulleted list of action items to implement the strategy. for example:

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

Bellwether Essential: Integrated Marketing Plan

In a completely different situation, Booher developed another plan for improving internal and external communication for his client:

The goal was to improve the flow of communication between department lines and improve communication with customers. Here’s how I handle it in a nutshell:

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

Like a well-built engine, a strategic communications plan has many parts designed specifically to achieve your goals. While each communications plan should be fully customized, there are common, time-tested components that go into a high-performance plan.

Creative Brief Development

RH Strategic uses proprietary models to track communication strategies. “The HR Strategic team has been building their own models for years,” says Raffetto. All of this includes research and discovery where we assess the client’s market landscape and their strategic objectives; Various programs to achieve those goals; and measurement initiatives so that all parties can assess strategic progress and make adjustments at any point. It’s a very simple and logical format, designed to be useful not just for the communications team, but for the entire executive suite and even the boardroom.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

Below is a description of all the components and templates you can use to develop your own plan.

The mission statement defines the reason your organization exists and serves as a framework for evaluating current and future activities. Include your mission statement at the beginning of the communications plan to show that the initiative does not come from the communications department or consultant alone. Your mission statement should also inform your key messages, which should be short, jargon-free benefit statements.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

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Here is an example of sending messages directly from the definition of a mission. Video conferencing company Highfive has a short mission statement:

The message supports the mission statement, clearly states the benefits, and the copy is easy to use in all types of formats. Before we begin

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

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